Fashion trends of autumn 2019

The holiday and summer travel season is drawing to a close. Real fashionistas are already starting to worry about what will be in trend in the fall of 2019. Fashion Week in Milan and Paris was held in the spirit of elegance and canonicity. Designers presented bright collections of autumn-winter wardrobe. The Italian and French marathons delighted their fans with dozens of fashion trends for every taste. However, it is worth paying attention only to some of the fashion trends of the upcoming fall-winter 2019/2020 season.

Autumn Trends

Oversized business style

The brands Kwaidan Editions, Armani, Acne Studios, Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent made a promise of comfort and coziness. A non-standard combination of wide baggy oversized trousers with strict blazers creates a certain contrast in the image. Unusual cut gives originality to products. The designers were so inspired by the 80s that they decided to maximize the shoulder line.

Oversized business style

This fall, women will be wearing jackets and coats with oversized shoulders:

  • acute-angled or rounded shape;
  • on a rigid basis;
  • with decorative stitching along the shoulder line.


To emphasize the scale of this part of the body, fashion gurus offer a deep neckline and wide lapels. This feature of tailoring gives a woman’s silhouette masculinity, and a girl – self-confidence. At this fashion week, many were struck by extravagant office bows.

The originality of the images was crushed:

  • wide trousers made of translucent fabric, decorated with sequins, rhinestones;
  • skirts woven from leather threads;
  • short shorts with mesh cape.

Original images

Important! The bucket hats featured in the Valentino, Nina Ricci and Dior collections became the hallmark of the Parisian and Milan fashion weeks. These hats are similar to regular panama hats, only with more massive crowns.

Bucket hats

The experiments did not end there. Designers have added a zest to the office dress code. The couturier’s costume fabric was supplemented with inserts with floral prints. Their collections also found a place for layering and minimalism. The presented models will be especially popular in the upcoming fall-season.

Prints for daring ladies

Classic polka dots do not give up their leading positions. In the fall season, he is presented to fashionistas in fantastic interpretations.


Fendi and Marni took the risk of replacing round shapes:

  • squares;
  • hearts;
  • sparkling stones;
  • abstract figures;
  • crystals.

As a result, the pattern, familiar to everyone, seems recognizable only from afar, but upon close acquaintance, the illusion of the pea disappears. Fashion experts liked this clever trick. The Dolce & Gabbana fashion house also decided to surprise this season. Designers have attempted to “deify” catwalk fashion. The Renaissance, with its immortalized frescoes and canvases, became the muse of inspiration for the couturier.

Refined ornament

The collections of the famous brand were embroidered with prints:

  • religious symbolism;
  • with angels;
  • sophisticated ornaments.

Black velvet, which served as a contrasting background for such compositions, gave pomp to the images. The designs of sweatshirts and dresses were more like clergy attire than fashionable outfit. Each look was complemented by stylish clutch bags inlaid with rhinestones. Some of them bore the originally laid out inscription “Heaven”, which means heaven.


Important! The pompousness of the Dolce & Gabbana collections, as usual, was given by the luxurious decor. Fringe, gold braid and many rhinestones were surprisingly combined with exquisite fabrics.

Stylish ponchos and cape coats fall 2019

Street fashion in Paris and Milan distinguished themselves not only by showing double-breasted coats and oversized bows, but also by a huge number of ponchos and capes. The gorgeous combination of a laconic skirt and a wide top became the trend of the fall-winter 2019/2020 season.

Stylish poncho

The atufites greeted the audience with ovation:

  • Max Mara in austere black;
  • Etro with ethnic motives;
  • Dolce & Gabbana, imbued with elegance and restraint.

Ethnic ponchos

On dark canvases of fabric, fashion meters decided to depict abstract murals in white ink. Another model was given contrast by bright red stripes, as well as extravagant tailoring of the product.

Dark ponchos

Important! In the fall of 2019, cape coats in beige tones will look stylish. Models with wide lapels will add elegance and restraint to the image.

Cape coats

In addition, Paris and Milan Fashion Week featured a variety of pleated, fur and leather outfits. Shirts in a company with jumpers entered the fashion arena again. The past fashion marathon has shown that practicality, modesty and chastity have replaced sexuality. Therefore, fashionistas in the new season will have to abandon negligence and licentiousness.

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