How to decorate a New Year’s table for 2017 Year of the Rooster with your own hands – the best ideas for decorating a New Year’s table

Decorations on the New Year's table 2017 Rooster do it yourselfThere are only a few weeks left before the main holiday of children and adults, and if you have not yet begun to prepare for it, now is the time to think about how exactly you will celebrate the New Year.

The festive atmosphere does not appear on its own – you need to apply both imagination and your golden hands to it. And in order to enter next year with luck in your pocket, you should arrange the table on the eve of 2017 in accordance with the “preferences” of its patron.

The content of the article:

  1. Symbols of 2017 of the Fire Rooster
  2. DIY New Year’s table decor 2017
  3. How to decorate and how to decorate cutlery and dishes?
  4. Candle decoration
  5. Decorating dishes on the New Year’s table 2017

The symbolism of 2017 of the Fire Rooster and the basic rules in decorating the New Year’s table

In the coming year, the Fire Rooster reigns. And the design of the table (and the house as a whole) should be carried out based on the “specifics” of this symbol.

The key colors in which we choose the decor for the holiday are all shades of red, orange and gold

Don’t spare shiny things – more sparkle, contrast and brightness!

As for the choice of dishes – here the Rooster is modest and unpretentious.

2017 New Year's table decoration

Dishes can be prepared simple and unpretentious (we turn on the imagination exclusively on their design), and, of course, exclusively natural:

  • Light meals, more cereals and vegetables.
  • Pickles and herbs laid out on a tray.
  • Slicing on mini sandwiches.
  • Homemade baked goods.
  • Liqueurs, aromatic wines, berry liqueurs.

The Rooster should not be pissed off black and gray shades in decor – we exclude them completely.

The ideal option is to decorate a place of celebration rustic, with embroidered tablecloths, linen napkins and wicker baskets.

However, the choice of style is yours. The main thing is not to forget the basic rules.

Table decoration for New Year 2017

DIY decor and decorations for the New Year’s table 2017

In the year of the Rooster, any decorations made from natural elements can become decorations on the festive table, handmade

Particular attention is paid to the pine elements that represent longevity.

Compositions for decorating the table for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster

Holistic compositions will be effective (size – in accordance with the size of the table) from branches, berries, fruits, pine / spruce paws, Christmas balls etc.

Do not forget about ribbons and rain, about decorative snow, cones, ears and branches, bells, nuts, candles and candies, toys and other materials at hand.

We place the largest composition, of course, in the center of the table

How to decorate the table for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster?

You can fix the elements of the compositions with a stapler, wire, special glue (using a “gun”).

For instance…

  • We fix the tinsel around the perimeter of the New Year’s table. At the corners of the table we attach bows with unbreakable Christmas-tree balls or bells. We observe the same style in the design!
  • We place themed figurines on the table (tiny snowmen, for example, chickens or cockerels, small but bright decorative eggs), add romance with the help of candles. DIY decoration on the New Year's table 2017
  • We install cards made of gold cardboard with their names at the places of “landing” of guests. Each set of dishes comes with a gift box.
  • Place the main composition in the center of the table. You can create it from fir paws and cones covered with artificial snow, a couple of thick candles and fir balls. New Year's table decoration for 2017 of the Rooster
  • The highlight of the 31st to 1st table is cereals, feathers and, of course, flowers. Therefore, if possible, put a composition or a vase with dried flowers, feathers, wheat ears. If you cannot find such elements, you can pour cereals into small bowls and decorate them with spruce branches.
  • “Nest”. Such a composition must be present on the festive table as a talisman. We replace the grass in the nest with green threads or ribbons, create the nest itself from ribbons or take a ready-made basket without handles, put boiled eggs painted in “gold” or in bright red color into the nest. Nest on the New Year's table
  • It is recommended to put a yellow coin under each that in the year of the Fire Rooster, financial stability accompanies you in all areas of life.
  • It’s great if you have a samovar! We polish it to a shine, decorate it with a bunch of bagels, set it on an embroidered napkin.
  • Do not forget about the bunches of sweet onions, wheat ears or hot red pepper. DIY decorations for the New Year 2017

How to decorate and how to decorate cutlery and dishes on the table in the New 2017 Year of the Rooster?

The main rule when decorating a table is to maintain a single style. Remember that the table is not a tree, and keep to the golden mean.

We choose only real dishes! There should be no plastic on the table. The ideal option is Gzhel porcelain, bright antique sets, wooden bowls and ladles, clay dishes.

Every little thing should be special and match a single style, including straws in glasses and skewers.

How to decorate a table?

  • The color scheme in which the table should be decorated is described above. A combination of red, white and gold can be used. Or orange, yellow and green. The main thing is no dark shades. The rooster loves brightness and contrast! For example, a white tablecloth and red dishes. Or a red tablecloth and napkins, and the dishes are white. Table decoration for the New Year 2017 of the Rooster
  • We choose napkins based on the chosen style. You can fold Christmas trees from green napkins, beautifully roll bright New Year’s napkins on plates, or wrap cutlery in red cloth napkins and tie them with a gold ribbon.
  • Who said plates should be exceptionally round and white? You can choose dishes in the form of huge leaves or with a New Year’s theme, square plates or completely transparent, etc.
  • We decorate wine glasses / glasses with “snow” around the edges or sparkles – they should sparkle in the candlelight. You can also use the decoupage technique, paint the glasses with author’s inscriptions, or simply cover the glasses with acrylic paint and apply glitter on top. Legs of wine glasses (if you do not want to “spoil” them with paint) can be decorated with ribbons, roses or snowflakes. Don’t forget about bottle decoration too! Decoration of glasses for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster
  • Tablecloth – only natural! Ideally, you can find a linen tablecloth (and find similar ones).

Decorating the New Year’s table 2017 and the room with candles

One of the most important attributes of a festive table is, of course, candles. They always add mystery, romance and celebration. And this year – even more so, because the Fiery Rooster requires a “fiery” design.

Candles on the New Year's table 2017

What kind of candles and how can you put them on the table?

  • We buy ready-made curly candles – Christmas trees, snowmen, chickens and cockerels, etc. Important: we do not light candles in the shape of a “cockerel”! They should only be present on the table for aesthetic purposes.
  • We buy thick wide candles and decorate them with snowflakes or other patterns. Decorating candles on the New Year's table 2017
  • We put a candle in a candlestick we place it on a saucer, decorate with cones, tangerines, spruce branches.
  • Installing mini-candles in walnut shells or we use decorative “houses” – candlesticks.
  • A transparent wide vase of water can be an interesting idea., on the surface of which mini-candles will float in special candlesticks. Decorating candles on the 2017 New Year's table of the Rooster
  • Of course, we must not forget about the classics: long candles on beautiful spectacular candlesticks will decorate a table in any style. Decorating candles on the New Year's table 2017
  • You can put a personal candle for each guest – usual, in a cozy candlestick, or curly, according to the character of the guest.
  • We decorate the candles with beads and beads, pressing chaotically into the wax, or with an ornament. The decoupage technique is also acceptable here: such candles will look very original and stylish. Decorating candles on the New Year's table 2017

Don’t overuse candles! Do not clutter the table space with them. The candles should only emphasize the “very” atmosphere.

2017 new year table decoration with candles

Decorating dishes on the New Year’s table 2017 Year of the Rooster

How to treat your guests and household members for the holiday – everyone decides for himself.

But you need to proceed from the fact that the Rooster prefers simple and light dishes. Therefore, do not get carried away with delights and overseas dishes – everything is your own, dear, simple and, of course, beautifully designed. The rooster loves braided buns, bagels with tea from a samovar, pies, bundles of onions / peppers, etc.

It is not recommended to cook “chicken” for the festive table (the Rooster may be offended).

How to arrange dishes?

It doesn’t matter what kind of salad you have in your vase, it is important how it is decorated. And, as you know, there are no limits for fantasy. Therefore, we take ideas from our heads, from the Web, from magazines, etc.

The main thing is that not a single dish is left unattended.

  • For example, you can decorate salads with herbs, olives, cucumbers and sausages. You can “paint” anything on the salad, including the patrons of this and next year. Rooster salad for New Year 2017
  • Cold cuts can be laid out in the form of a cock’s head, noting the eyes-olives and the beak of pickles or carrots.
  • The easiest way to decorate desserts is festive. You can make muffins in the form of cockerels, you can bake bright lemon muffins in the form of chickens, create dessert compositions from citrus fruits, kiwi and marmalade, decorate a cake with mastic in the style of the Patron of the Year, or bake figurines.Decorating dishes for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster
  • A great idea is Christmas tree snacks attached to tall skewers. Such Christmas trees can be created from cucumbers and red bell peppers, from cheese or sausages, from citruses, etc. Slices of vegetables or fruits are simply put on a herringbone-shaped skewer, and a food star, berry, olive or something else is fixed on top. Decoration of dishes on the New Year's table 2017 of the Rooster
  • One of the tasty and fun options is boiled egg snowmen. In this case, the eggs can be stuffed with cheese mixed with mayonnaise and garlic. We make the nose, the snowman’s hat from boiled carrots, the arms-branches – from parsley, and the eyes – from black pepper. Decoration of dishes on the New Year's table 2017 of the Rooster Instead of snowmen, you can make chickens by also stuffing eggs and decorating them with carrot beaks / scallops and black pepper eyes.

Decoration of dishes on the New Year's table 2017 of the Rooster

Whatever you cook, decorate with love. And, of course, with the children. More fruits / vegetables, cereals and cereals on the table – Rooster is not a big fan of meat.

And remember, the owner of the next year does not demand anything from us – he himself brings good luck, love and monetary stability.

Decoration of dishes on the New Year's table 2017 of the Rooster website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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