7 beauty rules to look perfect without makeup

Today, naturalness and natural beauty are in trend without fillers and with a minimum of cosmetics. Instagram space is flooded with honest selfies taken right in bed without a gram of makeup on their face.

Of course, many girls want to repeat the success of models and celebrities and show off their perfect appearance without makeup. How to achieve natural beauty and begin to calmly go out without make-up, we find out in our today’s article.

Natural beauty
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1. We monitor the condition of the skin

Smooth, fresh and healthy skin is the basis of the natural beauty of a modern girl. However, maintaining good skin is not easy: factors such as nutrition, water balance, sun exposure and various bad habits can seriously affect the appearance of our face. Therefore, we are not lazy to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation, delete bad habits from our lives, reduce the amount of salt and sugar in the diet, and eat more foods rich in antioxidants, zinc and fatty acids.

healthy skin
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2. Focus on lips

Lips need our protection as much as the skin of the face as a whole. Delicate and sensitive, they can suffer from frost and dry air in winter, as well as weather. Often we ourselves spoil the whole appearance by biting our lips in moments of excitement or thoughtfulness.

Therefore, we urgently get rid of the bad habit and buy lip care products such as lip balms, castor oil and primer.

Natural beauty 3
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3. Natural eyebrows

It’s no secret that the right eyebrow shape can completely change your appearance. Eyebrows can distort or correct the proportions of the face, make the look heavier or, conversely, open, age or refresh the face.

Therefore, we study our external data and choose the optimal shape and thickness of the eyebrows. However, remember that well-defined, graphic, and thin eyebrows are not in vogue today, therefore, while adjusting their shape and thickness, keep a natural look.

Natural eyebrows
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4. Parted eyelashes

Mascara and false eyelashes are far from the only way to add expression to your eyes. You can create an open, mesmerizing look without the use of cosmetics. One old tried-and-true trick is to manually curl your eyelashes with a curler.

Such a simple procedure will make your eyes wide open and help you visually rejuvenate. And in order for your eyelashes to always be thick and long, use various serums based on natural oils.

Parted eyelashes
Photo @lilyjcollins

5. Hollywood smile

Such an unobvious moment, how the condition of our teeth can significantly affect the entire image of the face. If you want to look beautiful every day, without Photoshop and tweaks, then watch your smile carefully: it should be snow-white and as even as possible.

Hollywood smile
Photo @erinheathertonlegit

6. Remember the hairstyle

A successful hairstyle will correct the shape of your face and emphasize your natural beauty no worse than professional make-up, so it is better to start working on yourself with the selection of the optimal hairstyle and the most suitable hair color.

Talk to your professional or read Colady’s articles and you can forget about face sculpting and bright accents forever.

Remember the hairstyle
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7. Get enough sleep!

A good regular sleep is the basis for a fresh and healthy appearance, while a lack of sleep leads to the appearance of edema, a mesh of fine wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and a gray complexion. Remember that chronic fatigue and lack of sleep “eat up” the lion’s share of your natural beauty and youth, and try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Get enough sleep
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Expert opinion

We asked to comment on this topic. head of the outpatient department, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the Family Medical Center (SMC) Kovaleva Natalia Vladimirovna.

kovaleva nataliya

Colady: Natalya Vladimirovna, hello. What advice do you have for all girls in skin care? After all, everyone wants to look fresh and attractive even without makeup.

Natalya Vladimirovna: Hello. In order for the skin to look fresh and attractive, it is necessary:

  1. Observe the sleep and wakefulness regime.

It is known that sufficient sleep and proper rest enable the body to recover after working days, so be sure to get enough sleep and devote time to pleasant things (walking in the fresh air, reading a book, meeting friends, visiting a massage parlor or spa center)

  1. Observe an adequate drinking regime throughout the day, but the amount of fluid should be reduced 2 hours before bedtime.
  2. Watch your diet – sweets, including “milk sugar”, abuse of coffee, alcohol – negatively affects the skin.
  3. Exercise regularly – here for your taste and choice (swimming, fitness, yoga, morning exercises …. The list is large)
  4. Refuse to wash your skin with hot or cold water – this negatively affects the skin, dries it.
  5. Visit a beautician periodically – the doctor will select the procedures suitable for your skin, professional systematic care to keep your skin beautiful – for a long time.

Do you have your own ways to look great without makeup? Let us know in the comments.

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