Diapers for boys – how to choose the right one? Real reviews of moms

The best diapers for boysNo one will argue that with the advent of diapers, the life of young mothers has become much easier. You no longer need to wash, dry and iron diapers at night, children sleep less anxiously, and during a walk you don’t have to worry that you will have to run home and change your baby’s clothes.

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But all mothers, without exception, are still arguing about the possible dangers of diapers. This issue is especially relevant for mothers of newborn boys. They are worried about whether the use of factory diapers will affect fertility, and if not, which diapers are better to buy for their sons.

Which diapers are best for boys? Choosing the right diapers

A well-chosen diaper for a boy is, first of all, a guarantee of his health. Newborn children spend most of their time in diapers, and recommendations on the choice of this item, of course, will not be superfluous. See the ranking of the best diapers for newborns.

What to consider when choosing diapers for boys?

The best diapers for newborn boys

  • The packaging of diapers must contain the appropriate marking – “for boys”… These diapers are characterized by a special distribution of the sorbent that absorbs liquid.
  • You should also pay attention for size and purpose by weight category, which are usually indicated by numbers and may not be the same for different manufacturers.
  • In a situation where the weight of the baby is between the categories of diapers, it is better to give preference larger diapers
  • Pampers for a boy should be hygroscopic, that is, “breathing”, in order to avoid overheating and diaper rash.
  • If the baby’s age is more than one year old, then it’s time to replace diapers with panties, to make it easier to teach the baby to the pot.
  • Pampers with fragrances are best avoidedto avoid the occurrence of allergies.

The effect of diapers on boys. Myths and reality

Best diapers for boysTo date, there is not a single serious scientific study that could confirm the effect of diapers on men’s health.

  • Diapers do not affect sperm quality declinebecause the testicles (contrary to myths) are not subject to overheating in a diaper.
    Active sperm (scientific fact) are detected in babies’ bodies no earlier than ten years old. And in many cases, even later.
  • Studies of “male possibilities” conducted in hot countries have shown that testicles that do not have anatomical defects are not affected by high temperature in any way
  • When using diapers, the skin temperature of the baby’s scrotum increased by only 1.2 degrees maximum… The negative effect on the skin can only be determined by temperatures above 40 degrees.
  • Moreover, on testicles that have not descended into the scrotum and diapers also do not affect the quality of sperm
  • Disposable diapers do not lead to the formation of diaper dermatitis… This disease occurs due to the contact of children’s skin and ammonia, which appears during the mixing of uric acid and feces. In diapers, however, this mixing does not occur. That is, with caring parental care, this problem is completely excluded.

Influence of diapers on the boy’s urinary system

This is also one of the myths. Because, according to scientific evidence, diapers have no effect on the development of a disease such as bedwetting, and also do not become the reason for the lengthening of the process of training the crumbs to the pot. It is worth remembering that the basic skills for controlling urination in a baby begin to form between two and three years of age. For every kid there is its “time to sit on the potty”… Therefore, it is simply pointless to blame the child’s unwillingness to sit on the potty on the consequences of using diapers.

Diapers for boys – what to remember?

The best diapers for boys

  • Change your baby’s diapers in time… Especially after sleeping, after stool and walking.
  • Follow for the condition of the skin… If the skin is wet, the diaper should be changed.
  • Perfect option – changing a diaper right after urinating… Of course, this is not economical, but if the mother is too scrupulous in this matter, it is an excellent solution. The optimal solution is a diaper change every four hours.
  • Choose diapers according to the weight of the baby, package tightness and hygiene indicators.
  • Regularly, when changing the diaper, leave the baby undressed… Air baths and the use of special creams will eliminate the appearance of diaper rash.
  • Do not forget to read the instructions for parents on how to put on a diaper correctly.

Which diapers for boys do you choose? Mom reviews

– Best of all – BOSOMI, in my opinion. Breathable, made of cotton, perforated inside, plus indicator. It is immediately clear that his son pee, and it’s time to change the diaper. Very comfortably. I take it especially for boys. The absorbent layer in them is located taking into account precisely the boy’s needs.

– All diapers will have a greenhouse effect. The main thing here is to change more often.)) And check for absorbency and toxicity. In general, I try to put my son diapers only for a walk and at night. There is no need to pack it up again. Washing is easy.

– We settled on Organic & Natural Baby. There are special hypoallergenic components. Also sun herbal is not bad. The son sleeps well, no greenhouse effects are observed. No irritation, etc.

– We have tried every diaper we can! The best – “sun herbal”! We take only this company. Have heard a bunch of horror movies about impotence from diapers. Just in case, we take only with markings for boys. And we try to put on diapers only as a last resort.

– Not harmful diapers for boys! There is already so much information on this topic! Diapers are more harmful – in them, it is just the priests who pretend. The most important thing here is to change these diapers on time, and try to “get off” from them up to two years. Well … choose only worthy, proven brands. Of course, there is no need to choose diapers marked “for girls” for your son. Better then take universal (if not “for boys”).

– The version about the dangers of diapers for boys has long been recognized as a myth. Therefore, you just need to choose the “male” marking, and then – according to the parameters (weight, age, so that they do not leak, do not rub, etc.). We only take “Pampers” for our son. But we do not abuse it.

– Maybe there is some truth about the harm … I don’t know about infertility, but you yourself try to put on a diaper and walk in it all the time.))) It’s clear that there’s no particular benefit. So, it all depends on the employment (or laziness) of the mother. It is quite possible to get by on your own. We bought diapers for our son ONLY on trips. And very early on they taught me to potty.

– Having a medical education and serious experience in raising two sons and four grandchildren, I can say that diapers for boys are HARMFUL! Use them carefully, only in the most extreme cases. The children will thank you for that. I’m not even talking about the fact that a mother should think, first of all, about her child, and not about how to sleep longer, and wash less. It is necessary to take care of the child, and not to believe in “new technologies” and some kind of “research”.

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