Huge collars – how and with what to wear them correctly in 2020

An overhead collar with rounded sides became popular after the Broadway premiere of Peter Pan in the early 20th century. The main character, in the form of an eternal tomboy, won the hearts of women of fashion. Snow-white huge collars, symbols of carefree youth, are back in fashion.


Before you add a Peter Pan collar to your casual wardrobe and not look like a schoolgirl, inspiration is needed. The recent collections of the geniuses of couture and ready-made dresses will help to fill them in abundance.

Chanel Couture SS 2020

Chanel Couture SS 2020

Virginie Wiard addresses Coco’s youth and presents variations of the school uniform for the legendary Aubazin Abbey. Black and white strict silhouettes with accent cuffs, collars, golfs look harmonious not only on the catwalk.

Fashion critic Amy Werner after the show noted that the collars (from ordinary cape to “Peter Pan”) became the heart of the collection and identified the essence of the girl in style Chanel… The freshness and simplicity of youth are impeccable at all times.

Novgorod lace

The bankrupt plant “Krestetskaya Strochka” became a sensation in world fashion after Ulyana Sergeenko presented a collection of dresses decorated by local craftsmen in Paris.

Novgorod lace is recognized as a national treasure. The pride of the production is the detachable lace collars, which can be bought not only during the couture week in Paris. They are sold in the factory’s brand stores. Each copy is a work of art.

Zara SS 2020

Zara SS 2020

The leader of the mass market offers his own interpretation. On the pages of the catalog are presented loose cotton shirts with huge collars decorated with Richelieu embroidery.

Lookbooks of the brand are a real treasure of images that will tell you how to wear a fashionable element in everyday life.

Putting together the kit

This season you can look actual by choosing the Peter Pan collar:

  • white;
  • made of fabric without shine or completely lace;
  • with Richelieu trim or blue embroidery on the edge (like Mui Mui);
  • without rhinestones, pearls, beads.


pitter pen collar shirt
Photo taken from Instagram

A boxy shirt with an oversized collar can be a staple if you know what to wear with it. An obvious and simple option is classic light blue jeans.

Tuck one end of the shirt into the waistband. No belt needed. Shoes should not be white and athletic. Black or brown mini heel mules work best.

Add a sophisticated look by wearing a tweed crop top over a shirt. Remember to straighten the collar.

Fashion drama

collared coat
Photo taken from Instagram

Fake collars look great on feminine dresses with puffy lantern sleeves. Choose models with small, bright floral prints in deep blue or burgundy.

Don’t be afraid of the black and white classics. Wrap a dark dress with long sleeves at the waist with a wide belt with a large buckle. A lace collar and starched cuffs complete the trendy look.

Fashion critic Anna Khudoteplova believes what Peter Pan collars are in vogue as the accessory carries a romantic “retro flair”. He strongly diluted the aggressive fashion for androgyny and worn-out sport-chic.

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