Eat right from the moment you plan your pregnancy!

Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any would-be mom. However, it can also be a challenging and anxiety-filled time. The body goes through multiple changes, and complications can occur anytime during those nine months.

If you are looking to get pregnant, it is important to prepare even before you can be sure you have a bun in the oven. Your gynecologist will walk you through the steps you need to follow. You will also likely be prescribed special probiotics, vitamins, and supplements and advised to adopt a specific exercise regimen and diet to get you at the optimum weight to conceive.

Everyone knows the saying: “We are what we eat.” During pregnancy, your baby is what you eat. If you are trying to get pregnant and want to prepare your body for this as much as possible, then start your pregnancy on the “right leg”. Find out healthy nutritional tips and check out some of the most unhealthy foods for women!

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Preparation for conception

Every mom wants her baby to be as strong and healthy as possible. In order to achieve this, you need to take care of it from the very beginning: before conception. Eating a healthy diet will not only help your baby to be healthy, but will also help conception. So how do you get started? Many experts agree in the same opinion – to replenish the reserves of folic acid.

Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!Even before you know about your pregnancy, you can start taking beneficial micronutrients and macronutrients necessary during pregnancy. When you are just getting ready to conceive a baby, start taking folic acid. she is one of the most important elements of the mother-to-be’s nutrition.

Folic acid is an essential element for the proper growth and development of the embryo. If you take folic acid a month before conception and during the first trimester, then the risk of neural tube pathologies in a baby will be reduced by 20%.

If you are trying to get pregnant, then you need to take 400 mcg per day. It is also very important to follow a healthy diet and eat foods rich in folic acid. These include green leafy vegetables, avocados, peanuts, cereals, whole grain breads, and orange juice.

Cultivating healthy eating habits

The guiding principle of a healthy diet during pregnancy is to opt for foods with a high level of nutritional value. The same rule applies to drinks. Saturated food means that you need to eat saturated foods (vitamins, minerals, proteins) that saturate the body well.

Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!Now is the time to rethink your diet and start:

  • Give preference to foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber;
  • Refuse fatty, too sweet foods, preservatives and additives;
  • Buy organic food, pesticide-free;
  • And also read the composition of the foods, avoid hormone-based foods.

In addition to what you should be consuming, you need to be clear about what to avoid:

  • Raw food, including sushi, shellfish; not completely cooked eggs, meat or chicken;
  • Unpasteurized milk and products made from it;
  • Soft types of cheeses;
  • Raw eggs, including those used to make dough
  • Rinse vegetables and fruits well before eating;
  • Meat semi-finished products, as well as food leftovers, must be heated to a hot state.

Drink to your health!

Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!Water – this is the most necessary nutritional element for you, both before conception and during pregnancy. The human body is mainly composed of water, which is why it is such an important nutrient. Adequate drinking is 1.5 – 2 liters of clean water per day. This amount of water helps to remove all harmful substances from the body. This is why water is so essential before, during and after pregnancy.

Only by consuming the required daily volume of water, you will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetable juices.

Just remember that juices also contain empty calories, so consume them in moderation. For example, carbonated drinks contain not only empty calories, but also artificial sweeteners (additives) that will not benefit a woman, let alone a pregnant woman.


Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!Caffeine is found in carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate. It is a stimulating substance, i.e. keeps you in good shape, keeps you awake, invigorates. In addition, caffeine is a diuretic, i.e. stimulates urination, thereby reducing the body’s water balance.

High doses of caffeine affect the duration of conception, especially if accompanied by smoking. However, moderate consumption of caffeine does not affect the chances of conception in any way.

During pregnancy, caffeine can negatively affect your baby’s development if you consume more than 300 mg of caffeine (3 cups of coffee a day). Therefore, if you are addicted to caffeine, you should discuss it with your pregnancy doctor.


Eat right from the moment you plan your baby!If there are drinks that need to be discarded categorically, it is alcohol in any of its forms. In the first weeks of pregnancy (3 – 8 weeks), when you still do not know about your position, alcohol consumption can negatively affect the development of the fetus. This is generally a very vulnerable period of pregnancy, so it is not worth the risk.

Moreover, if you are trying to get pregnant, you should know that women who regularly consume alcohol (beer, wine and other drinks) have a much lower chance of getting pregnant.

What’s good for you is good for your child!

Without a doubt, the human body is an extraordinary miracle. What you eat transforms and creates new life. And what you have learned from this article will help you change your eating habits even before conception and thereby ensure your child a healthy and happy life.

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