Fat women who were loved by men

Natalia KrachkovskayaContrary to the current fashion for thinness, some men choose fat women with rounded shapes as their wives. It is not for nothing that at all times poets have glorified the appearance of puffy beauties, admiring the luxurious bust and hips, the smooth roundness of the lines and the unique languor of movements.

Today we decided to recall the most attractive ladies who, in different eras, stood out not only for their external completeness, but also for their inner charm.

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When the fashion for appetizing women appeared

Even in the prehistoric period, women were valued who could easily give birth to healthy offspring. Survival and beauty were closely intertwined. You can see the first female ideal from the drawings and sculptures of those times.

Famous obese women

With the onset of the Renaissance, ladies again began to grow flesh. If modern girls exhaust themselves with training in order to remove the ears on the sides, tighten the buttocks and pump up the abs, then during this period the young ladies specially used false bellies and hips to simulate fullness.

The Baroque period is the peak of the fat women celebration. Ideal female shoulders have become even wider, and the figure is more plump. The ladies were chosen according to the principle: the more, the better.

In the 19th century, they preferred loose and plump girls who could not be grabbed with both hands. Their reign came to an end in the 20th century, when the Art Nouveau style announced new standards of beauty.

After the Second World War, the stronger sex was horrified by female thinness. It was a fear of illness and malnutrition. Ladies in the body are back in fashion.

Fat girls do not cease to be considered a model of beauty for many men, who consider skinny models and actresses to be the specific preferences of producers and designers. Most modern women take pride in their mouth-watering bodies and are surrounded by numerous admirers. We are talking about such stars as Ashley Graham, Katya Zharkova, Kim Kardashian, Tara Lynn, Christina Mendes, Beyonce.

Famous BBW Queens


Not everyone knows that Caesar’s beloved, known for her amazing beauty, actually had a small stature (about 150 cm), overweight and a prominent belly. Not so long ago, English scientists came to the conclusion that at the age of 38, Cleopatra was a rather dense woman with a stocky figure.

The Death of Cleopatra by Reginald Arthur, 1892
The Death of Cleopatra by Reginald Arthur, 1892

It still remains a mystery what the beauty icon looked like, which conquered the men of its time with intelligence, artistic abilities and self-confidence. The image of the last queen of Egypt is still in demand in the film industry.

Catherine II

Catherine the Great was never distinguished by thinness, and by old age she had grown so fat that she could hardly walk. It is difficult to call her a beauty, but men were crazy about her charm, energy and erudition.

Catherine II

In reality, the Empress was shorter than average, with a good complexion, which she adorned with a blush. Catherine II was well-built and tied men to her not with stereotyped beauty, but with ease, talents and a cheerful disposition.

Elizaveta Petrovna

According to contemporaries, Empress Elizabeth was amazingly beautiful. However, it is not possible to find confirmation of this fact among the portraits of Peter’s daughter. A large, heavy-handed young lady in a luxurious outfit is looking at us from the pictures.

Elizaveta Petrovna

By the end of her reign, the lover of masquerades and festivities could no longer take part in balls due to her obesity. English Ambassador Finch once said about the Empress: “Elizabeth is too fat to be a conspirator.”

Marquise da Pompadour

This young lady not only fell in love with the French king, but also became a symbol of an entire era, practically taking a place at the helm of power. The official favorite of Louis patronized the arts and sciences. Her name has long become a household name; female cunning and coquetry are associated with him.

Marquise da Pompadour

Jeanne Pompadour’s appearance was the most ordinary. One of her contemporaries describes her like this: “She was a blonde with a too pale face, somewhat plump and rather poorly built, although endowed with grace and talents.”

Lady Emma Hamilton

During her lifetime, the beautiful Emma was painted by many famous artists. Her life was rich in scandals, romance and adventure. She always had a tendency to be overweight, and after the death of Admiral Nelson, she dramatically gained extra pounds.

Hamilton owed her creditors, started drinking and even went to jail. She died in 1815. By that time, nothing remained of her former beauty, captured in numerous portraits. Today, famous museums often hold exhibitions that tell about the life of an outstanding seducer.

Fat actresses adored by men

Natalia Krachkovskaya

The famous actress has always accepted herself for who she is. The men’s heart skipped a beat as they looked at her. Krachkovskaya managed to create memorable characters that millions of people spoke about. Pleasant fullness was her trump card.

Natalia Krachkovskaya

She had a huge following. However, after the death of her husband, she could not come to her senses and remained faithful to her only beloved person.

Nonna Mordyukova

Many influential men – famous directors, people’s artists, high-ranking officials – were not indifferent to one of the most prominent actresses of the 20th century. From her beauty, Soviet men went crazy.

Nonna Mordyukova

Mordyukova was called the Russian Madonna. An actress with an original appearance remained in the memory of people as a strong woman mentally and physically.

Marilyn Monroe

The most desirable woman in the world was and is the famous Marilyn Monroe. She left an indelible mark in the hearts of men, not only thanks to her attractive appearance and talent, but also to her well-fed seductive forms.

Some sources claim that the sexy actress wore sizes 52-54. In fact, her weight at different periods of her life was 55-66 kilograms. Men peered at her lush bust and expressive curvature of the thigh. Monroe was not aiming for thinness, which would definitely rob her of her charm.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn said, “Imperfections are beautiful.” One cannot but agree with the seducer of men’s hearts. What a person considers a flaw in reality makes him unique. This is the beauty given to us by nature. You just need to learn to emphasize the dignity of the figure, to become more self-confident.

Leave complexes and be proud of your forms, if everything suits you. Love yourself and your body. Well-groomed, tenderness, kindness and good manners decorate better than any diets! Remember: a woman is never overweight. These are just additional kissing spots!

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