Is it worth overpaying for a private kindergarten

Three years ago I gave birth to a daughter. My life has changed forever. But, since I did not plan to quit my career, the question arose sharply: “What kindergarten should I send my child to?” Friends advised public kindergarten, but I was more inclined to private. On the instructions of the editorial staff of Colady, I have conducted research on this issue and am ready to share my opinion with you.

Should I send my child to a private kindergarten?

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There is no doubt that a child needs a kindergarten. Of course, at home, under supervision, the baby has fewer opportunities to pick up another ARVI or break a knee in case of an unsuccessful descent from a hill. But a “home” child may subsequently have serious problems at school with peers and teachers.

Kindergarten benefits:

  • Complete preparation for school (preparatory curriculum);
  • Development and formation of personality in a team, society;
  • Regime of the day and nutrition;
  • Raising responsibility and independence in a small person.

Even the best nanny will not be able to competently and fully prepare a kid for the school program. It remains only to decide on the choice of a kindergarten.

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The main options for kindergarten

  • Private at home;
  • Departmental kindergarten;
  • State kindergarten. Read: How to get to the desired kindergarten?

Advantages and disadvantages

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A private home garden is a modern phenomenon characteristic of metropolitan areas. Children spend time in an apartment that is equipped for their needs. Ideally, such a garden contains:

  • several nannies and educators with pedagogical education;
  • bedroom;
  • playroom;
  • study room.

In another case, it is the apartment of an unemployed mother who looks after the children of neighbors and friends for money.

Of course, anything can happen in life. In a private kindergarten, there may be a teacher attracted more by the monetary side of the issue than by the love of children. In public gardens, there are often true enthusiasts who are ready to sit with their children until dark in anticipation of late parents and easily donate a penny of their salary to educational toys for their pupils.

How to get into a state kindergarten and how to choose it – no one has any questions (not counting the cases when the kindergartens are overcrowded, and getting into a group with four dozen children is possible only for a large bribe). But how not to be mistaken when choosing a private garden?

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How to choose the right private kindergarten?

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  • The presence of games, the purpose of which is to reveal the creative potential of children;
  • Classes in literature, mathematics, physical education (swimming pool, rhythm, etc.);
  • Artistic development (dancing, vocals, drawing, theater visits, etc.);
  • The trusting relationship between children and the educator;
  • Foreign language classes;
  • The presence of a psychologist, speech therapist, pediatrician in the garden;
  • The proximity of the garden to the house;
  • License for educational activities, document for the occupied area, contract (complex of services, regime of stay of children, terms of payment, obligations of the parties), charter of the institution, etc.;
  • Menu, walking area, toys;
  • Programs and methods, as well as the qualifications of employees;
  • Working hours of the medical office, doctor;
  • The duration of the kindergarten’s work (from five years and above is a solid period for a kindergarten).

The choice of a kindergarten, in any case, always remains with the parents. And regardless of this choice, you should make sure that the kindergarten is distinguished by the absence of minuses and the presence of most of the pluses. When it comes to the health (physical and psychological) of the child, a safety net will always come in handy.

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