How to choose a bedspread in the bedroom correctly – all the secrets of choosing a bedspread and bed design

Types of bedspreads for the bedroom - how to choose?A bedroom is not just a room in an apartment, but a special space for which the right atmosphere is a guarantee of comfortable rest and relaxation. Therefore, we always approach the design of the bedroom with special attention, so as not to turn our bedroom into a real corner of paradise, then at least to emphasize our taste. And the blanket on the bed plays a significant role in the interior decoration of the bedroom.

We will tell you how to choose it correctly, and what to consider.

The content of the article:

  1. Color and pattern of bedspreads in the bedroom
  2. Choosing the right size for your bedroom bedspread
  3. How to take into account the style of the interior when choosing a bedspread?

Color and pattern of bedspreads in your bedroom – how to match the color of the interior, furniture, curtains?

As you know, the center of attention in any bedroom is the bed, so you need to consciously emphasize and “comprehend” the interior of the bedroom.

Bedspread fabrics for the bedroom – pros and cons, secrets of choice

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So, the most important nuances when choosing a bedspread and its combination with the interior:

  • Combination with the color of the interior. One of the solutions is to fit your bedspread into the general palette of bedroom shades. A good idea for small rooms, in which there is absolutely no need to emphasize the bed with contrast. For example, you can choose a turquoise bedspread in a blue bedroom or a white bedspread in a beige one. Do not forget that warm shades are preferable for the bedroom – they add coziness. A cold palette will come in handy in a hot room with south-facing windows. For a large room, the bedspread can be used as an accent color.
  • Combination with the color of the curtains. Usually a bedspread with curtains is picked up in the bedroom, like a handbag with shoes – in one color. This combination is considered a sign of good taste and style. True, today this approach is recognized as outdated and too conservative. However, you shouldn’t completely abandon the idea of ​​this unity: you can combine with the curtain pattern, for example, pillows on the bed or the “skirt” of the bedspread that covers the legs of the bed. You can also strike a bold accent on cushions and curtain garters.
  • Combination with decor. Another stylistic move is to continue the idea of ​​decor in the bedspread, an accent wall above the bed or the head of the bed. That is, to achieve unity in the bedspread and bedside background. Naturally, there is no need to achieve 100% similarity – it is too boring for the overall interior. The color of the bedspread should differ by at least 2-3 tones from the decor, wallpaper, curtains. As a reference point in the decor, you can choose a furniture set or other important interior items that are accentuated in your bedroom.
  • Combination with the design of the bed. If the bed is made in a modern style, then the royal bedspread “a la baroque” will look ridiculous on it.

Knitted bedspread in the bedroomBedspread in the bedroom with an ornamentBedspread in the bedroom

What color and pattern of bedspreads should I choose?

Most designers agree that the ideal bedspread is a blanket without a pattern or with an unobtrusive light pattern. Patterned will come in handy in a children’s room, and too bright as an accent.

If you like variety, look for a double-sided bedspread – you can change the pattern according to your mood.

  • Stripes on the bedspread will expand the bed if the drawing is horizontal. As for the vertical stripes, they draw the eye to the wall above the headboard.
  • Combination of curtains and bedspreads allows you to reduce the degree of “tension” in a too bright interior by choosing calm shades or, on the contrary, splashing a little riot of colors on boring surfaces. A simple replacement of bedspreads and curtains sometimes changes the room beyond recognition. Especially the small one.
  • Choosing beige, sand and cream bedspreads, you get the opportunity to expand the range of color and stylistic solutions in the interior (these colors are combined with almost any shade).
  • If you are prone to melancholy or depression, look for warmer shades of bedspreads… If the bedroom is both an office and a living room for you, where you need to focus on work, choose yellow and orange shades of bedspreads that awaken and inspire optimism. If you are hiding from the “hard world” in your bedroom and just want to relieve stress and sleep, choose shades of calming green. But gold threads will add to your holiday atmosphere.

Bedspread in the bedroom whiteBedspread in the bedroom black and whiteBedspread in the bedroom with a patternBedspread in the bedroom to match the color of the interior and curtainsBedspread in the bedroom with a large print

Choosing the right size bedspread for the bedroom – important measurements and nuances

The bedspread has 2 main purposes:

  1. Keep the shared sleeping area tidy and protect the bed from dirt.
  2. Become part of the design solution.

But if absolutely any textile (and not only) can cope with the first task, only not every bedspread can solve interior tasks.

And you need to achieve harmony in everything, including the size of the bedspread, which in this particular case still matters.

What sizes of bedspreads do we know?

  • 110 x 140 cm Children’s option. Used for a small crib or as a play mat.
  • 140 x 220 cm The “one and a half” size is good for a teenage bed.
  • 170 x 210 cm and 180 x 220 cm Option for a double bed, the legs of which do not need to be covered with a blanket.
  • 200 x 220 cm Many worthy options are presented in the amount of “euro” today. In addition, the sizes of “euro-maxi” (220×240, 240×260 and 250×270) are also in great demand.
  • 270 x 270 cm Maximum size ideal for a custom-made large bed.

How to make a choice, and what size do you need?

Video: Bedspread on the bed: how to determine the size of the bedspread

The size of the bedspread is chosen in accordance with the dimensions of the bed, taking into account …

  1. The presence / absence of a headboard by the bed.
  2. Bedspread design (it can visually enlarge, expand and stretch the bed).
  3. The position of the bed relative to the wall.
  4. The thickness of the blanket.
  5. Bed heights.
  6. The presence of protruding legs.

Size selection rules:

  • The optimal bedding allowance is about 20-30 cm in the absence of bed restrictions in the form of a back and walls. This size is enough to protect the bed from dirt.
  • If there are two backs, allowances are needed only for the width of the bedspread.
  • In the presence of children and animals that constantly crumple the bedspread, it is better to choose the option with an elastic band, fixed around the perimeter. This size is chosen in accordance with the dimensions of the bed.
  • If you want to hide the bed legs, add another 60 cm to the standard size of the bedspread.
  • It is not recommended to choose thick and wide bedspreads for beds with wide frames. Instead of a stylish piece of the interior, you get a ridiculous hut in the room.
  • For a bed with a non-standard shape, the bedspread must be sewn to order.

Bedspread in the style of the bedroom – how to take into account the style of the interior when choosing a bedspread for a bed

Even 20-30 years ago, when buying bedspreads, we were guided by the assortment (very modest) and the price. There was not much to choose from, so many craftsmen created bedspreads on their own – patchwork, openwork, and so on.

Today, the rules of good form are to fit the bedspreads into the general style of the interior.

What do you need to know?

  1. The bedspread is the first thing a person looks at when entering the bedroom. Therefore, the bedspread, first of all, should be, and secondly, it should not get out of the general style.
  2. If natural materials dominate in the bedroom, choose a bedspread from them too. – made of linen, cotton, wool or even silk.
  3. If the interior is oversaturated with materials such as laminate, polyresin, organic / glass, etc.., look for mixed fabrics.

Video: 76 bedspread ideas

Focus on the style of the bedroom. It is unlikely that a modern black and white “minimalist” bedspread will look harmonious in a luxuriously pretentious bedroom with canopies, candelabra and monograms in the ceiling molding.

  • For a royal bedroom, a bedspread with a heavy texture, rich drapery and golden hues is more suitable.
  • In the bedroom of the style of “minimalism” the bedspread should be chosen with a simple ornament or without it, made of light fabric, without ruffles and other elements.
  • The rustic bedroom will have a patchwork bedspread.
  • For country, boho, provence – floral ornaments, linen, quilted cotton and patchwork technique.
  • For Art Nouveau – satin bedspreads with frills and ruffles.
  • Ethnic style implies the corresponding ornament (colors “giraffe”, “zebra” or “jaguar”).
  • For loft and contemporary we choose laconic options from wool or satin.
  • High-tech style requires geometric prints, flat surfaces and any non-standard elements.
  • A knitted bedspread is a great modern solution (especially large knitted bedspreads). Minus – it quickly abrades, deforms, tears.

Which bedspread did you choose? What were you guided by in your choice?

Share your secrets of choosing bedspreads for the bedroom with our readers!

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