Hair straightener – how to wind or straighten hair, instructions

IroningThis device is used by most girls to tame wavy, unruly hair. Today you can buy irons of various sizes and shapes, with different plate materials, with a timer, temperature control. Therefore, with proper use of the iron, you should not be afraid to ruin your hair. Moreover, there are various ways of using this device.

Before using your hair straightener:

  • Remember that the iron can only be used for styling on dry hair, otherwise there is a risk of ruining it.
  • If you have fine or damaged hair, use a heat protectant.
  • Choose a temperature controlled iron: the lighter and weaker the hair, the lower the heating temperature should be – and, accordingly, vice versa.
  • Give preference to a device with tourmaline or ceramic plates.

1. Styling the tips

In case you have straight hair short or medium length, add variety to your look by styling the ends of your hair towards your face.

Styling the tips on the face

This will give your hair a new shape:

  • It is necessary to clamp the lower part of a small strand between the hot plates of the iron – and smoothly draw out the hair, bending the ends towards the face.
  • Try not to bend too much so that the styling still looks natural.
  • Lay each strand in this way. The main thing is that on each of them the bend is approximately the same, and looks towards the face.
  • Finally, comb through your hair with a fine-toothed comb to create a more harmonious look.

2. Curls on the iron

Owners of any hair length will be able to make curls for themselves with an iron. To do this, we need a device with the most rounded plates so that creases do not form on the strands.

Curls on the iron

  • Close to the roots, squeeze the strand between the plates, then turn the iron 180 degrees.

You should have a construction like this:

Curls on the iron

  • Now just pull the iron down all over the strand. As a result, you should have a bouncy curl with a medium curl.
  • Repeat on all the strands, paying special attention to the strands around the face.
  • Do not comb your hair, just spray the styling with hairspray.

On short hair you get a light and elegant styling, and on long – festive voluminous curls that look quite natural and beautiful.

The direction of the curls should be from the face.

3. Beach waves

A very simple type of quick hair styling with an iron:

  • Take a lock of hair, twist it on two fingers, pull your fingers out of the resulting hair ring – and pinch this hair ring between the hot plates of the iron.
  • Wait 15 seconds, then remove the strand from the plates. It turns out a light and beautiful wave.
  • Do this manipulation with all the rest of the strands.
  • Lightly fluff the hair at the roots with your hands for more volume.

Beach waves

Adjust the volume of the wave by changing the diameter of the coiled hair ring. This method will not allow you to get large curls, it is designed to create exactly the wavy hair texture.

4. Styling bangs

With the help of an iron, you can lay strands on the face, straight or oblique bangs. By directing the iron, you can set the strands of the face in the right direction: as a rule, in the opposite direction from the face.

Bangs styling

  • Straight bangs can be straightened and given the desired bend.
  • As for the oblique bangs, it is fixed in such a way that it does not go into the eyes, but at the same time emphasizes the shape of the face.

When styling the bangs, you need to try to clamp the entire bangs between the plates, without dividing it into strands. In this case, the bangs will be given a uniform, uniform direction along its entire length.

5. Light root volume

You can also use a flat iron to add volume to your hairstyle.

Root volume

  • To do this, at the roots, squeeze a strand between the plates – and pull it up at an angle of about 60 degrees.
  • Repeat with all the strands on the head.

This method is especially suitable for owners shoulder-length hairas it may not be effective for long hair. Long-haired girls are better off using a corrugated curling iron.

6. Pigtail styling

An extremely simple styling is to braid the dry hair into braids – and then work through each of them, pinching along the entire length.

Pigtail styling

  • The thicker the pigtail, the less intense and pronounced the wave will turn out.

The method is fast, convenient and efficient. Best for owners thin and damaged hair, since the thermal effect of the iron will be limited to the surface of the pigtail.

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