Chinese Luck Test 2022 – Choose a Hieroglyph

Fortune favors the strong“- my grandmother often repeats. Yes, indeed, water does not flow under a lying stone. However, if His Majesty ate, the case will deem it necessary, the person will get what he wants without effort. “Lucky“- others will say,”I deserve it“- the one who was given good luck will think.

Want to know if 2022 will be lucky? Then take this test. Your task is to intuitively choose one character. Trust your intuition!

Chinese Sages Quiz: Choose a Hieroglyph and See if Good Luck Will Smile at You in 2022
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Chinese Sages Quiz: Choose a Hieroglyph and See if Good Luck Will Smile at You in 2022

Hieroglyph # 1

Next year you will definitely be lucky. But, there is a condition – you have to show wisdom. Fortune will generously endow you, but strong negative emotions will have to be blocked. For example, if you are looking to get a promotion at work and are preparing to talk with your employer about it, you should not act impulsively and “dump” arguments to him. Wait for a favorable moment, when he is in a good mood, and only then hint that you do not mind “taking on” additional responsibilities in order to get a raise in salary.

Your task is to be a diplomat. Only with good negotiation skills can you succeed in 2022.

Hieroglyph number 2

Next year, you will definitely be lucky, however, you will have to pay attention to the health sector. A good vacation, money savings, expensive purchases, travel – all this will be available to you in 2022 if you take care of yourself.

How long has your knee been aching? – I’ll go to the hospital next month.

Breaking “the lower back? – I’ll sign up for a massage in a couple of weeks.

Sound familiar? How much longer will you postpone resolving issues related to YOUR health? Remember that you are the most valuable thing. Pay attention to yourself, because you deserve it.

Hieroglyph number 3

A wonderful forecast for you! In 2022, you will definitely be lucky. Destiny will reward you for your efforts. But, do not forget about loved ones. Pay attention to those who depend on you morally, financially, emotionally and spiritually: children, nephews, possibly the elderly, etc. Remember that your family members need you.

But, while helping others, do not forget about yourself. In 2022, you can expect financial troubles. We’ll have to be patient with perseverance. Don’t make impulsive decisions. Think carefully about everything.

Hieroglyph # 4

It is one of the most positive Chinese characters in terms of meaning. His translation is “Love”. The value in the test is positive. That is, in 2022, luck will smile on you, but only if you share your love with other people.

Do not refuse help to those who need it. Do not get involved in conflicts, do not offend people. Remember the good old rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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