What to combine a red dress with: shoes, handbag and makeup

Makeup for a red dressA red dress is a spectacular wardrobe item. There are all sorts of variations of this outfit, but in any case, the red dress remains a bright accent in the image.

To make the “look” beautiful and harmonious, it is necessary to correctly choose makeup, shoes and a handbag for it.


Difficulties in choosing a make-up for an image with a red dress may arise in the choice of shades, technique and intensity. So, let’s take a look at the basic makeup elements.

Skin tone

Obviously, the foundation needs to match the skin tone perfectly.

If you are going to wear a red dress, make sure that any redness on your face is carefully masked. Any pimple or excessive blush will be enhanced with red.

To prevent this, you should:

  • In case of a pronounced pink skin tone, use a green makeup base.
  • Use a denser foundation.
  • Arm yourself with correctors or concealers and apply them locally to problem areas.
  • Fix the result with powder.
  • During the day, regularly monitor the makeup, if necessary, use powder.

Eye and Lip Makeup

It would be a mistake to consider eye and lip makeup separately from each other, since it is their combination that is important. So, let’s take a look at some cool makeup options that go with a red dress and perfectly complement your look.

Hollywood makeup

It is considered a classic make-up for going out on the carpet. It features shining eyeshadows, arrows on top of those eyeshadows, and red lipstick.


Eye makeup may change somewhat, but one thing remains unchanged – Red lipstick

Of course, it will go well with a red dress, but you need to take into account several nuances:

  • The lipstick should be the same brightness as the dress.
  • The lipstick should be the same “color temperature” as the dress. Never combine carrot red lipstick with a cherry dress and vice versa.
  • Lipstick can be either matte or glossy.

Smokey ice and beige lipstick

Lipstick doesn’t have to be red. Beige lipstick paired with charcoal or brown smoky ice is also a winning combination. The main thing is that the shade of lipstick suits you. For more effect, you can add a little shine on top of it. It is better not to use matte beige lipsticks in combination with a red dress.

Don’t forget about false eyelashes! They will enhance the emphasis on the eyes and make the look wider.

Kim Kardashian

Arrows and pale pink lipstick

This makeup is ideal for girls with fair skin, light blond or red hair. Feel free to make the arrow longer than usual. Although this makeup option is not contrasting, accents are still worth adding.

The color of the lipstick should have a light coral shade. Again, in this case, it is better to use a creamy lipstick rather than a matte lipstick.

Arrows and pale pink lipstick

Shoes and a handbag for a red dress

In the selection of such accessories, not only color harmony is important, but also functional relevance.

Casual look

A red dress may well be an element of a casual look, and you can do without pumps and a clutch.

From shoes to a casual red dress, fit:

  • Sandals are not stiletto heels.
  • Loafers.
  • Low shoes and boots.
  • Ankle boots.
  • Ballet shoes.

The main thing is to be comfortable. Also, a casual look assumes freedom in choosing shades for shoes and bags. By the way, the bag can be large and roomy, a backpack is also welcome.

Business image

A red dress, despite its brightness, can become an attribute of a business style. It will be better if it is a classic sheath dress. Complete the look with closed heels or low shoes. Shoes in white, black or brown will do.

The bag can be either to match the shoes, or a similar shade. Choose a satchel or trapeze bag. A small bag will look out of place.

Evening look

Finally, a long red dress will do the trick for an evening look. Shoes with high heels: pumps or sandals with thin straps are the best solution. The shoe model also depends on the fabric of the dress: the lighter it is, the more open the shoe should be. Give preference to beige, navy blue or dark brown models.
The purse should be small. Ideally – a clutch to match the shoe or shoe element.

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