Evgeny Koinov on why you shouldn’t be afraid of death

I remember when I was 7 years old, my 5-year-old brother and I were walking in the yard and saw the funeral procession. In the 90s, it was customary to see off loved ones to Chopin’s funeral march, and this music performed by a small orchestra put everyone in a daze. So my brother and I left our sand castle and began to look spellbound at the sad action.

– Do you know why everyone is roaring? – I ask my brother?

Not, – he replies sincerely.

Because this person will never, ever get up and speak. He will no longer be on this Earth.

-… ..

The topic of death touches both adults and children, but few talk about it, because it is an “unpleasant”, incomprehensible, “sore” topic.

However, the readers of our magazine are thinking, conscious people, so we can discuss with you the most difficult topics to understand. Today we have prepared for you an important interview with a psychologist, hypnologist, follower of O.G. Torsunova – Evgeny Koinov.

We talked about the eternal soul, the correct transition to another reality, as well as how to live and die correctly … We publish this conversation with bated breath and hope that we have answered at least a small part of the questions related to the topic of death.

Colady: Eugene, hello, how do you feel about Michael Newton’s concept of reincarnation, the journey of the soul between lives?

Evgeniy: Hello. It is worth starting with the question: what is the source of information? This is especially true for the topic of death, because the usual way of perceiving the world no longer works here. Usually we cognize with the help of 5 senses, based on experience we try to identify laws or patterns. This is the path taken by modern science. But in matters of the spiritual, in matters of death, such a path simply cannot work. Extrasensory knowledge is inaccessible to the body. Therefore, it is not the empirical path that is important to us, but the descending one – through the Revelations.

The simulation hypothesis is popular nowadays. Its meaning is that with the development of computer technology and the ability to simulate any reality, a person has a question: what if what we are experiencing now is a simulated reality? This is not a new hypothesis, it appeared thousands of years ago in Eastern philosophy. There it is called Mahamaya, the great illusion, the dream of the soul. There is a true reality, and there is a place in which we are now.

Imagine that we are all characters in a computer game. Then how can we understand what is outside of her space? Leaving the game on your own means falling into nirvana and knowing the true reality. The method is very complex, which can be mastered by a few. What remains? Rely on someone else’s experience of Revelation. That is, we take on faith the words of the one who woke up. For example, a prophet or Buddha.

We cannot understand the system, being inside it. Therefore, at the moment we can know death only through the scriptures, and not through empiricism. What is Newton doing? In fact, he takes the experience of people who describe something, and systematizes, justifies it. It is not difficult to recreate the experiments used by him, you can come up with new similar techniques. He does not rely on Revelation, so I take it as a hypothesis that has little to do with the truth.

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Colady: What advice can you give to people who are afraid of death? What other reasons do you think make a person afraid to end his life, besides fear of the unknown?

Evgeniy: See what happens. In I. Vetrov’s lectures, and in mine, too, the thought of the very moment of death, when the subtle body is separated from the gross, is often scrolled. The state of consciousness and our emotional state at the time of death is the seed for posthumous existence. Again: the state of consciousness at the moment of death determines our further existence… It is very important. Being in a state of fear is very unfavorable. This problem must be solved during his lifetime. Fear will form an unfavorable scenario for further rebirth or posthumous existence.

Evgeny Koinov
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There are 10 reasons for fear of death. The fear of the unknown is just one of them. Among them are also the fear of non-being (I will disappear and cease to be), fear of pain, retribution, oblivion, unfulfillment. A person needs certain tools that help to cope with their fears, for example, psychotherapeutic assistance.

The very core of the fear of death is in a moment of contradictory contact of consciousness and its loss. This is overcome only through spiritual practices. It is important that I am now talking not about religion as an external form, but about spiritual practices for comprehending one’s own nature. All ceremonies and rituals are secondary, this is a form. Our spiritual nature is part of a complete whole. For a religious person, this whole is God. And fear is directly proportional to distrust of this Higher Power. If we rely only on the mind and psyche, then we need to understand that at the moment of death they will let us down. The body will simply die and fall away, and the mind will be in a state of anxiety, anxiety.

A moment of relationship with God can eliminate fear. Don’t ignore your fears. They must be worked out without fail, because this itself will not be resolved.

Colady: Why do people so rarely speak out loud about death and most either do not think about it at all or solve this problem on their own, without discussing with others?

Evgeniy: People rarely talk about death as if it were something insignificant. In fact, they avoid this topic, because there was an experience of contact with death, which is charged with the emotions of pain, fear, grief. Therefore, this topic is taboo in society. Lack of knowledge only adds to the drama. By default, many people associate death with pain and fear. Therefore, people prefer to avoid this topic, although it is inevitable.

Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, theologian, religious philosopher, poet, scientist, engineer, author of books Pavel Florensky said wisely:

“A person dies only once in a lifetime, and therefore, having no experience, dies unsuccessfully. A person does not know how to die, and his death occurs by groping, in the dark. But death, like any activity, requires skill. To die quite safely, one must know how to die, one must acquire the skill of dying, one must learn how to die. And for this it is necessary to die while still alive, under the guidance of experienced people who have already died. It is this experience of death that is given by asceticism. In ancient times, the school of death was the mysteries. “

There is only one way out – not to avoid this topic, but, on the contrary, to gain more knowledge in the spiritual sphere.

Colady: How do you feel about the idea that we one by one come into this world and leave it alone? Doesn’t this contradict the Christian understanding that there are 40 days after death when you can pray for the soul or say goodbye to it? Are we alone in our death or is this what unites us?

Evgeniy: As I said, the first 9 days after death we are in contact with the world. It will be great if there is someone nearby who can accompany you. Inner support is incredible if you believe in God.

There is no loneliness, it is an illusion.

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There are those who are called the Super Soul or God who accompanies us. Death is the moment of contact with the Supreme. Some people between life and death describe the same experience. The senses are already turned off, complete darkness and then – a bright flash of light. Therefore, one of the gifts of death is that we come into contact with the truth and God… If we are ready, we have knowledge, then we will do the right thing. We will understand what kind of light it is and will rush to it. If a person has not found refuge in spiritual nature, then it is difficult to find the much-needed energy to accompany and support the departed.

That is why it is very important to properly see off the dead. I want to remind you how to hold a commemoration:

  • it is very unfavorable to use meat food;
  • alcohol is categorically contraindicated.

Traditionally, in Russia, these rules have always been observed at the commemoration, but for some reason now few people know about it.

Colady: Some dying people tell their relatives that already deceased relatives or acquaintances come to them, who supposedly sit in silence or even talk. What could it be – hallucinations or fantasies of a dying person, or something more?

Evgeniy: There are subtle forces besides God that support us. The image of the dead people we know is just the form that these forces take so as not to bother and frighten a person once again. I see it this way. Moreover, there are good, neutral and negative spirits. Evil spirits can also come in dreams in the embodiment of loved ones, but this will be just a disguise. It is difficult to figure out who and why we see in a dream or even in reality. However, very often it really has nothing to do with our ability to fantasize.

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Colady: There is an idea that after life a person passes into the same non-existence in which he was before birth. From this point of view, we are all already familiar with death and it is not so scary. How do you feel about this idea?

Evgeniy: First, I want to clarify that it is not entirely correct to use the term “non-being” here, since it denies being. It will be more correct and more accurate to speak of unmanifest being when we pass into super-existence, which is inaccessible to our sensory experience. This is a range of a different frequency that we do not feel now.

It seems to me that this is a very reasonable and rational approach. We have died so many times that for us, in fact, this is a familiar experience. It’s just that when we are born, we forget the experience of past lives. This is an act of compassion for us. It is really important to forget something from past lives, think how much pain or shame has accumulated over different incarnations. This burden would make the new path more difficult. Each life is needed to practice new tasks and new experiences. Therefore, the point of memory loss is to help us meet the goals of our new life.

Colady: In your opinion, will a person ever be able to overcome death?

Evgeniy: Science, no doubt, deals with this issue. Remember, for example, Elon Musk. But in my opinion, this is impossible.

Let me remind you that there are 3 components of a person: gross, subtle mental and personal consciousness. You can try to collect, copy and transfer information from the first two levels. But with level 3, this will not work. In my opinion, scientists will never be able to solve the issues of death and immortality. Statements that illness, old age, death are conquerable are an illusion. I do not believe in it and I think that it is dust in my eyes. Perhaps people of science simply do not want to admit their vulnerability in some areas of life.

Colady: In one of your lectures, you said that there are souls of suicides who do not leave for other worlds, since they did not live the time allotted to them. It turns out that next to us there is a parallel world in which all these souls live? Can we interact with this world?

Evgeniy: The subtle space, the expansion of our gross physical world, really exists. And this is a fact. Moreover, there may be such forms of life that a person cannot even imagine. What people used to call spirits, brownies, ghosts, etc. This is the subtly feeling worldview of our ancestors, already inaccessible to us. They used to remember that the world is always the interaction of individuals. In the absolute, this is realized in a universal spiritual interaction.

But it is difficult for a modern person to accept such a concept. Modern inertia is manifested in the fact that a person is a cog, a means, an instrument. It is no longer a person. But in fact, there is an initially archetypal battle of dark and light forces. Light forces are known to us as angels. And there are also demons and demonic beings. In any mythology, the struggle between light and darkness is always reflected. Spirits are just one of the powers. And the more a person leads a righteous life, the more he is protected by light spirits.

I hope you have broadened your understanding of the end of life. After all, the better you get to know death, the friendlier it becomes. You may not accept the system that is outlined above, but at the moment it is one of the most developed representations of the process of death and reincarnation, linking both science and religion.

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