Discounts on S7 flights 2019

Discounts on S7 flights 2019 - cheap tickets, saleAll travelers and people who often use the services of airlines are always pleased to receive bonuses from their favorite companies. After all, the realization that you can enjoy not only your vacation, but also the amount saved for organizing your trip adds special joy.

One of such pleasant bonuses is a discount on airline tickets from S7.

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The content of the article:

  1. About the airline
  2. Sale of air tickets – 2019
  3. Tinkoff card and discounts on S7 flights
  4. How to get discounts on S7 flights
  5. Where to get Tinkoff cards

Airlines S7

The airline organizes flights throughout the Russian Federation. With S7, you can use not only domestic flights, but also international ones.

The company is part of international alliance “Oneworld”… This alliance is a world-class leader in passenger service.

The company has a system of discounts and accumulated miles for flights. S7 Priority program allows you to use the accumulated miles – and, thereby, save on flights.

More about sales and discounts on S7 flights in 2019

Not so long ago, a long-awaited action became known. S7 Airlines announced the launch of the start of sales of air tickets at a reduced cost.

The sale starts on March 22, 2019 – and ends on March 25, 2019.

  • Anyone who holds an S7-Tinkoff card, or simply has time to buy tickets in these 3 days, the company offers halving the ticket price
  • If you are planning a flight or vacation in 2019, S7 Airlines will provide you discount on all own destinations.

The maximum discount of 50% does not apply to fees.

  • For those who are the holder Tinkoff Bank cards, even more bonuses are provided.

Discounts on S7 flights 2019 - cheap tickets, sale

The company has published information about the system for calculating the discount

Clause 1.5 to the rules and conditions of participation in the “Sale for S7-Tinkoff cardholders” promotion states that discounts are calculated as the difference between the specified tariffs included in the same tariff group and related to the same tariff level before and during the sale.

On the company’s website it says that The discounted flight dates will be from April 1 to December 31, 2019.

Examples of prices for S7 tickets now:

For all May holidays, you can fly from Moscow to Paris for only 14,472 rubles

Discounts on S7 flights

At the end of May 2019, you can fly from the capital of Russia to Barcelona for 14,472 rubles

Discounts on S7 flights

In June, S7 Airlines offers you to fly from Moscow to Rome for 15,759 rubles

Discounts on S7 flights

Benefits of using S7- Tinkoff cards

In addition to one-time promotions, the company provides its clients with a number of additional, but no less advantageous offers. So, for example, it is worth taking a closer look at all the advantages and bonuses that Tinkoff card holders have.

Cardholders are provided with various advantageous offers when purchasing air tickets.

For example:

  • When buying tickets on the official website, the airline’s customers receive bonus 4 miles.
  • For other purchases with the Tinkoff card, customers receive an additional 2 miles as a gift.
  • With active use of the card in the first quarter, you can get up to 20 thousand welcome miles.
  • Co-brand card holders have access to closed bonus programs, sales and other promotions from S7 Airlines. These sales happen every six months.
  • Active use of the S7-Tinkoff card gives you the right to receive a free upgrade up to 2 times.
  • The card can be ordered online. Delivery is promised directly into the hands of the owner.
  • The fulfillment of the conditions of active use gives the right to receive a silver status as a gift.

In addition to the regular S7-Tinkoff card, the airline offers its customers an S7-Tinkoff Black Edition card

It allows you to get more privileges and bonuses. The Black Edition bonuses are even more attractive.

Cardholders get the opportunity access to business class lounges under the LoungeKey program… This opportunity can be used no more than 2 times.

There are over 850 halls in total. The chance to choose one of them is a pretty good prospect of using the airline’s services.

Insurance is an important part of the trip. So, with the “Black Edition” card insurance expands… The package of insurance services is given to cardholders as a gift.

Such a package is valid all over the world. The maximum insurance coverage can be up to $ 100,000. Alpine skiing and snowboarding are also included. By the way, there are excellent ski resorts in Russia.

Details of the conditions can be found on the official website of the airline.

Another important advantage for S7-Tinkoff cardholders is the fact that they have priority in service… As stated on the official pages of the company, clients have a separate number for free consultations on banking issues. They also get a personal manager.

The S7 Airlines call center is always in touch and is ready to consult on any questions. The call center operates 24/7. The call center deals not only with VIP-clients, but also with the issues of potential customers of the airline.

How to get discounts and become a member of the regular S7 raffles, and how to use the accumulated miles

Everyone wants to get the coveted discount. But not everyone knows that S7 Airlines provides discounts not only to Tinkoff C7 card holders, but also to all of its customers. Every time you use the services of the company, you will be credited with bonus miles. The bonus miles program allows each customer to spend them on a number of services. For example:

  • If you have accumulated 6 thousand miles, then they can be exchanged for airline tickets.
  • Availability of 1000 miles on the bonus account allows you to book any seat in the ship’s cabin.
  • Availability of 2500 miles provides the possibility of booking a seat of increased comfort.
  • For those with 7500 and above, there is a chance to purchase tickets not only from S7 Airlines, but also from partner airlines.
  • With 6500 miles accumulated customers of the C7 company receive increased service.
  • From 5 thousand miles on the bonus account – you can pay for excess baggage.

With so many privileges, it is difficult to give up the opportunity to become a full-fledged customer of the airline.

If you rely on customer reviews, you can understand that during the time of using the services, you can collect a sufficient number of miles, so that later with their help, you can fully pay for yourself an international or domestic flight.

How to get Tinkoff cards, and where can you buy tickets for the promotional program?

For new customers, it is easy to get an S7-Tinkoff or S7-Tinkoff Black Edition card. Directly on the official website of the airline, you can leave an application for issuing and receiving a card.

The process of obtaining a card itself consists of 4 stages:

1. At the first stage, you need to choose the type of card for registration

You can choose from a drop-down list with a list of available cards (World Mastercard credit card, World Mastercard Black Edition credit card, World Mastercard Black Edition debit card or World Mastercard debit card).

Tinkoff card issuance for S7

2. After choosing a card, you need to fill in the field with contact information

The form requires filling in the following data:

  • Card recipient’s phone number.
  • Card recipient’s email.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Citizenship.
  • Promo code (if available).

Tinkoff card issuance for S7Tinkoff card issuance for S7

After accepting consent to the processing of personal data, the company’s managers assign a serial number to the client, and the client becomes a member of the S7 Priority program. A confirmation code is sent to the specified phone number.

3. Next, you should indicate the passport data of the card recipient

The registration address is also indicated when applying for cards. Registration of the card will not take much time.

4. After submitting the data, a specialist contacts the client and discusses the nuances

You can get the card right into your hands without leaving your home. The courier will deliver the card safe and sound.

Detailed information on registration can be found on the bank’s website or on the airline’s website.

Also on the airline’s website you can find all the details of the sales. As a rule, company managers can also consult by telephone. Tickets can be purchased on the website… The site will help you choose the best tickets.

For booking accommodation travelers often use Booking. The possibilities of the Internet will allow you to find the most profitable option for travel, and at the same time save a lot of money.

Significant savings are possible with the S7. They introduce such promotions and organize such sales that allow the company to bring new customers and be the sales leader in the Russian airline market.

Travel! Explore the world! Be interested in other cultures, customs, the lives of others! Allow yourself a little relaxation!

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