Eyeliner – how to draw arrows and how to choose the right one?

EyelinerArrows never go out of style before our eyes. Even now, when natural makeup is in vogue, they are sometimes painted over undyed eyelashes. Arrows are usually applied with pencil or eyeliner. The second option is more preferable, since the eyeliner allows you to apply more noticeable, bright and even arrows.

The main thing is to choose the right eyeliner and learn how to use it.

What are eyeliners – choose a liquid eyeliner, gel, felt-tip pen, pencil

  • Liquid eyeliner may have a thin soft or hard thick brush. It allows you to draw bright arrows of any length and thickness.
    Liquid eyeliner
  • Eyeliner pen – easy to use and waterproof. True, the arrows drawn by her are not as bright as in the previous case. The felt-tip pen must be closed in time after use, otherwise it will dry quickly.
    Eyeliner pen

If you compare them with the usual black pencil, then both eyeliners surpass it in durability and a smoother clear outline.

Black eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner does not only have a large selection of brushes. Her assortment consists of a large number of flowers.

The most popular ones are:

  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • All shades of blue.
  • Silver.
  • Golden.

Arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner visually enlarge the eyes and make them more expressive, the eyelashes look thicker, and the look – deeper.

Arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner

Expressive arrows indispensable for those who use false eyelashes, as they can hide the place of gluing.

The composition of the liquid eyeliner is different. It can be based on silicone or wax.

How to apply eyeliner to create arrows on the eyes correctly – recommendations of beauty experts

For high-quality application, it is best to choose a soft, thin brush. You will definitely need a large mirror and good lighting. Without them, drawing straight arrows the first time is almost impossible.

Apply eyeliner

  1. Everyone knows that before applying mascara or lipstick, lips or eyelashes lightly powder – so the cosmetics fit better. The same goes for liquid eyeliner. It is important to powder the eyelids before applying it.
  2. Then it is necessary lift your face up – and pull the eyelid with your finger… It is important to take a stable position, namely: rest your elbow on the table if the arrows are drawn while sitting, or against the wall if standing.
  3. Draw a neat, even contour from the inner – to the outer edge of the eyelid… The first line is not always obtained. For starters, you can try drawing a few thin, short lines – and carefully connect them together.
  4. If the line turns out to be inexpressive, you can carefully add a few more of the same thin strokes on top. The main thing is to direct arrows along the line of eyelash growth., then the errors will not be noticeable. The contour should be thin on the inside of the eyelid – and gradually thicken on the outside.
  5. Optional, the end of the contour can be shaded

Apply eyeliner1

The same manipulations must be carried out with the second eye.

According to the rules for applying makeup on the eyes, the eyeliner should be applied first. This is necessary in order for the makeup to look neat, without spots and irregularities.

The eyeliner can also be applied to the lower eyelid, but it is better to do this with a pencil, as the liquid essence of the eyeliner can get into the mucous membrane of the eye and cause severe irritation.

The above arrows are very relevant for evening makeup. Women are unlikely to stop drawing them, as nothing beats eyeliner in the task of emphasizing the eyes.

Most Popular – waterproof eyeliners. Yes, they certainly do not take endurance, and it is very difficult to wash off such makeup with plain water. You should stock up on foam to remove make-up.

Eyeliner colors and shades – how to choose the right one for yourself?

But in order to look gorgeous, it is not enough to be able to draw arrows. You also need to know which eyeliner colors will best set off your eye color. The wrong color of the arrows can ruin even the most beautiful eyes.

Liquid eyeliner colors

For dark-skinned brunettes with dark brown eyes bright colors of eyeliner are suitable:

  • Light green.
  • Bright blue.
  • Golden.
  • Orange.
  • Purple (bright shades).

White-skinned brown-haired women with dark eyes you can give preference to these colors:

  • Blue-gray.
  • Navy blue.
  • Silver.
  • Light brown.

Girls with brown-green eyes:

  • They should prefer khaki or olive.
  • But this does not mean at all that the classic black color will not suit them.

To gray-eyed blondes the following colors will suit your face:

  • Blue (all shades).
  • Light brown.
  • Silver.
  • Beige.

Blue eyes look great with black or dark blue arrows. It does not matter what color of skin and hair their owner has.

Green-eyed beauties should pay attention to purple and dark brown shades. They perfectly set off this unusual and very beautiful eye color.

The largest selection and lowest price of eyeliner is in online stores. Their founders do not pay rent for the premises, and nothing can limit the huge selection of goods.

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