Exercises for slimming the abdomen while sitting on a chair

Exercises for slimming the abdomen while sitting on a chair - gymnastics in the office or at homeEveryone wants to look attractive and fit, but not everyone has the willpower to eat right. In this case, only physical activity remains, but in the frantic rhythm of modern life it is not always possible to find time for them. According to statistics, first of all, women and men are worried about belly fat, so exercises for the press are most popular. In addition, strengthening the abdominal muscles improves posture.

To make a flat stomach without going to the gym or fitness club is real.

If you have an office job, then you can download the press right at your workplace so as not to waste time at home on this. After all, not always, being at work, we only do business, part of the time is spent on rest, phone calls and communication with colleagues.

The ability to do gymnastics at work has two benefits for the body: strengthening the muscles and warming up after a long sitting. Moreover, the press can be pumped right while sitting on a chair – then it will not attract much attention of others.

Exercises can be performed at home, while sitting in front of the TV or computer, as well as while at work, unnoticed by prying eyes.

Exercises for slimming the abdomen while sitting on a chair - gymnastics in the office or at home

1. Vacuum while sitting

  1. Sit straight on a chair, straighten your back, put your feet on the floor at an angle of 90 degrees, firmly resting your feet on the floor.
  2. Inhale-exhale deeply, then inhale deeply and slowly exhale all the air from the lungs.
  3. Further, holding your breath, you need to pull your stomach to the spine as far as possible, as if you are breathing air.
  4. In this position, freeze for 15-20 seconds, then slowly exhale and relax the abdominal muscles.

Exercise vacuum sitting on a chair for slimming belly

After 30 seconds, you can repeat the exercise. In total, make 5 approaches.

2. Pulling the knees to the chest

Exercise not only strengthens the abs, but also helps to improve digestion and speed up metabolism.

All abdominal muscles are involved.

One knee:

  1. Sit on a chair so that your back does not touch the back. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and rest firmly on the floor.
  2. Straighten your back and bend one knee, then pull it towards your chest, holding it with your hands for a better muscle stretch. The stomach at this moment must be drawn into itself.
  3. Having lingered in this position for 15-20 seconds, slowly lower your leg to the floor.

Perform 3 sets of 16 times, lifting different legs in turn.

Pulling the knees to the chest

Two knees together:

  1. Sit on a chair without touching the back. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and bring your legs together. Hands need to rest on the armrests or on the edges of the chair.
  2. Then slowly bend your knees, pulling them up to your chest. At this moment, the press needs to be strained as much as possible.
  3. Having frozen at the highest lifting point for 15-20 seconds, slowly lower your legs to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of 8-16 reps.

3. Tilts to the side

  1. Straighten up on a chair, lifting your back from the back. Straighten your shoulders, raise your chin, keep your head straight.
  2. Slowly bend to one side and touch the floor with your hand, you need to strive to put your palm on the floor.
  3. Then, just as slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise only in the other direction.

Perform exercise 3 sets of 32 times, alternating sides.

4. Mill from a sitting position

The main load when performing this exercise falls on the oblique muscles of the abdomen, which just tighten it.

In addition, with regular exercise, fat is removed from the sides and outer side of the thighs.

  1. Rest your legs on the floor, spreading them shoulder-width apart. Straighten your back, spread your arms to the sides at shoulder level.
  2. Turn the body to the left and tilt so that, without bending your arms, touch the toe of your left leg with your right hand. At the same time, the left arm remains straightened to the side.
  3. In this position, linger for 5 seconds – and change sides.

Sitting mill

Perform 3 approaches, 32 times each.

5. Knee-elbow

This exercise will help thin your waist and remove fat from your entire belly.

  1. Before performing, you need to sit up straight, straighten your shoulders in one line, spread your arms to the sides, bent at the elbows, and lock them into a lock behind your head.
  2. Then pull your right knee towards your chest while guiding your left elbow towards it until you touch your knee with your elbow.
  3. Hold for a few seconds in this position, and then slowly lower the knee, returning the elbow to its original position.


The exercise must be performed alternating sides. The press should be in tension all the time. Do 3 approaches, 32 times each.

The principle of action of the load is in the simultaneous attraction of opposite limbs to each other.

6. Rotation on the chair

To perform this exercise, the chair must be swiveling, and you need to position it so that your hands can easily touch the surface of the table.

First, you need to work out the lower muscle group in 3 sets, then the upper one.

Rotation of the lower torso:

  1. Align your back without touching the back of the chair, with your hands spread shoulder-width apart, hold on to the tabletop.
  2. Then lift your legs off the floor, take a deep breath, and on the exhale turn with the chair to the left as far as you can. At the same time, the shoulders and chest should remain in their original position, that is, only the pelvis rotates.
  3. To linger at the maximum turning point for 10-15 seconds – and return for a short time to the starting position, and then start rotating in the other direction.

Perform 16 turns in each direction. Repeat 3 sets.

Chair rotations

Rotation of the upper torso:

This exercise differs from the previous one in that now the pelvis remains motionless, and we will rotate the shoulders and chest.

If the chair is with a spinner, it must be fixed so that the technique for performing the exercise is correct.

  1. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, turn your chest and shoulders together with your head as far as you can, as if you are looking at someone.
  2. Hold in this position for 10-15 seconds – and turn in the other direction.

Perform 16 turns in each direction. Repeat 3 sets.

In order for the exercises to show the expected results, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • To do the exercises, you need to choose a sturdy chair with a backrest, on which you feel comfortable sitting.
  • You can not pump the press earlier than 1.5 hours after eating.
  • You need to breathe correctly for greater efficiency: on the rise, exhale, returning to the starting position – inhale.
  • Perform all movements with a straightened back and lowered shoulders.
  • Exercise smoothly so as not to damage the ligaments.
  • The load must be increased gradually, it is harmful for the first time to do more of your capabilities. It is recommended to start from 8-16 times with 3 passes. When the muscles get used to such a load, add 8 more times, and so on as far as possible.
  • The main rule for achieving the desired result is the regularity of the classes. Even a little physical activity performed daily makes the figure more slender. The load must be distributed evenly. Therefore, it is better every other day for 10-20 minutes than once a week – 2 hours.
  • It is not recommended to pump the press every day, the abdominal muscles need rest. The best option is to practice every other day.
  • To achieve a flat stomach, you need to perform different types of exercises, because each pumps only a certain muscle group – the upper, lower or lateral press.
  • To strengthen the abdominal muscles, it is better to perform exercises in a certain sequence: first, the lower press swings, then the upper and only then the lateral.
  • If the exercises are performed technically correctly, tension is felt in the muscle that it is intended to strengthen. If there are no sensations in that place, pay attention to the method of execution, somewhere a mistake was made.
  • Stick to at least basic principles of good nutrition: do not eat 4 hours before bedtime and try not to consume empty carbohydrates (soda, rolls, cakes, ice cream, white chocolate, etc.), especially in the afternoon. Healthy food combined with exercise will make your belly flat in no time.


Exercises to strengthen the press should be done with extreme caution so as not to harm the body!

Side bends

Exercises where the back is lifted off the surface can damage the spine. Therefore, if you cannot perform them without displacing the lower back, it is better to refuse altogether. Particular attention should be paid to lifting straightened legs and twisting.

If you have suffered a physical injury, or the body is prone to some kind of chronic illness, before starting training, you must consult a doctor

Having paid due attention to the technique of execution and the regularity of the classes, you can achieve the desired result in a fairly short time.

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