Horoscopes: Zodiac sign Virgo

The zodiac sign Virgo

What characteristics does the Virgo have?

Virgos love orderly structures and a life in order. Risk is a foreign word for her, she prefers to rely on her reason, her sense of duty and think carefully before she acts. Virgo-born people are rarely unpunctual, stick to agreements and never actually misplace anything. They also tend to be perfectionists and analyze everything and everyone, are often very practical and extremely committed to their jobs. Virgos have clearly defined goals that they pursue, risk is less their thing. They prefer to rely on their intellect and don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to love. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate or devoted. Virgos prefer actions to words. This also applies to friendships, which often makes them particularly popular among friends. Virgo is ultimately a person of purpose, thanks to the influence of Mercury.

Strengths and weaknesses

Most Virgos are very intellectual, intelligent and always trying to learn new things. Many a model student was born under the sign of Virgo – and of course many teachers too. Others therefore like to seek advice from Virgos, who are always extremely helpful. Her modest nature and reserve is often well received. Also remarkable are her keen powers of observation and her sense of systematics, planning and order. At times, however, they are petty, opinionated, and pedantic. It is difficult for them to take a scrutinizing look – but not only with others, the Virgo always keeps an analytical eye on themselves too.

Strengthen: dutiful, humble, selfless, honest, eager to learn, realistic, structured, reasonable, determined and reliable

Weaknesses: pedantic, perfectionist, petty, suspicious, anxious, cold

The Zodiac in Love

Mercury, the planet of mind and thought, rules demanding Virgo. Also in love, which means that Virgos don’t exactly wear their hearts on their sleeves and are extremely demanding when it comes to choosing a partner. The partner of their choice must have education and level, because stimulating conversations are more important to Virgos than wild ecstasy. Virgos in love also keep a clear view of reality. In relationships, they are absolutely loyal, supportive and reliable. Short affairs are less her thing, then she would rather get married and get things done. Loyalty is very important to virgins.

Which zodiac sign is compatible with Virgo?

In relationships, Virgos value a balance between giving and taking. So it gets difficult with the exuberant nature of Leo and the fickleness of Gemini. The fiery Aries is not the best choice either, it fits better with Cancer. Both love order, are absolute family people and share the joy of beautiful, aesthetic things. And Capricorn also goes well with Virgo. He loves Virgo’s thrift and is absorbed in his disciplined structure. The Virgo also likes to be infected by the courage of the Taurus and can thus surpass themselves – a perfect match! The chemistry is also right with Scorpios and Aquarius.

The zodiac sign at work

Virgos are the dream of every boss, because they are particularly conscientious and extremely reliable. You can put everything else on hold to fully concentrate on a task at hand. Since Mercury rules in their sign, they are also very adaptable and flexible, as well as the perfect team players. So the course has been set for a steep career. In addition, virgins are absolutely realistic. No other sign of the zodiac has so few illusions and looks at the present and the future with sober eyes – risky assignments or investments are out of the question. They always keep an eye on their finances. In addition, Virgos are particularly helpful and selfless and are therefore often found in social professions.

These zodiac signs work perfectly together

Virgos are more reserved and modest, even at work – but just as analytically strong and organized. Therefore, they work particularly well with the career-oriented Capricorn, the Gemini talks them to the ground too often.

Famous Maidens

  • mother Teresa

  • Ingrid Bergman

  • Greta Garbo

  • Karl Lagerfeld

  • Romy Schneider

  • Sophia Loren

  • Keanu Reeves

  • Salma Hayek

  • Cameron Diaz

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