Chris-tia Donaldson Net Worth

Chris-Tia Donaldson, an American businesswoman and natural haircare expert, was born in New York. She founded and served as CEO of the natural hair care brand TGIN and built a net worth in the millions. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Donaldson began her career as an associate at Sidley Austin Corporation. Her net worth was estimated at $16 million in 2013.

Through media appearances, Chris-Tia Dawson has been estimated to have a net worth of approximately $2.5 million. She was featured in numerous publications, including Marie Claire, Essence and Black Enterprise, Heart & Soul and the Chicago Tribune. Her net worth is estimated to be several million dollars, even though she isn’t well-known for her private life. It is unclear how much money she will make in the future due to her appearances in movies and TV shows.

Donaldson’s net worth has risen dramatically as a result of her success in business. She is a natural hair advocate and created a line that was considered the best in natural hair care. Among her many ventures, Donaldson founded Thank God It’s Natural, a natural hair care line with over 12k followers on Instagram. Additionally, she maintains accounts on Facebook and Twitter and has a growing following of fans.

Donaldson was also the author of a book, “This Is Only A Test”, which helped launch a hair care brand. She also had two breast cancer diagnoses, but it is not known what caused her to die from the disease. But her life story inspired many women to pursue their dreams. Despite being twice diagnosed with cancer, she was a successful entrepreneur who inspired millions. She died in 2018 at the age of 34.

Donaldson’s TGIN Foundation was established in 2016 to help breast cancer patients who don’t have insurance. Her second book, This Is Only a Test, advocated self-care and partnered with businesses to provide resources to breast cancer patients. Aris Singleton (Donaldson’s niece) posted a video to her Instagram account, confirmating her death. The book explores the experiences of an African-American woman in the corporate world.

Donaldson had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 and was sure she would beat it. She was able to recover, but she had to go through chemotherapies once again to fight the disease. After a long battle, she was finally able to write a book about the journey. Chris-Tia Donaldson’s net worth is estimated at $13.5 million. The author was a successful businesswoman who wrote a book called This Is Only A Test.

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