Fashionable wedding rings 2019 – photos of the most fashionable wedding rings

Wedding rings 2015One of the most important moments of preparation for a wedding is the choice of rings, because you will wear a wedding dress only once in your life, and the rings will be worn until the end of your days.

So, what wedding rings are fashionable in 2019, and what do stylish newlyweds choose today?

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Recently, designers are increasingly releasing pairs of rings made in the form of openwork rims. This effect is created by a precious metal wire that is slipped over the frame.

Wedding rings 2015

This jewelry looks very airy and attracts everyone’s attention with its elegance and tenderness.

Wedding rings 2015

Often these rings are “diluted” with precious or semi-precious stones.


Engraved rings remain at their peak. You should not think that this is trite, because each couple has a certain date, word or any symbol that they associate with their relationship.

Wedding rings 2015

Engraving can be applied to both gold and silver rings, as well as other metal rings.

Wedding rings 2015

Wedding rings 2015

Also, do not forget that the engraving can be reversed, that is, on the inside of the ring.

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Black gold

Rings made of black gold look unusual, bold and mysterious.

Wedding rings 2015

Original rings are very popular, so some newlyweds do not limit themselves to simple rings, but add engraving or a scattering of precious stones to them.

Wedding rings 2015


Ceramic rings or ceramic inserts in metal jewelry are becoming more and more popular.

Wedding rings 2015

Such rings will not leave anyone indifferent, because you can make any patterns you want – it all depends on the scope of your imagination.

Wedding rings 2015

The most fashionable is the geometric ornament.

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Square rings

The whole secret of these rings is that only the outer side of the jewelry is square, and the inner one remains round.

Wedding rings 2015

These wedding attributes are perfect for all newlyweds who love experimentation and have an original approach to choosing wedding rings.

Wedding rings 2015

Combination of metals

Recently, rings that combine two or more metals have become extremely popular. Usually they combine gold with platinum or different types of gold.

Wedding rings 2015

This solution looks stylish and original, and the main plus is the uniqueness of such a pair of rings. That is, no one else will have such.

Wedding rings 2015

Rings can be made of different colors of gold, fused in a pattern or geometric pattern.


Recently, such a precious metal as platinum has been increasingly entering our lives. Likewise, wedding rings have increasingly begun to be made of this metal.

2015 Platinum Wedding Rings

It should be noted that platinum goes well with white or yellow gold, while emphasizing the originality and style of the newlyweds.

Wedding rings 2015

Wedding rings 2015

Which wedding rings did you choose, and how did your couple come to this choice? Share your experience with our readers!

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