Hand-shaped character is an accurate test

Psychology is the most popular human science. It includes a number of subsections. Physiognomy and palmistry are branches of knowledge that can hardly be called scientific; nevertheless, they have many admirers, including among professional psychologists.

Palmists claim that the shape of a person’s hand can tell a lot about him. Is it so? We won’t know until we check!

Instructions! Pay attention to the shape of your fingers. Place your palm in front of you and compare it with the images in the picture.

hand shape test
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Accurate test - Learning to read a character in the shape of a hand

Type # 1 – Short and wide fingers

This type of brush is seen in pragmatic and calculating people who never hang in the clouds. If you are one of them, congratulations. You probably have a high level of intelligence. Your main strong point is the ability to make informed and correct decisions.

You can unemotionally assess the situation and draw up a detailed plan of action. Your mind is very flexible. No wonder you can adapt to any conditions. Adapt quickly. Like any person, you have flaws. Chief among them is poor self-control.

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Type # 2 – Long and wide fingers

This type of brushes is observed in creative people with a very fine mental organization. If your fingers are elongated and wide, you will probably agree that you still have to work on your level of emotional control. You are a very emotional and impulsive person. You can hardly hold back your tears. It is easy to offend you, to hurt you. However, you yourself are one of those people who do not go into your pocket for words. Fight off the abuser easily.

The people around you consider you a kind and sensitive person who you can always turn to for advice. You value people from your immediate environment and will always come to their aid.

Type No. 3 – Thin and slightly elongated fingers

This type of brush is characteristic of ambitious and energetic natures. You are one of the people who can talk for hours, run, sing, drum on the table, in general, do something noisy, funny, interesting. Energy and optimism overwhelm you.

You are an excellent organizer and leader. You know how to convince people, to lead them. They are very responsible and reliable. You can definitely rely on you. The idea that you can fail the people who depend on you is literally maddening. You are never late, you keep order and follow the rules. Respect and value stability.

From birth you have the makings of a psychologist. You know how to manipulate people, get what you want from them. It is difficult to “figure out” you.

Type number 4 – Thin and long fingers

Such brushes are observed in very soft and sensual natures. If you are one of them, then you will probably agree that you are often in a state of causeless anxiety. Anything can excite you, especially criticism. By nature, you are a very kind and sympathetic person, so the rudeness and emotional coldness of other people hurt you painfully.

Your creativity is well developed. Love art, the process of producing beauty. You like to feel like a creator, reformer and muse. You need inspiration more than anything else.

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