Fashion and out of fashion jackets

In the wardrobe of every fashionista there should be several models of the jacket. Long or short, with or without sleeves, simple or complex cuts, contrasting colors or neutral tones. In such designs, fashion meters see the modern design of a women’s jacket. This thing will be appropriate not only in an office style, but also in a romantic outfit. Yet this season, image makers advise to be careful when creating bows with jackets.

What to wear jackets with

Jacket styles that are a thing of the past

The talented Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion world. Her tweed jacket, which was released in 1936, turned the consciousness of society. The product without lapels and collar was elegantly decorated with contrasting piping. The metal buttons played amazingly in the rays of the bright sun. But, unfortunately, this timeless classic remained on the catwalks in 2011. Chanel has completely redesigned this wardrobe item. Now it is not fashionable to wear it with a straight skirt.

Jackets that are a thing of the past

It turned out to be surprisingly in harmony with:

  • a translucent fitted dress to the floor;
  • trousers with a high waist on a wide belt;
  • straight pants with contrasting stripes.

Important! Outfits in monochrome are considered trendy. In this case, the shade of the jacket should be lighter by several tones.

Monochrome jackets

This season, designers recommend forgetting about fitted jackets. It is better to give preference to a masculine style or oversized. Double-breasted models with a deep neckline will wonderfully fit into the stylish autumn look of a fashionista.

Still, the following styles of jackets need to be removed from your fashionable closet:

  • bolero;
  • with smell;
  • with a basque;
  • leather jacket.

Out of fashion jackets

Important! Shawl collars are still as popular as English collars with wide fold-over lapels.

The talented couturiers of the Prada fashion house bring their philosophy to the world of the fashion industry. In many collections, they focus on scale and conciseness. Therefore, women of fashion can safely get rid of complex-cut jackets, and give preference to simple, but lush styles.

The confrontation between fashionable and outdated combinations

Obsolete combinations

The talented designers opened the new season with stylish bows based on a jacket. Previously, classic models were complemented only with trousers or skirts of a strict style.

Today, image makers suggest combining a women’s jacket with:

  • culottes;
  • jeans;
  • shorts;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • chiffon dresses;
  • voluminous bows.

Famous couturiers began to place great importance on the shoulder line. In each model, this element of clothing becomes more and more pronounced.

Therefore, now you should not wear under a jacket:

  • turtleneck;
  • shawl;
  • underwear type T-shirt;
  • oversized T-shirt;
  • vest.

What to wear with a jacket

A worthy alternative to such things would be classic tailoring shirts, strapless bustier tops or crop tops. Blouses with a boat neck, V-neck or with a frill collar will successfully complement large jackets.

Important! In 2019, you can forget about the combination of the length of two pieces of clothing. The Dior brand considers it appropriate to wear an elongated jacket with a fluffy maxi or miniskirt.

Long jacket

At Paris Fashion Week, Givenchy designers presented a collection of elongated jackets with a thin belt at the waist. The great couturiers Gucci supported the newfangled trend. But the models of the fashion house Versace distinguished themselves by their unusual performance. The couturier left only a fourth part of the belt, catching it obliquely over the first button of the jacket. Moreover, the jacket was decorated with quilted fabric inserts depicting floral patterns.

Patterns on the jacket

Important! Versace designers suggest wearing a jacket with a deep cut on the naked body. Thanks to this, the graceful neck of the girl is emphasized and the accent is made on a luxurious necklace or gold chain.

Of course, someone liked the tandems of a jacket with a turtleneck or a lingerie-style T-shirt. However, fashion dictates its own laws. If you do not obey them, then you can become an outcast in high society.

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