Review Of The Best Apps For Business Woman

Running your own business? The apps listed below will help make your life easier and better organize your time!

Applications for business wuman

1. Pack Point

Thanks to this application, you will never forget anything important when you hit the road! The program will simply ask you a few questions and offer you a list of things that you definitely cannot do without.

2. Tinker

The application is an organizer that allows you not only to make a to-do list, but also to determine how long it will take to solve a particular task. Thanks to the program, you will learn how to properly organize your time and not waste time on useless activities.

3. Your Simply

Don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing your favorite sites or blogs? This app sorts headlines and creates a feed that you can quickly study before getting down to more important things.

4. Awad

Do you travel often? This means that this application will become your best helper. With it, you will be able to receive information about the necessary tickets, hotels, currency and weather in the city you are traveling to. The application has a built-in notebook that will help you store payment card data and control your expenses.

5. Money Lover

A simple and convenient program for controlling your own finances allows you to track income and expenses both from cards and from electronic payment systems. If you want to be able to track your financial flows, you should definitely install the application on your smartphone!

6. DocuSign

The application allows you to scan your signature and put it under any electronic document. It is also possible to leave a painting with your finger or stylus. The application supports all popular document formats and can be integrated with email. This option is perfect for standard documents and contracts. Plus, you can save time on printing and scanning documents to be signed.

7. MyScript Calculator

This application allows you to quickly make calculations by drawing numbers on the screen with your finger or stylus. The application allows you to enter even complex formulas, and the result is saved in notes, so you can quickly send it by mail or via messenger.

8. Consultant Plus

In this service you will find legislative acts that may be required during work. The base is constantly updated, voice search is working. By the way, you can work even without access to the Internet.

9. HR Mobile

This application allows you to search for partners and employees, as well as post your own advertisements for available vacancies. There are more than two tens of millions of resumes in the database, so thanks to the program you can find the specialists you need in just a few minutes. You can search for several parameters at once: geolocation, profession, age, etc.

10. Time Doctor

The application allows you to determine what your employees are doing, how much time they spend on certain tasks and how they allocate their working time. You can create reports for all employees at once, or for each one separately.

Choose apps that will make your life easier and reach new heights in your business!

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