How to choose the right red lipstick and what to wear with it

Red lipstick is an accessory that never goes out of style. Just imagine how impressive you will look if you use red lipstick to create your makeup!

By the way, the holiday is not the only opportunity to “try on” the red color. A party, going to the theater, a social event and even a date are some more reasons to create a spectacular make-up.

Colady’s stylist explains how to choose the right red lipstick and what to wear with it.

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How to choose the right red lipstick for a date or a party?

How to capture the imagination of a man without loss of reputation? The best way – focus on lips… However, if you have applied red lipstick, you do not need to overload the image with other details.

  • If the date will take place in a theater or restaurant, you can give preference deep red color… A bright accent on the lips should be combined with a calm eye makeup: eyelashes and eyebrows can be slightly tinted, thin arrows are not excluded. This image will be appropriate if the date will take place in a theater or restaurant.
  • If the companion is limited to an invitation to a cafe or for a walk, you can prefer a bright red shade of lipstick less intense pinkish
  • Using red lipstick in your party makeup is a great idea. Makeup artists advise not to be shy and give preference bright fuchsia or brazen red… Such a woman will surely be noticed and appreciated! See also: Rules of conduct for girls at a party – how to avoid mistakes?
The stylist told how to choose the right red lipstick and what to wear with it
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True, before choosing one or another shade, you still need to understand how to choose the right red lipstick.

How to choose a shade of red lipstick to match your skin tone and hair color – tips for blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes

Cleopatra herself was a fan of red lipstick. Modern women echo the ancient queen by choosing bright colors. And each asks the question: how to choose red lipstick right?

Indeed, grabbing the first thing that comes to hand is not the best option. The shade of the lipstick should match the skin tone and hair color its future owner. Makeup artists have talked about how to choose a red shade of lipstick to match your hair color.

Let’s take a closer look at which shade of red is right for you.

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  • Blonde, fair skin.
    Ash beauties are not advised to abuse warm “carrot” and too bright shades. But the owners of light brown wheat hair are called lucky – they actually have no restrictions. One of the best options is classic red.
  • Blonde, tanned skin.
    Tanned skin and blonde hair are a good combination without any strict restrictions. You can choose between magenta and orange-red.
  • Blonde, dark skin.
    Girls with light hair and dark skin should pay attention to the “carrot” shades. This lipstick will give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Red hair, fair skin.
    Owners of fiery red hair should avoid cold shades of red. You need to pay attention to the coral color and warm shades.
  • Brunette, fair skin.
    You can talk indefinitely about how to choose red lipstick for a brunette. Still, it is a brunette with bright red lips that is a classic look. Brunettes with chestnut notes should not lean on plum and raspberry tones; you should also give up carrot tones. It is better if burgundy, wine and berry notes dominate.
  • Brunette, tanned skin.
    A lady with dark hair and slightly tanned skin can pay attention to the defiant shades. A good option is classic red, you can experiment with delicious berry red shades.
  • Brunette, dark skin.
    Swarthy ladies are best off choosing lipsticks in lilac, cranberry and raspberry shades. A safe bet is tomato red lipstick.

You need to choose the color of lipstick according to your skin tone… In girls of the cold type, the veins on the wrist are cast blue, in the representatives of the warm type – green.

  • If the skin is warm, it is better to choose warm shades of red with an admixture of brown or yellow.
  • Owners of a cold skin tone you should dwell on lipstick that gives off lilac or cold pink. It must be remembered that such “cool” shades are contraindicated for some blondes.

How to choose the right red lipstick for makeup?

The stylist told how to choose the right red lipstick and what to wear with it
Photo by Pixabay

Bright lips are very effective and strict accent… And here, too, there are rules.

  • You need to focus on one thing – either on the eyes or on the lips. If you have already chosen the second option, you need to calm down and give preference to calm eye makeup. A few strokes of the mascara brush and eyebrow pencil are enough.
  • It is better to refuse bright shadows.: The most unfortunate makeup options are recognized as combinations of red lipstick on the lips and blue / green eyeshadow on the eyelids. The exception is a stage image, a retro image. Even so, it is best to opt for the classic slender eyeliner or expertly crafted smoky-eyes in shades of gray or brown.
  • Beige and nude eyeshadow shades, which can also be combined with arrows, next to red lipstick will look quite harmonious.
  • It is important that the skin tone is as even as possible. It must be remembered that red lipstick focuses on the face of its owner. Concealers, correctors, foundation and powder can be used.
  • Some makeup artists advise you to forget about blush.but if the face looks too pale, you can use a peach matte blush – there should still be a noticeable light shadow on the cheekbones. Everything should be natural.
  • If your lips are chapped, it is better to put off red lipstick until better times.… Otherwise, all the irregularities and roughness will be visible not only to you, but also to those around you.
  • Warm red lipstick makes teeth visually more yellow… Therefore, one more tip – carefully monitor the condition of your teeth!

How to buy red lipstick correctly and what to wear with – basic rules

Before making a purchase, remember how to do it right choose a shade of red lipstick in accordance with the type and tone of skin, hair color.

To finally decide on a shade of red lipstick:

  • It is best to take a tester of the shade you like and “Try” the color on the wrist… There the skin is thin, its color is as close as possible to the complexion.
  • Another variant – apply lipstick to your fingertipswhere the skin tone is very close to the natural lip tone.
  • Pay attention to the texture of the lipstick – the dense texture will not suit the owners of thin lips.

Now that you already know how to choose the right red lipstick, you need to understand how can it be supplemented

Red lipstick – as a wardrobe item: you need to know what to wear with it

  • It is best, of course, to combine a bright shade. with classic black… It can be either a formal suit or a cocktail dress.
  • Perfectly combined long black dress, high hairstyle and bright lips… Such an image will be appropriate at a gala reception, in a theater.
  • Red lipstick goes well with clothes of a classic cut and classic colors: white, brown, gray… In this form, you can even show up for work. See also: How to get around the strict dress code and maintain your individuality.
  • It is better avoid variegated patterns, overly bare legs and a revealing neckline… The latter is possible, but not suitable for every exit.
  • Casual style also does not exclude the use of red lipstick. In frayed jeans, a long, loose T-shirt, bright lips and carelessly pulled hair, any girl will look independent.

The main thing is to remember one of the basic rules for the correct use of bright colors in makeup: the key to success is self-confidence and attractiveness!

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