Pick a tarot card find out if your wish will come true

Card tests are based on an understanding of the collective unconscious, or rather, on the teachings of Carl Jung about archetypes. Each card symbolizes a specific image. And, since the answers to all questions are hidden in the subconscious of a person, we can use card images to get answers to them.

Are you ready to find out if your cherished wish will come true? Then choose ONE card and see the result.

Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Choose a tarot card find out if your cherished wish will come true

Card # 1 – Two of Wands

Two of Wands
Colady illustration

An ambiguous tarot card. She says that you are at a crossroads, symbolizes duality. Perhaps you yourself have not yet fully decided on whether you want this desire to be fulfilled. Most likely, on a subconscious level, you are afraid and repel the approach of the day when the idea should be realized. Why? Only you know the answer.

Will this wish come true? It’s hard to say for sure. The suit of Wands in the Tarot system is the most energetic. She is responsible for work, crafts and dynamics. Therefore, if you are sure that you want the fulfillment of your plans, go for it! You definitely won’t have to count on help in this matter.

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Card number 2 – Ten of Swords

Ten of swords
Colady illustration

Unfortunately, your plans are not destined to come true. Now you may be depressed because you understand reality. Things are not going the way you would like, it upsets and worries.

Your secret desire, whatever it may be, is probably connected with a person close to you. Swords often indicate partings, quarrels, obstacles on the way to achieving the goal. Therefore, if your desire is connected with the restoration of relations with your beloved, reconciliation by one of your relatives, then you should know that in the near future it will not come true.

Card # 3 – The Emperor

The emperor
Colady illustration

Great card! Will your cherished wish come true? The answer is yes. However, not all so simple. The third lasso The Emperor, when it comes to the fulfillment of desires, can indicate 2 key points:

  1. You, regardless of gender, will have to show masculine qualities of character, masculinity in the first place. Being in the masculine energy means standing firm on your own, not hesitating when making decisions, protecting the weak, being a leader, etc.
  2. The plan is implemented only with the help of some influential man from your environment. Most likely, he is older than you. Can hold a high position.

Card # 4 – Page of Swords

Ten of swords
Colady illustration

Swords are the “sharpest” suit in the Tarot. Such cards often indicate obstacles (moreover, unexpected), quarrels, barbs in relationships, as well as infantilism. The page of swords tells you that your desire can come true, but with a long delay. Most likely, an ill-wisher (or several enemies) will appear on your way, who will try to interfere with the fulfillment of your plan. But don’t get upset and give up! Even if someone is against you, this does not mean that you need to give up. Deprive enemies of the pleasure of rejoicing over your failures!

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