Green coffee for weight loss – real reviews. Does green coffee help you lose weight?

Green coffee for weight loss, judging by the reviews, is very effective. But, is it really so? We asked this question to the experts of COLADY magazine, or rather to doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers. Find out how to lose weight with green coffee in our material.

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Green coffee: features and useful properties

Green coffee beans have recently been singled out as an independent brand of this drink. And this is quite justified, since a drink made from grains that have not gone through roasting has a specific taste. And also it has a lot of useful properties. Although the benefits of green coffee for weight loss have not been scientifically proven, it remains in the public eye as an effective fat burning agent.

The slimming effect of this product is provided by the chlorogenic acid contained in grains, which helps burn fat three times faster. Also, this miraculous drink contains linoleic acid, unsaponifiable fats, tocopherols, steorins and other useful substances.

Green coffee is recommended for people suffering from hypotension, low blood pressure, disorders of the digestive tract. This drink has excellent tonic properties, helps to normalize pressure in the vessels of the brain, improves memory, mood and enhances concentration. Green coffee can be consumed even during pregnancy, since it does not contain caffeine and is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Green coffee for weight loss – is there an effect?

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A team of scientists from Sranton University, Pennsylvania have shown that green coffee beans can stimulate weight loss. A similar conclusion was made after medical research on a group of volunteers (16 people) who are overweight.

The essence of the experiment: patients had to take a small dose of green coffee extract every day for 22 days. At the same time, the volunteers’ heart rate and blood pressure were monitored. In addition, physical activity and diet were taken into account.

At the end of the experiment, the patients lost an average of 7 kg of weight, which is 10.5% of the total weight of the group. One third of the group lost 5% of their own body weight.

Scientists believe weight loss was significantly influenced by decreased absorption of glucose and fat in the intestines. Green coffee also helped lower insulin levels, which dramatically sped up your metabolism.

At the end of the research, the initiator of this experiment, Joe Vinson, summed up the following results: for weight loss, he recommends consuming green coffee extract daily, several capsules a day. But don’t forget about calorie counting and regular physical activity. The scientist believes that green coffee is a safe, effective and affordable way to say goodbye to extra pounds.

Oksana Lishchenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor, talks about the effectiveness of drinking green coffee for weight loss.

Lishchenko OksanaIt is important to understand that green coffee is, one might say, a semi-finished product of regular black coffee. Cocoa beans can be removed from one coffee tree, the green ones were only peeled from the pulp of the fruit, and the black ones were roasted or heat treated. Therefore, green coffee retains the maximum amount of antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial substances.

Green coffee beans have a dull olive color and higher moisture content than black coffee. Green coffee has a specific rich herbal-tart aroma, astringent taste (“unripe persimmon”), which may not be liked by lovers of black coffee.

The beneficial properties of green coffee include more than 20 different actions on the body: from fat burning and dulling hunger to preventing aging and strengthening hair. When we talk about losing weight, do not forget that weight loss occurs mainly due to the difference in calories that you consume and spend, and the loss of fat mass is primarily associated with the quality of your diet – the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

We try to help you avoid the misconception that only adding green coffee to your diet will trigger the fat burning process – proper balanced nutrition and a minimum level of physical activity should be the foundation.

Drink green coffee in moderation, do not forget that it also contains caffeine and, accordingly, we do not recommend it to be abused by people with cardiovascular diseases (especially with a tendency to high blood pressure and rapid heart rate or arrhythmias), with thyroid disorders (thyrotoxicosis, autoimmune thyroiditis), sleep disorders, dental problems, osteochondrosis or fragility of bones (coffee can “wash out” calcium, magnesium and some vitamins from the body).

Like black coffee, green can cause symptoms of “caffeine addiction”:

  • headache; fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • irritability;
  • depression or aggression;
  • nausea;
  • muscle pain.

Be attentive to your health and do not forget that there are no secret fat burners: a balance of nutrition and exercise will help you achieve a healthy body much faster and more efficiently.

Nutritionist and nutritionist Raisa Zhmareva talks about scientific research to determine the unique fat-burning properties of green coffee

nutritionist-nutritionist Raisa ZhmarevaResearch to determine the unique properties of green coffee beans began in 2007. Then the first results, published in the journal International Medical Research, confirmed the effectiveness of green coffee for weight loss.

In one experiment, subjects drank drinks containing 11 grams of coffee for three months. Those who drank the green grain drink lost 3.6% fat and lost an average of 2.27 kg. Black coffee consumers, however, account for 0.7% and 0.45 kg by weight, respectively.

A total of 2,160 references were also examined on the topic of the effect of green coffee on human weight, 2,157 articles were excluded due to inconsistencies with the research topic, and only 3 randomized studies were taken into account. Evidence From Research: Green Coffee May Promote Weight Loss. There are a few caveats, however. The effect size is small and the clinical significance of this effect is questionable.

Stricter and longer trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a dietary supplement made from green coffee concentrate as a weight loss supplement. Still, it has been recognized that green coffee affects post-meal glucose and blood lipids by decreasing intestinal absorption (some phenols, including green coffee, have been shown to alter intestinal glucose absorption). It also showed an anti-obesity effect, possibly inhibiting triglyceride accumulation in the liver and altering plasma adipokine levels and body fat distribution.

Green coffee beans have a variety of medicinal properties such as antidiabetic, antioxidant, antihypertensive and anti-obesity properties. The physiological properties of green coffee beans are mainly related to the presence of chlorogenic acids. The level of chlorogenic acid in the drink is several times higher than in black coffee, since its amount decreases due to the last heat treatment.

According to the University of California, 1 g of green coffee contains 34.4 – 41.6 mg of chlorogenic acid. After processing the beans at 230 degrees for 12 minutes, the level decreases by 50% and at 250 degrees for 21 minutes, it practically does not remain. For most types of black coffee, the norm of chlorogenic acid is 2-7 mg per gram. Regular intake of these acids mainly regulates glucose metabolism and helps reduce free radicals, visceral fat, body weight and blood pressure. However, there are several reports of side effects (especially with roasted coffee). Actually: Green coffee, like black coffee, affects weight only in diet and fitness.… Although the effect is not very great, there are a lot of people out there who want to lose weight with green coffee.

It makes no sense to cook it in a coffee machine, as it destroys chlorogenic acid. Can be ground and cooked in a cup like instant product. However, both green and black coffee should be consumed with caution. According to the Comprehensive Database of Natural Medicines, drinking green coffee is contraindicated in neuroses, blood disorders, diabetes, indigestion, glaucoma, high blood pressure and other conditions. Experiments proving the fat-burning effect of green coffee have yet to be carried out to offer it as a miracle cure for weight loss. In addition, research continues on the effect of coffee (including green coffee) on the functioning of the whole body.

Do not expect to invent an absolutely safe miracle cure for weight loss. The fact is that for our body to function properly, we need a balanced diet rich in nutrients. And you can sit in front of the TV and listen to all kinds of weight loss tips, but you can also get up and change your life for the better right now.

Fitness trainer Alina Rybalka talks about the effectiveness of green coffee for weight loss

Alina fishing

Green coffee is not roasted coffee beans, but, in fact, a raw product. That is why they have a rich green color.

Can green coffee be used to combat obesity? It is important to understand that they do not possess super secret properties for weight loss, however, in some ways this product is still useful. Green coffee has a powerful diuretic effect on the body. Due to this, excess fluid is removed and here you can see a decrease in weight in the body, but it should also be understood that fluid comes out of the body, and not excess fat.

As a fitness trainer, I often have to explain to women that miracle cures for fast fat burning do not exist in nature. Neither pills, nor food, nor, even more so, green coffee, will not help you lose weight if you do not adhere to the rules of a healthy nutritious diet, do not exercise and do not maintain the balance of hormones. Therefore, I urge everyone to the CORRECT weight loss. Take care of yourself and your health!

How to drink green coffee to lose weight?

In order to lose those extra unwanted pounds, you need to drink green coffee properly. Nutritionist’s instructions:

  1. Drink on an empty stomach, sutra, after a glass of clean water.
  2. Brew the infusion for 1-1.5 minutes.
  3. At the same time, do not eat flour or sweet.
  4. After 2 hours, charge to speed up metabolic processes.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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