Olga Buzova on the role of women in modern society

What is the role of a woman and does she have her own special role at all, or can she live according to her own scenario? In modern society, this question is more relevant than ever and it is rather difficult to answer it unequivocally.

The famous singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova decided to talk about what it means to be a woman and her findings have caused conflicting comments.

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“Be, not seem to be”

Olga Buzova is one of the most popular media personalities in modern Russia: although the girl has enough haters and some are skeptical of her work, it cannot be denied that she managed to make a dizzying career in show business and become an idol for many.

Diligence, dedication, grip – it’s all about her: Olga was able to outgrow the image of the footballer’s wife and become an integral personality and self-sufficient person. This is what the star decided to talk about in her recent post on social networks.

According to the TV presenter, every modern woman has the right to realize herself and not be limited to the role of wife and mother. The celebrity admits that she is glad to have this opportunity to be who she wants.

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“My girls are good! Have you ever asked yourself questions about what kind of woman you are? What does it mean to be a woman, and what would you like to be really?
In my opinion, these are very important questions, and today, in the 21st century, we finally ask ourselves them and allow us to answer them honestly, talk about it openly and to everyone. Because the role of a woman is not only to give birth to children and to keep the family hearth. Each of us deserves real happiness, self-realization, doing what we love and making good money. I am glad that I live right now, that I, like others, have every chance to be whoever I want. Now this topic has once again been raised at the Eurasian Women’s Forum, and the fact that they are talking about it at the highest level confirms that each of us should not choose between family and profession. It is important to choose yourself, ”Olga wrote in her Instagram account.

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One day

The topic touched upon by Olga is very burning in modern society, where every woman, on the one hand, has the opportunity to realize herself in terms of her career and ambitions, and on the other, the desire to be a good wife and mother. However, not everyone and not always succeed in successfully combining these functions, and besides, the priorities and goals of different people can differ significantly. It is for these reasons that Olga’s words sparked heated debate in the comments.

Many subscribers agreed with the singer and admitted that they need to live according to their ideas of happiness, but there were many who spoke for patriarchal ideals and advocated a clear division of roles in society. In addition, some have noticed that a woman, actively realizing herself in terms of her career, runs the risk of being completely alone.

“The main thing is to realize yourself in life, find yourself, then create a family and life”, – vera__polyakova96.

“Every girl, woman should (first of all, herself!) to live and do as she wants, without fear of condemnation of her environment. Let every girl be filled with love and harmony “, – katybeads.jwl

“I believe that a woman should remain a woman! Fragile and delicate. The rest will be! “ – _ya_takaya_ne

“Well, someone wants to realize himself in this life in a career, someone aspires to a family hearth. The main thing is that the person is comfortable. You can work all day for a career and big money and come to an empty apartment, where only animals are waiting for you, is this happiness? “ – mariyaa_iv

“For woman the most important thing is to be loved, and everything else is a man’s business “, – oksana.onelife

Opinion of the author-expert of the magazine Colady Julia Klyukvina

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In modern Russian society, two opposite tendencies can be noted: while some are painstakingly building a new image of an independent, strong and self-sufficient woman, others are still promoting patriarchal foundations. And the trouble here is that often people do not realize the fact that everyone has different ideas about life, as well as goals and aspirations.

Someone needs a full house of children for happiness, while others generally dream of living exclusively for themselves. And often people who decide to live “not like everyone else” are faced with censure and all kinds of myths. So, an unmarried woman will definitely listen about “watches”, “trains” and “cats” (I wonder why cats are bad?) From friends and relatives. And meanwhile, maybe she does not want to get married at all, but is this interesting to the critics?

Olga very correctly formulated the main idea: “to be who you want.” Others can endlessly argue that “happiness is in children” or “happiness is in money”, but a person who has gone the wrong way from these conversations will not become happier.

When building your system of values ​​and priorities in life, deciding what you will devote more or less energy and time to, it is important to understand one simple truth: you don’t owe anyone anything. You should not be what your family wants to see you, you should not fulfill all your husband’s “wishes”, if any, and you certainly should not correspond to the words of commentators on social networks. Everyone has their own idea of ​​a happy life, but not everyone understands that one cannot impose it on others. Therefore, abstract from any prejudices and archaisms and decide what you need.

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