Cream for age spots – rating of the best and most effective

Freckles, moles, melasma cause a lot of inconvenience to women. Color imperfections are difficult to hide with foundation. And salon procedures cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, a cream for age spots can correct the situation. But which brand to choose when there are dozens of products on the market that differ in composition and prices?

I propose to get acquainted with 7 creams for age spots that have positive reviews among ordinary users and cosmetologists.

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7 best anti-pigmentation creams

What cream really helps to get rid of age spots on the face? One that contains a high percentage of active ingredients. Listed below are examples of the most effective brands.

1. Clearwin


Klirvin cream helps to get rid of age spots, pimples, blackheads, burns and even postoperative stitches. It has a greasy consistency and a pungent odor. Whitening properties are possessed by turmeric and mandjista, which are present in the composition of the product.

Important! Do not confuse the Indian cream, whitening from age spots, “Clearvin” with the Russian cream, which has a similar name, but is used only for skin care.

2. Akhromin

Achromin cream

Achromin cream for age spots is sold at the pharmacy. Refers to budget drugs.

It contains the following active substances:

  • vitamins B3 and E;
  • citric, lactic and salicylic acid;
  • licorice root oil.

The tool not only makes pigmentation less noticeable, but also fights acne, protects the skin from UV radiation, gently removes impurities and grease. The first effect is visible after 2 weeks.

3. Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask

Mizon is a Korean anti-age spot cream for night use. Has a high concentration of vitamin B3 in the composition. This substance accelerates the process of epidermal cell regeneration. Trehalose and glycerin maintain an optimal water-fat balance. The product is instantly absorbed without leaving a greasy film on the face, and it smells like lavender.

4. Melanic


If you want to get rid of pronounced age spots and prevent the appearance of new defects, buy Melantiva cream at the pharmacy. The product contains alpha-arbutin. This substance inhibits the action of melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigment melanin.

Important! For the first week, apply the cream to your face no more than 1 time in two days.

5. Vitex Ideal Whitening

Vitex Ideal Whitening

Belarusian Vitex Ideal Whitening is one of the best creams for age spots in terms of price-performance ratio. The tool contains two groups of components: slowing down the synthesis of melanin and having a peeling effect. In addition, Vitex Ideal Whitening moisturizes well and protects the skin from sun damage.

6. Achroactive Max Whitening Cream

Achroactive Max Whitening Cream

Achroactive anti-age spots cream copes well with age-related changes, as well as defects caused by UV radiation and hormonal disruptions in the body. Active ingredients act on melanocytes. The product contains vitamin C, which has a brightening effect and slows down the aging process.

Important! Achroactive Cream also contains hydroquinone. This component strongly lightens pigments, but with prolonged (incorrect) use it has a toxic effect.

7. Uriage Depiderm

Uriage depiderm

You can buy Uriage Depiderm cream for age spots at the pharmacy. It belongs to the category of elite cosmetics, it costs an average of 2,000 rubles. (for 30 ml.).

It has the following advantages:

  • contains effective and safe components: Uryazh thermal water, UV filters, vitamin C;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • does not lead to the formation of comedones.

The cream brightens existing spots and prevents the appearance of new ones. It is quickly absorbed due to its light texture, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

How to choose the right cream?

Prefer “mild” products that do not contain hydroquinone at first.

It is good if the following components are present in the composition:

  • arbutin (or bearberry leaf extract);
  • glycolic acid;
  • vitamin C;
  • salicylic acid;
  • ellagic acid.

Cream for age spots on the face

Better quality creams are sold at the pharmacy. But in supermarkets, you should not buy an anti-pigmentation agent. There is a risk of getting married. If creams without hydroquinone don’t work for you, see a dermatologist. A specialist will help you choose the most suitable product, taking into account the cause of the defects.

A cream for age spots is not a panacea. Usually it really helps to get rid of minor blemishes like freckles. But it does not always eliminate the cause of the problem.

If pigmentation does not go away for a long time or after the end of the application, the product resumes with renewed vigor, contact a professional cosmetologist, or better – a doctor.

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