Elizabeth Debicki – the evolution of the style of the star

Actress Elizabeth Debicki, who became famous in 2013 for her supporting role in the film “The Great Gatsby”, today continues to actively act and remains a popular and sought-after star. The beauty often attends various events, appears on the red carpet of film festivals and premieres, and always captivates fashion critics with her impeccable looks. Studying the style of the actress and adopting some techniques!

Elizabeth Debicki

The actress has very good natural data: high growth – 190 cm, slender figure, refined facial features. But the star did not immediately learn to emphasize her merits: at the beginning of her career, she sometimes chose the wrong length and styles, and this greatly simplified her appearance. Fortunately, Elizabeth quickly corrected herself: realizing that her optimal length was below the knee, she began to give preference to elegant floor-length dresses and midi length models.

Elizabeth Debicki Night

Elizabeth Debicki Standard

The actress often chooses pantsuits, including those for going out, and looks no less impressive and feminine in them than in evening dresses. Elizabeth prefers loose, non-fitted models in light colors that look relaxed and at ease.

Elizabeth Debicki in a suit

The figure and model growth allow Elizabeth to experiment with cut, textures and prints, choose voluminous details, shiny fabrics and unusual patterns. But at the same time, the actress never goes beyond good taste, does not try to stand out due to provocative and defiant decisions. In her wardrobe there are no flashy acid colors, “naked” dresses, too revealing necklines, extreme mini lengths – everything that contradicts the image of a stylish lady. Elizabeth skillfully combines originality and elegance: a dress with unusual, catchy elements will always have a calm, neutral shade, and she combines a neckline with a maxi length.

Elizabeth Debicki in a dress

Elizabeth’s favorite style remains the style of the 1920s, which she tried on twice on screen in The Great Gatsby and Vita and Virginia. Tall, skinny Debicki really suits the straight free silhouettes that were relevant at that time: androgyny, garconne style, geometry and shine.

Elizabeth Debicki 2019

It should be noted that the actress does not cheat on herself in everyday life, showing great taste outside the red carpet. For street looks, Elizabeth chooses feminine dresses and blouses, light pastel colors, airy, flying fabrics.

A very important touch is the hairstyle. The actress clearly did not miss, cutting off her long hair – a short haircut revealed her sophisticated face with large eyes and chiseled cheekbones, giving her nobility and charm. In addition, it is precisely this length that fits perfectly with the style of the 20s and the Art Deco era. An equally important nuance: pure white skin. Elizabeth never tans, knowing that skin untouched by the sun looks truly noble and expensive.

Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki is the perfect example of how to dress a modern woman to look expensive, elegant, discreet, yet feminine and not boring at all. Among the images of the actress, you can see successful examples of business style, everyday bows and evening outings. Elizabeth is a great source of inspiration for fashionistas.

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