Blouses 2020 – fashion trends of the season

Autumn 2019 is on the calendar, and fashion masters already know what will be in trend this spring. Of all their luxurious offerings, fashionistas should give preference to pretty blouses. In the upcoming season, fashion designers did not even try to tame their wild imagination. In addition to the outstanding color palette, the couturier offered a charming design for this wardrobe item.

Blouses fashion trends

Oversized again entered the fashion arena, accompanied by the bishop’s sleeve. Here’s what came out of this funny couple.

Puff sleeves for courage

Blouses fashion trends1


All designers of fashion houses, without exception, preferred to pay tribute to His Highness oversized in the coming season. Loose fit of blouses and shirts will give the female silhouette a special lightness, and at the same time, pomp. They decided to enhance the effect of the couturier with voluminous bishop sleeves with a lowered shoulder line.

In addition, the trend will be blouses from:

  • cotton;
  • chiffon;
  • silks;
  • tulle.

Blouses fashion trends2


Between themselves, these fabrics differ in texture and density. Oversized flowing canvases look more feminine and romantic on the figure. Cotton blouses in this design bring notes of rudeness and audacity to the image, which instills special self-confidence in fashionistas. Despite these common denominators, there were significant design differences in the collections of fashion brands.

Couturier of different fashion houses:

  • complemented the blouses with a ruffled neck in the style of a turtleneck;
  • increased or decreased cuff width;
  • added bulk to the shoulders with the help of folds.

Important! Blouses from TM “Stella MacCartney” surprised with their cowboy overtones. Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter used scalloped inserts along the entire sleeve that blend seamlessly into the garment.

Blouses fashion trends3

Stella McCartney

Louis Vuitton has boldly experimented with collars.

In addition to the classic model and Peter Pan, the models demonstrated other samples:

  • rack;
  • with lapels;
  • ascot;
  • “Dog ears”.

Blouses fashion trends4

Louis vuitton

The latter option will be the most common this spring. In addition, fashion designers offer oversized blouses to complement vests with variegated prints. How do you like this extraordinary combination? It is interesting to know your opinion in the comments.

Chiffon or tulle – the new hit of the season

Blouses fashion trends5


The master class of fashionable bows was demonstrated by the Chanel brand. In the spring of 2020, fashionistas will have at their disposal extravagant blouses made of chiffon or tulle. French couturiers offered luxurious pieces with cropped lantern sleeves. The decoration for this piece of clothing has become fanciful applications.

At the same time, designers have added some designs with ruffles in the neck area. Therefore, when choosing a new blouse, fashionistas should not forget about this detail.

But the great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent proposed translucent models of blouses with collars:

  • ascot;
  • bow;
  • shawl;
  • golf;
  • cadet with ruffles.

Blouses fashion trends6


Important! Fashion brands decided to amaze the audience with an original cut of blouses. Many models were made with raglan patterns. Contrasting chiffon and voluminous shoulders only enhanced the pomp effect of the image.

Blouses fashion trends7

Saint laurent

The collar, turning into a ribbon, will gain unprecedented popularity in the new season. Together with him, ties and bow ties will honor almost every spring image of a fashionista with their presence. Moreover, in 2020, many girls will be able to boldly show off their sexy shoulders, as shown in the latest Chanel collection. Do you like chiffon blouses?

How about the color and print of the blouse?

Blouses fashion trends8


In the imagination of modern fashion gurus, the upcoming spring will be spicy and extravagant. The talented duo of fashion designers “Dolce & Gabbana” presented to the world unique models of blouses in original performance. They decided to give the greenery a second chance this season.

In combination with a rich emerald hue, the couturier used bright prints:

  • jungle;
  • beach landscapes;
  • tropical birds and animals;
  • animal colors;
  • exotic fruits;
  • plants of the Amazon.

Blouses fashion trends9

Dolce & gabbana

Important! An unusual design has become a feature of Dolce & Gabbana models. The cropped one-piece sleeve was decorated with contrasting piping in polka dots or animal print.

The favorite fruit of the talented designers Stefano and Dominico is the pineapple, and the bird is the parrot. From time to time we came across blouses and tops with unusual patterns of juicy watermelon. The Dolce & Gabbana couturier paid special attention to the beach theme. So this spring, the holidays for women of fashion will begin prematurely.

Italian fashion designers decided to add colors this season with bright colors:

  • deep pink;
  • burning orange;
  • bright purple;
  • blue (royal, Klein and azure);
  • deep green.

Blouses fashion trends11


Important! Long collars from the opera “dog ears” did not leave the catwalk throughout the Dolce & Gabbana show. Bright colors of blouses will also become a trend in spring 2020.

Blouses fashion trends12

Stella McCartney

Stella MacCartney brought creativity to the spring look. In her collection there were models in black and white. The couturier has successfully combined vertical and horizontal stripes. She gave the strict blouses in a masculine style to the effect thanks to the free cut.
Blouses fashion trends13


Floral prints in the spirit of Russian traditions also conquered the catwalks of Europe. Givenchy has presented many models with original floral designs in shades of red, green and black. Lavender, red, beige and powdery blouses will look especially beautiful this spring.

You should definitely replenish your wardrobe with items in black tones. Then the spring / summer 2020 season can be considered valid.

What are you planning to purchase from the listed offers of fashion houses?

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