Gena Colley Net Worth

Gena Colley Net Worth – How Much Does She Earn?

Are You Familiar With YouTube Celebrity Kountry Wayne’s Incredible Net Worth? As one of YouTube’s most-followed personalities, Kountry Wayne has amassed millions of followers through his popular skit videos and his established status as a popular rapper despite having had some controversial personal situations – but still manages to maintain a reliable source of income!

He’s been working on multiple profitable projects that have earned him significant wealth – even getting his wife and children involved with his projects.

Due to their unique relationship, this actor and his wife became known as “King and Jess”. Married since 2017, they share two children. However, in 2019 due to alleged cheating by Jess Hilarious; as well as multiple affairs with other women.

Jess Hilarious was born Jessica Moore in the United States. Raised as the only girl, her parents divorced when she was young and soon after remarried shortly afterwards; this triggered Jess to pursue music and comedy as her career path. Starting her comedy journey at college she quickly rose to become well known.

At this point, she began dating Kountry Wayne, an established rapper at the time. They eventually got married but, unfortunately, only lasted a few years due to him cheating with other women; by age 22 he had fathered seven more children from various women and is currently paying child support payments to them all.

In 2021, she appeared on VH1’s Couples Retreat reality show along with her husband to gain more fans and raise curiosity regarding her net worth. Although no earnings data is known since its cancellation, it’s likely that it hasn’t had a substantial effect on it.

Her estimated net worth stands at an estimated $17 Million and she owns several assets including an expensive branded car and living in a luxuriously furnished large house. She has earned significant sums through movies, social media vocation and modeling work.

Gena Colley is an elegant tall beauty with dark eyes and long black hair, who holds a degree in finance. In addition, Gena has amassed a considerable following on Instagram where her photos and videos are widely enjoyed by her followers. Furthermore, Gena has raised her daughters with tremendous care – sharing many photos of them via her account on social media such as Instagram.

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