How Does Your Physical Condition Affect Your Income?

One of the most cruel human mistakes is to think that “I’m not healthy right now.”

We work, work hard and achieve. At the same time, we often do not think about ourselves, about our health, physical form and emotional state.

  • “I don’t have time for this”.
  • “I have other priorities now”.
  • “I am very busy at work/business at the moment” and other universal messages – that’s how you usually think. Is not it?

Why are you working? To then replenish the budget of a local hospital or pharmacy? Psychologist?

Health, money and love: how physical condition affects your income and personal happiness
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Every material has a tensile strength. You too. The state “Bobik is dead” will inevitably come.

Most of us mistakenly define the issues of our functional state and physical readiness for the so-called issues of the “soft” category, that is, not related to earning money and receiving material values ​​from the outside world.

This is a rather naive belief. Your work productivity directly depends on your health, performance, and appearance. And that means income.

Your career depends. Sick, ugly, sickly-looking people are much less likely to be given the opportunity to move up the social ladder.

So, whether you can make the so-called “quantum leap” in your income depends on all of the above. Not for 10,000 rubles a month, but 10 times.

Depends on your personal life and family happiness. Beautiful and healthy people are more likely to succeed in this area. And with much less time, material and other costs on their part.

We spend less, we get more and better. Profit – that is, even here you can digitize the results.

“What’s the connection?”, – you ask. Well, OK. Shamefully touch on this sacred and forbidden topic. Let’s look at live examples. Among my clients, men and women, there are enough cases.

You are a person of mental or physical labor – health and physical fitness will help in both cases!

Imagine your intellectual level is high and you are able to solve mathematical algorithms in your mind. But last night you slept for four hours. It is unlikely that, being in a half-asleep state, you are able to perform such tasks for yourself or the customer of your services.

And if you are always “poor health” and you often feel bad, do you feel pain or even physically disturbed? You think not about work, but about how hard it is for you to live, this happens even subconsciously and distracts you.

How much money do you earn?

Let’s say you’re a manual laborer and you’ve been loading something all day or working as a jackhammer in a mine. Will you be able to fulfill the norm if you feel pain with every movement or you are constantly physically uncomfortable?

And if you are corny “weak” – how much will you earn? Unlikely. Your foreman or shift foreman will be of the same opinion. In general, people of physical labor are shown a semi-sports mode of life. Otherwise, you will not “pull” in the long run.

Moreover, what if you reach the so-called “sick leave” due to poor health or weak immunity?

If you earn less than 73,000 rubles a month, then your situation is better. But even there you will not get your full. If your salary is higher or if you work piecework at all, then your situation is sad. Monthly earnings will not please you.

And wouldn’t the employer want to get rid of such a sickly employee altogether?

How does your physical shape and appearance affect your personal life and earnings in the long run?

It’s no secret that subconsciously we choose healthy and productive life partners.

The subjective criterion of health is the so-called “beauty” or appearance. To deny this fact is infantilism. You can’t fool nature. And the installations that evolution laid in us too.

A healthy powerful physical man? Fine. So he:

  • he will drag a mammoth into the cave and there will be meat in the family;
  • fulfill the norm in the mine and be able to support a family;
  • will be a leader in the office team and more likely to move up the career ladder (again, there will be money);
  • will be a “tidbit” for women.

Healthy beautiful woman?

This means that he will be more likely to build communications in the office and move up the career and financial ladder. Or he will be able to drag a “physically healthy man” into his nets and “get his own” from there.

Case Study

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Woman, 34, divorced, child from first marriage. Mortgages / loans and the whole other bunch. Is in poor physical shape. Three years unsuccessfully trying to arrange a personal life. Periodically sits on diets, goes to a fitness club. But it’s all to no avail.

We started working with her. Lost 10 kg in 4 months. Little, usually more (my clients lose up to 16 kg during such a period). But still.

The appearance has improved, the face, hips and other charms have become more defined. Confidence appeared in the eyes and character. We also worked on self-confidence, but that’s another story. Result: six months later, “he is the one” appeared. There is love-carrot. Moved to live with her. He rents his apartment and pays her mortgage with this money.

Flowers, gifts, diamonds – everything she dreamed of, she brings “on a silver platter.” Moreover, he is afraid that she will cool off towards him. Profit. Happiness. Realization of a dream.

Do you want it?

Approximately every third client comes with a request: “I want to lose weight and significantly improve myself outwardly so that in six months / a year / two years I can find a normal husband for myself”.

There are more cynical options.

I am not a prude and I will not be silent. From the marriage psychologist who delivers clients to me, women often come with a more specific request: “I want to lose weight and significantly improve my appearance – in order to find a man who will close my loans”.

I don’t interfere with their motivation. They are within their rights. For every product there is a merchant.

Everyone chooses his own and these “everyones” themselves are chosen by different people who correspond to them.

Health, appearance, fitness are all tools to achieve your happiness.

Health, money and love: how physical condition affects your income and personal happiness
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I spoke very briefly about the fact that “you are loved” and the physical state of this “beloved” is the first tool for achieving happiness and all kinds of “outputs to other levels”.

And regardless of external factors. The more unfavorable they are, the more important it is.

If you are in good shape and condition, you are building the building of your well-being on this solid foundation. And then there will be no need to leave this building for parallel worlds with the help of horse portions of sweets and alcohol.

With each return to reality, your “building” will deteriorate more and more.

Yes, everyone is in a different original position. Everyone builds it at a different speed and will eventually build it with different quality and height.

Someone will build a complex of skyscrapers, someone will build a two-story house. But both will be “the place of your strength” both physical and moral. And this place of power will need to be constantly maintained in excellent condition and improved. Just like real houses.

The good news is that anyone can do it. regardless of the original data. Good luck building your dream building!

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