determine how high your spiritual vibration is

With this simple test, you can analyze your own spiritual vibrations and understand for yourself how you can improve and raise them to a higher level. The information gained will also help you understand your personality, discover strengths and work on your weaknesses.

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So, take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Name the left side “low vibrations” and the right side “high vibrations” and write down any of the following signs that apply to you.

Signs of low vibration

Place all applicable aspect numbers from this list on the left side of “low vibrations”:

  1. Anxiety is constantly present in your daily life, and it brings you noticeable discomfort.
  2. Patience is not your thing. You get annoyed and boil over when you have to expect something.
  3. Your glass is always half empty. You focus more on flaws.
  4. The most important person in your life is you. The needs of others are the last thing you consider.
  5. You do not like to be in nature, and you do not find the natural world interesting and attractive.
  6. The concept of communication with the Higher Forces and the Universe is completely alien to you.
  7. When you listen to your intuition, you focus on your ego.
  8. You prefer harsh and aggressive music.
  9. You do not hold back in your statements and can be rude and vulgar.
  10. You drink alcohol to feel drunk, not to relax.
  11. You are constantly thinking about the past. Long-term thinking is not your forte.
  12. You are unwilling or unable to learn life lessons and step on the same rake over and over again.
  13. Winning is much more important to you than just participation.
  14. You do not have empathy and do not understand the emotional state of other people.
  15. Life seems completely useless to you, since you have not found any permanent goals for yourself.
  16. You don’t know how to achieve emotional balance.
  17. You feel good when you criticize others, and you do it quite often.
  18. You rarely laugh, don’t like humor, and tend to take things too personally.
  19. You make fun of people who don’t fit your social norms.
  20. You don’t care about proper nutrition and exercise.
  21. You are used to your routine and do not want any changes.
  22. Money is one of your priorities in life.
  23. You are surrounded by negative energy and people who are also emitting negative energy.
  24. Children shun you and find you to be too strict, unfriendly, and angry.
  25. You love horror movies.
  26. You pass on your problems to loved ones when they become too difficult for you.
  27. Making fun of others is your favorite pastime.
  28. You think that animals are either toys or food for humans.
  29. You attach great importance to material things.
  30. You do not see how the universe works, and you are not interested in it at all.

Signs of high vibrations

Select your characteristic feature numbers and enter them in the “high vibrations” column:

  1. Love is your first emotion, and you try to generously share it with the world.
  2. Patience and endurance are inherent in you.
  3. You easily forgive and do not hold grudges.
  4. You never forget to say please and thank you.
  5. When you are tired or burned out, you go to nature.
  6. Your glass is always half full.
  7. The influence of the Higher Forces plays an important role in your daily life.
  8. You are generous and not shy about it.
  9. You have better things to do than watch TV.
  10. You have a powerful intuition, and you never ignore it.
  11. Music inspires you and cheers you up.
  12. You use profanity, but rarely and aptly.
  13. You only drink alcohol on special occasions.
  14. You learn from mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. You are living in the moment.
  15. You love and know how to work in a team.
  16. You are able to empathize and empathize.
  17. You know your goals in life and you go towards them.
  18. Emotional balance is important to you.
  19. You are a person with an excellent sense of humor.
  20. Life is an exciting journey for you, and bad times are rewarding lessons.
  21. You truly appreciate the work of others.
  22. You see and hear signals and prompts from above.
  23. You respect and care for your physical body.
  24. Curiosity and a desire for new knowledge are inherent in you.
  25. You attract positive people to you.
  26. Spirituality is an integral part of your life.
  27. Children love and admire you.
  28. You often find answers to your problems within yourself.
  29. You adore animals and nature.
  30. You know that the Universe is always helping you.

Decoding the results

Now that you have two columns filled in, count the number of records in each of them.

From the number in the “high vibrations” column, subtract the number in the “low vibrations” column to get your result:

  • If your result is less 10, which means that your vibrations are very low, and you should immediately work on it and fix a lot.
  • If your result is from 11 to 20then your vibrations are average. You have work to do, but you are on the right track.
  • Finally, if your result is over 21, it means that you have very high spiritual vibrations.

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