Psychological test – what is your subconscious hiding?

The human subconscious is limitless. Sometimes it contains many secrets that affect our lives. And what does your subconscious mind hide? Are you suffering from a previous trauma or, on the contrary, experiencing the euphoria of life?

Bologny’s editorial team invites you to communicate with your subconscious. Ready? Then let’s get started!

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Instructions! All that is required of you is to plunge into the fairy-tale world of dreams. Close your eyes and mentally go to the palace. Well, now let’s dig into your subconscious in detail. Answer the questions, record the images you see, and then get acquainted with the result.

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So, you go to the palace …

  1. You can take any people with you and live with them under one roof. Who are they?
  2. Describe the room in which you live. How big and light is it?
  3. What animals live in the castle walls? Are there many of them?
  4. Do you like these animals? What is their behavior?
  5. Now go to the dining room. What kind of dishes are on the table? What material is it made of? Is it durable?
  6. Will you stay to dine there?
  7. Go outside the gate. What kind did you see before you?
  8. Look to the sky. What is it like?
  9. Is the weather good in the kingdom?
  10. Do you want to go back to the castle or would you prefer to go further?
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Test results

  1. The people you took with you to the castle are very important to you. You sincerely consider them close.
  2. Your private room symbolizes the pattern of behavior in society. If it is small and inconspicuous, then you like to be in the shade, you do not stand out in anything, but if it is large and bright, you prefer to be in the center of attention.
  3. Images of animals will tell you about your worldview. There are many predators – you are warlike, even aggressive towards the world, while pets symbolize harmony and friendliness.
  4. Treating animals will tell you about your state of mind. Unwillingness to interact with them indicates isolation or stress, but if you enjoy spending time with them, you have complete order in your soul.
  5. The strength of the cookware material indicates the strength of your relationship with your loved one. If the dishes give the impression of being practical, then you have a strong and stable relationship with your partner, but if not, they are clearly in danger.
  6. The desire to eat in the dining room is a good sign. If you stayed, then your mental state is stable at the moment, but if you left, something threatens him (something unpleasant throws you off balance).
  7. The presence of high walls around the castle (a moat or other fences) indicates your isolation and unwillingness to interact with the people around you. And if the palace is not fenced in by anything, you are in a peaceful mood towards the people around you.
  8. A clear sky above your head is a sign of your bright feelings for your loved one. If you saw a dark sky in front of you, gloomy clouds or heard a thunderstorm, something on the love front does not make you happy.
  9. Weather is a symbol of life’s problems and your readiness to solve them. If it is good, you are now quite comfortable, it is unlikely that something threatens to knock you off balance, if it is bad, you understand that there are unresolved problems in your life.
  10. The desire to stay in the castle symbolizes life satisfaction, and the desire to leave it symbolizes your willingness to change.
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