The meaning of the name Vasilisa (Vassenka, Vasily)

There are many different names in the world. They can be classified according to nationality, country, era, gender, and so on. However, each name without exception carries a certain energetic message and contributes to the formation of specific character traits in its bearer.

Today we will tell you about what the woman named Vasilisa is like. Stay tuned, it will be interesting.

Vasilisa name meaning

Origin and meaning of the name

Vasilisa, Vassenka, Vasily – a very beautiful female name of ancient Greek origin. It comes from the word of the Hellenes (ancient Greeks) “Basileus” and means “royal person”, according to another version – “the king’s wife.”

In Russia, it was widespread in the 60s of the last century. This gripe is very strong energetically. It endows its carrier with the character traits characteristic of men. Among them: decisiveness, courage, courage, the ability to stand up for oneself and loved ones. However, a girl named that never ceases to be feminine and mysterious.

For many people, it is a riddle, a rebus that will have to be solved all their lives. The energy of a strong person emanates from her. She knows no despair. She never gives up, boldly going towards the goal. There is something overbearing in her character. People who are weak in spirit are repelled by this, but those who can earn Vasilisa’s trust will enjoy her patronage for many years.

Despite the fact that the popularity of this name in the countries of the post-Soviet space has significantly diminished in recent years, it has not lost its strong significance and beauty.

The meaning of the name of Vasilisa for a girl


Baby Vasena is a real robber and fidget. She is energetic, nimble and curious. She loves outdoor games with friends. For peers, it is the soul of the company. The parents of such a girl will definitely not turn out to be a hassle until she grows up.

Important! Too violent behavior of a young bearer of this name is associated with her huge energy supply. To be more calm, she needs to send him in a constructive direction, for example, go in for sports.

In adolescence, the girl named Vasilisa never ceases to amaze others with her hyperenergy. She is ready to charge others with positive, to solve their problems, but the main thing is to have fun. According to astrologers, it is very difficult for the bearer of this name to learn responsibility. Until about 20 years old, she is selfish.

The nature of such a girl is domineering. She has a possessive, strong character. Vasily is the leader. She will never be able to obey and take on secondary roles. It is extremely important for her to keep others under her control.

A girl with that name is very jealous. From early childhood to ripe old age, she seeks to keep her beloved people near her, to control them, and if they resist, she gets angry and upset.

Vasilisa name meaning character

She is very ambitious and at the same time gentle and responsive. At first glance, this cannot be said, but she is prone to sacrifice. The bearer of this gripe has a wonderful, bright soul. She is always ready to help someone who needs it.

Vasilisa is a noble person. She knows how to get out of different situations with dignity. He always keeps his face, not allowing others to hurt him. Sometimes it is overly harsh and rude, but over time it becomes easy-going and asks for forgiveness.

The main advantages of an adult carrier of this name:

  • Ambition. He knows exactly what he wants and boldly goes to the goal.
  • Nobility, dignity.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Ability to defend your point of view.
  • Courage, determination.

As is known from psychology, we have a negative attitude towards people who have the same shortcomings as we do. As for Vasilisa, she prefers to keep her distance from people with high self-esteem, since she herself is often vain.

Vasilisa name meaning family

Marriage and family

It is extremely difficult for a woman with such a name to find a partner who would withstand her difficult character. She is endowed with several qualities that are inherent in men, and this repels many. However, we are not suggesting that the bearer of this name will never marry.

A successful marriage awaits her with a man who:

  • Knows how to compromise.
  • Possesses the skills of a good listener.
  • Not offended by trifles.
  • Smart enough and interesting.
  • Knows how to make money.
  • Loves order.

Having found such a person, Vasilisa falls in love with him, as they say, head over heels. She is ready for any sacrifices for the sake of him, but only if they are not connected with changing herself. It is extremely difficult for her to change her strong character and make concessions, therefore, she expects this from her soul mate.

Vasily adores her children so much that in the first years of their birth, she does not even want to hear anything about going to work. She does not believe that only a man should earn money in a family, but while her offspring need her, she will not leave them.

Vasilisa name meaning career

Work and career

The bearer of this name often achieves financial success. She enjoys building a career. She can do anything, since she has a huge number of virtues, including intelligence, determination, ambition, creativity, etc.

She can promote a successful business, starting from scratch, lay the economic course for the bank’s development, create a successful commercial project, sew a beautiful dress, etc. A woman with such a name has a lot of talents, so she will definitely succeed in her work.

It is difficult to single out professions that suit her specifically, since there are so many of them. However, it can be unequivocally argued that boring monotonous activity will never be the choice of Vasilisa.


In early childhood, little Vasya is often sick. Until about 15 years old, she will have poor health, but over the years, her immunity will get stronger. After 25 years, she will rarely get a cold. However, you should not always rely on the goodwill of the Universe.

You should systematically adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, namely:

Vasilisa the meaning of the name health

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