Cycling Moscow – bike rental and cycling routes in Moscow

Moscow is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, but many of its residents do not even know the streets of their hometown. It so happened that the route “home – work – shop” became the only journey of the majority of Muscovites. It’s time to change!

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Modern life dictates the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, and Cycling is gaining momentum in Moscow, and already a lot of people are striving to spin the pedals, get to know their hometown and discover new beauties of the golden-domed capital.

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Bicycle rental in Moscow – you can rent transport online!

Bicycle rental points have been organized in Moscow since June 2013… The administration of the capital purchased several hundred strong and reliable units of this transport and installed about 50 automatic bike rental points.


Bicycle rental conditions in Moscow:

  • You can take a bike for an unlimited time within the city.
  • To take a bike you need to register on the website… You will be asked to enter your email address, phone number and personal information. After that, you need to choose a rental point from where you will pick up the bike and pay for the service with a bank card. Literally in half a minute, an SMS will be sent to the phone containing the card number and pin-code, which must be entered at the rental station in order for the lock that blocks the bike to open. Everything, you can hit the road!
  • The site has a detailed map of the citywhere all rental points are marked.

Cycling Moscow on the map – the best routes for interesting cycling trips around the capital

For a successful bike ride, you need to consider several factors:


  • The main factor is your fitness. What do you want – to take a leisurely ride along the old streets, or to sweep like a tornado along the main roads of the metropolis, plunge into its seething life? Choose a route based on your strength. It will be a shame if you cannot drive even a third of the planned path.
  • How much time are you willing to spend on a walk? There are routes for the whole day, and there are routes for an hour and a half.
  • The quality of the road on your route should be at least good. Because riding on holes and bumps will discourage you from even getting close to the bike for a long time.

Of course, you can plan the route yourself. But better guided by the experience of predecessors, who skated many kilometers around the capital on their two-wheeled friends.

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So, the most interesting routes for cycling in Moscow:


  1. Sparrow Hills and Neskuchny Garden. The length is about 15 kilometers. When among the reinforced concrete structures you want something alive and real, go along this route. He will open you a green island in a big metropolis. And guests of the capital will be pleased to see the sights of the city and visit the observation deck of large Moscow. Only the trails of the Moscow region will be able to compete with this green route.
  2. Kolomenskoye Museum. The length is 35 kilometers. This route is loved by more than a dozen Muscovites, so if you do not feel confident in a bicycle saddle, then go to the museum on weekdays. Then you will not be disturbed by other cyclists – travelers.
  3. Moscow monasteries. It is no secret that Moscow was called the Golden-domed for a reason. There are many ancient monasteries and churches on its territory. The length of this route is 33 kilometers. But it is not recommended for beginners, as it is blessed with descents and ascents in abundance. Most of the route runs along the banks of the Moskva River, and therefore tourists have a wonderful opportunity to see the historic city center. This educational bike tour includes Andreevsky, Danilov, Novodevichy, Novospassky, Simonov and Donskoy monasteries.
  4. Embankments of the Moscow River. But this route was created just for beginners. Its length is 30 kilometers. It practically does not intersect with heavy traffic roads, which makes it so popular. In addition, it provides a unique opportunity to see the main sights of old Moscow in one day.
  5. Another route along the embankments is the “Window to Europe” bike tour. It starts at the Park Kultury metro station and ends at Vorobyovy Gory. Its length is about 25 kilometers. The main attractions are the monument to Peter the Great, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Moscow Kremlin, the House of Music, the Repin monument, the Crimean Bridge and the Elizavetinsky pond. About a dozen memorable and famous places in one trip.
  6. Moskvoretskaya embankment is one of the most convenient places for cyclists. There are special paths with beautiful views of the capital. This route starts from Novospassky pond and takes about 2 hours. Then it runs to the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, bypassing Red Square – after all, the passage of bicycles there is prohibited. Going around it along the streets near GUM, the path goes to the Alexander Garden. The next beautiful places will be the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Crimean Bridge, Pushkinskaya embankment and Neskuchny garden. Further, the route leads through the third transport ring to Berezhkovskaya embankment and Kievsky railway station.
  7. Do you like Poklonnaya Gora? Then the Poklonnaya Gora Parks route is suitable for you. It does not even reach 20 kilometers. Here you can relax among green meadows, park alleys and a promenade.
  8. Skyscrapers of Moscow. If you want to plunge into the times of the Stalinist era, then the best option would be a route that includes Moscow State University on Vorobyovy Hills, the Foreign Ministry building, the Ukraine and Leningradskaya hotels, residential buildings on Kudrinskaya Square and Kotelnicheskaya embankment, and a high-rise building near the Krasnye Gates”. The total length of the route is 35 kilometers.
  9. If you want a calm and measured ride, then go to VDNKh. Most of the route falls on the Ostankino region and the Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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There are many more routes that are less popular. But do not deprive them of attention:

  1. Route along Serebryany Bor – woodland, small length – 12 kilometers, asphalt pavement and moderate load.
  2. Park Kuskovo. Also – a forest and 10 kilometers of flat asphalt.
  3. Bitsevsky Park. 9.5 kilometers of forest and a separate bike path on dense ground.
  4. If you consider yourself a pro in cycling, then give it a try bike trails in Krylatskoye length of 4 and 13 km.
  5. Another alternative route is Moscow at night… It runs from the Ukraine Hotel to the Teatralnaya metro station. An easy 7 km bike tour to amaze you with the beauty of the city at night.
  6. Sokolniki Park is a continuous cycling route. This is an easy route with no steep climbs or slopes. The wonderful green space is a gift for your lungs, and the asphalt pavement is a joy for your feet.

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It doesn’t matter which route you take. After all, Moscow is huge and so beautiful! The main thing is the desire to pedal and admire the native capital.

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