clothing and makeup trends for the bride and guest

Agree, the desire to look good is exacerbated when it comes to a wedding? On this day, everything should be perfect: hairstyle, makeup and, of course, outfit.

Not only brides, but also their bridesmaids begin to prepare for the wedding in advance. And if you have a ceremony ahead of you, and it is difficult to navigate what is relevant and what is not, then our mini-guide will help you.

We will tell you how to prepare for the wedding and look your best.

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Makeup and hairstyle for a wedding. Trends in 2021

A popular stereotype is that wedding makeup should be gentle and light. But on this day you make the rules!

Therefore, if you are comfortable with a spectacular smokey or dark lipstick – why not? One rule that should still be observed is to focus on one thing, so as not to turn the make-up into a stage one.

Illustration by Olga Nazarova

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As for the hairstyle, the hair can remain loose, but it must be styled: the Hollywood wave or trendy natural curls look very stylish. Slightly sloppy tails, buns and braids are also relevant.

But what should be discarded is from flecks, small curls a la noodles, an abundance of varnish, hairpins in the form of flowers and infantile bows.

Makeup 2
Illustration by Olga Nazarova

For the guest, the same recommendations are relevant, but we advise you to build on the provided dress code. If the main colors of the wedding are pastels, black lips will not be entirely appropriate.

Bride’s dress. The most current trends

  • Minimalistic combinations

An ideal choice for those who do not like excessive pomp. You can add any accessories to such a dress, and if it is also in the midi length, then after the ceremony it can be easily used in everyday looks. Nice and practical!

By the way, the fashion for laconic satin combinations appeared back in the 90s (when celebrities chose this model for carpets), so when choosing a wedding dress, it makes sense to turn to primary sources.

Minimalistic combinations
Illustration by Olga Nazarova
  • Fitted styles

If, in everyday life, feminine silhouettes have replaced oversize, then what can we say about wedding fashion.

Fitted styles
Illustration by Olga Nazarova
  • Puffy dresses

Ever dreamed of feeling like a princess? Easy!

Lush dresses are still relevant, but in a slightly different design. Instead of a heavy bell skirt, it is better to choose gracefully flowing hems made of lace, chiffon and satin.

Puffy dresses
Illustration by Olga Nazarova

Who said that a wedding dress must be on the floor? Especially if your wedding is in summer! Mini is an excellent choice for hot weather, and also the real trend of this season.

The style of the dress can be any: an elegant sheath dress or a romantic one in the style of a baby doll – it’s up to you!

Mini Dresses
Illustration by Olga Nazarova
  • Custom outfits

If tons of lace are not close to you, but you like going beyond the limits, instead of a dress, make a choice in favor of something original!

A jacket with a skirt, a crop top … or a pantsuit? Perhaps conservative relatives will not really appreciate such a choice, but this is your day, and first of all, you should feel comfortable.

After all, you see, what could be more comfortable than trousers? And if in everyday life you won’t surprise anyone for a long time, then at your own wedding you have every right to them.

Custom outfits
Illustration by Olga Nazarova

What should a guest wear to a wedding?

When choosing an outfit, always follow the dress code (if any): this is very important for both the bride and the groom.

If the dress code is not planned, then the color of the dress can be any. However, you should not wear white, unless, of course, this is one of the main shades of the ceremony provided by the newlyweds. Black is acceptable at a wedding, but if in doubt, it will not be superfluous to ask the couple about the appropriateness of the outfit.

Now let’s move on to the main trends.

As in the case of the bride’s dress, for the guest, the combination is a win-win option, which will definitely not gather dust in the closet after the celebration.

Bridal Fashion 2021: Apparel and Makeup Trends for Brides and Guests
Illustration by Olga Nazarova

The main thing is not to overdo it and choose a model that will not interfere with movement. What if you want to dance? Nothing should distract from the fun!

Illustration by Olga Nazarova

In everyday life, we don’t wear maxi so often, so a wedding is a great occasion. Flying fabrics and semi-adjacent feminine styles are in fashion.

Maxi dress
Illustration by Olga Nazarova
  • Ruches, rhinestones and feathers

And also sequins, flounces, puff sleeves and other girlish attributes. All this will add festiveness to the image and will look harmonious within the framework of such a romantic day.

Ruches, rhinestones and feathers
Illustration by Olga Nazarova
  • Pantsuit or jumpsuit

If comfort is your first priority, consider a suit or jumpsuit. The advantage of this choice will be the uniqueness of your outfit – most often people come to the wedding in dresses, so the risk of double dressing is practically excluded.

Pantsuit or jumpsuit
Illustration by Olga Nazarova

If you are going to a wedding as a bride or a guest, use our tips and be sure – they will not be able to look away from you.

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