Dima Bilan dyed his hair acid red

This year’s fashionable coloring in unusual colors – blue, blue, pink – has already been tried on by many celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff and Dua Lipa. Russian singer Dima Bilan could not resist experimenting: the Eurovision star dyed his hair acid red and has already demonstrated the results of the transformation on his Instagram page, captioning a photo:

“My new reality! And this is just the beginning! And how many more experiments are ahead! “


Fans reacted ambiguously to the changes in the star’s image: some admired the new bright image, while others expressed the hope that such metamorphoses are only a short-term phenomenon.

  • “No comment … I hope it will wash off tomorrow !?” – asked tysechka10.
  • “Dima, it suits you very much, a gorgeous image, thought out to the smallest detail, you know how to surprise, class !!” – admired kozikolga1.
  • “Fire! I can’t even imagine what will happen next if this is the beginning. I am so glad that you are “burning” with ideas, that you are experimenting, always in search … No frames, formats are not an obstacle for you ”, – irina_stav0115.

No matter what fans write, the singer enjoys the new look and even chooses clothes to match the new hair color:

“How cool is it to leave your comfort zone and decide on such changes!”

bilan 3

“Second Life”

Changes in the image are far from the only thing that Dima Bilan has made his fans happy with lately. This summer, the singer, together with P & G and Magnit, took part in a social project on the recycling of plastic and even released a video on this topic called “Second Life”.

“We all throw away plastic packaging, there are mountains behind us – turn around! Plastic recycling is not a fantasy – it has a second life, ”the singer wrote on his page, urging citizens to sort waste and give plastic for recycling.


Recently, the singer has been paying more and more attention to environmental problems: in addition to the Second Life project, he also repeatedly raised the issue of preserving forests, flora and fauna, and also spoke out for extinguishing fires in Siberia.

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