Lilya Brik – natural magnetism or the curse of fate?

Lilya Brik (11.11.1891 – 4.08.1978) is the beloved woman of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Who is she – an insidious seducer or an unhappy woman?

And today, with the help of numerology, we want to find out what is the secret of her attractiveness and what fateful twists and turns in the fate of Lily Brick are confirmed by the Codes of Destiny.

Lilya Brick
Lilya Brick
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Fatal decision

How often, through ignorance of our date of birth, we commit rash acts that turn our lives upside down. So it happened with Lilya. At 16, she became pregnant, but her mother forced her to have an abortion. As a result, Lily had no children.

So what, you say, this happens very often. Yes, I can agree and disagree. It happens that a woman has several abortions, but subsequently gives birth to a child. I am not advocating for or against abortion.

But after all, everything is determined in our fate, and if we do not correct it, then events will unfold exactly as intended.

Fate is especially manifested in a person under 30 years of age (the first period of life).

Lily has the first period of life 22-22 (this Code is mainly responsible for childbirth), that is, with an enhanced karmic Code 22.

Pregnancy was in 1907 (the same period), personal Codes of the year 22 and 17 were in force (this Code is also responsible for the birth of a child). That is, Leela was strictly forbidden to have an abortion, but she decided otherwise, thereby depriving herself of motherhood. And she could have a daughter.

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Date of birth and natural magnetism

There is another interesting fact. This woman has an interesting date of birth, where there is a large number of Codes 11 “Strength” (11.11.1891).

This Code endows with sexuality, attractiveness, charisma, charm, magnetism. And most importantly – the ability to drive men crazy and attract their glances. And Lilya really had a talent for seduction.

Lilya Brick
Photo via Wikipedia

Here are some interesting cases that support her magnetism:

  1. Once, when she was still young, an opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin was driving along a Moscow street near her. At first glance, he was so fascinated by the girl that he immediately stopped the crew, found out her name and invited her to attend his concert. This girl was Lilya Brik, and later she drove many more men crazy, never being particularly attractive, but always inexplicable magnetism.

“My God, she’s not pretty! Too big head, stooped back and this awful tick … But after a second I did not remember about it. She smiled at me, and the whole face flashed with this smile, lit up from within. “

Galina Katanyan, an excerpt from the book of memoirs “Azores”

  1. Lilya at first sight fell in love with the poet V. Mayakovsky. Code 11 “Strength” is also included in her channel “Love and Marriage”. For Mayakovsky, she became a muse, the love of his life. In his suicide note, he indicated: “Lily – love me!” This love became for both of them a kind of curse and destiny.

“And I won’t throw myself into flight,
and I will not drink poison,
and I can’t press the trigger over my temple.
Above me
except for your look
the blade of not a single knife is imperious. “

Vladimir Mayakovsky “Lilichka!” 1916

Complex personal life

One of her Gifts is Code 16, which is responsible for a difficult personal life, far from generally accepted standards. Lilya lived with Mayakovsky, being married to another man. Such a Swedish family.

“I love, I love, in spite of everything and thanks to everything, I loved, I love and I will love, whether you are rude to me or affectionate, mine or someone else’s. I love it anyway. “

Mayakovsky and Bryk
Photo via Wikipedia

From a letter by Vladimir Mayakovsky to Lilya Brik, February 6, 1923

At that time, there were completely different customs and laws that the October Revolution brought.

Apparently, it was with her that the degradation of society began and family foundations began to break. As the Bolsheviks sang: “We will destroy the old world to the ground …”

Lilya, after her marriage to Osip Brik, married twice more.

End of life

Lily’s tragic ending came in 1978 when she broke her hip and was unable to move. For a woman who always looked after herself, was constantly in the center of everyone’s attention, immobility became a sentence.

The fatality can be traced by the Codes: a hip fracture occurs on the 12th:

  • 12 in the Channel “Fate Control” (she chose her own way of leaving life – suicide, swallowing pills). Code 12 itself “The Hanged Man” is included in the formula for suicide.
  • 12 on the Death Channel.

How similar the fates of loving people Lily and Vladimir are – the ending was suicide.

Until the last day of her life, she was engaged in the creative legacy of Mayakovsky and did not betray his work.

Mayakovsky Vladimir
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Photo via Wikipedia

Here is a story about Leela Brik, the beloved woman of the great poet.

This article is based on studies of the date of birth and Fate of a person according to the Tarot Numerology system and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and accessible sources on the Internet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis, as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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