How to determine the character by the shape of the nose?

Did you know that the shape of the nose and the character of a person are related? Psychologists and physiognomists of the COLADY magazine told readers how to find out about yourself by the shape of your nose. Interested? Then read about it in our material.

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Human character along the length of the nose

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We can say the starting point in defining character. The ideal length of this part of the face is considered to be one third of the entire length of the face. The nose exceeding this length is long, not reaching it – short.

  • A long. Common features: poise. Striving for power. Sexually active. Pride, refined taste and a great sense of humor. Activity, seriousness, responsibility. Stubbornness.
  • Short. Common traits: flexibility of character, impulsiveness, openness and attractiveness. The stimulus in love is approval, in work – praise. An open soul, optimism.
  • Big and long… Common features: willfulness, stubbornness, high demands on the people around.

The shape of the nose and the character of the person

Finding out the character of a person by the shape of the nose is real! For analysis, attention should be paid to shape, length and width.

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Bulging nose

Character traits:

  • Efficiency.
  • Inability to easily express your emotions, feelings of happiness, inner joy.
  • Aggressiveness in pursuit of financial well-being.

Sunken nose

Character traits:

  • The complete opposite of the owner of a bulging nose.
  • Ease of expressing emotions.
  • Calm about the financial situation.
  • The generosity of the soul, which manifests itself both in relation to feelings and in spending finances.

Narrow nose

Character traits:

  • Treating love as a difficult job is tense and responsible.
  • High efficiency.
  • The ability to value your own and other people’s time.

Flat and wide nose

Character traits:

  • Prudence, coldness when making serious decisions. Especially regarding money.
  • Perfect mastery of the art of love.
  • Loyalty to a loved one.
  • Devotion to the family.
  • Good nature.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • Sometimes sloppy.

Straight and smooth nose

Character traits:

  • Indifference to “high”, earthiness.
  • Materialistic mindset.

Combined with blue eye color:

  • Constant pursuit of the unattainable.
  • Inflated requests.

Fleshy nose

Character traits:

  • Charm and kindness. Thrift.
  • Emotionality, bad luck.
  • Loyalty and dedication to the family.
  • Ease of rise, love of travel.
  • Increased sexuality.

Greek nose

Greek nose
Head of Venus de Milo, ser. II century BC e.
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Character traits:

  • Integrity, leadership, diktat.
  • Pride, independence.
  • Ruthlessness to liars, devotion to friends.
  • Control over the family budget, but no greed.
  • Sarcasticity, love of money.

Snub nose

Character traits:

  • Sociability, kindness, generosity.
  • Touchiness, painful pride.
  • Decency, loyalty, accuracy in everything.
  • Intolerance to intrigue and gossip.
  • Charm, cheerfulness.
  • Attentiveness to spouses.
  • Great taste.

Potato nose

Character traits:

  • Slowness and phlegm.
  • Soreness in childhood.
  • Hot temper.
  • Directness. Intolerance to lies, squabbles and gossip.
  • Success with the opposite sex.
  • Slowness.

Hawk nose

Character traits:

  • Kindness, promiscuity in partners, increased sexuality.
  • Flammable in relationships.
  • Imbalance, gambling.
  • Unpredictability and conflict.
  • Intolerance to criticism, lies, new circumstances, injustice.
  • Vigor, ease of lifting.
  • Love for beautiful clothes, comfort and jewelry.

Hawk nose with hump and raised nostrils

Character traits:

  • Analytical mind.
  • Abilities for psychology, politics.
  • Peace of mind regarding the financial situation.
  • Demanding on the opposite sex.
  • Erudition.


Character traits:

  • Sharp mind, excellent memory.
  • Easy attitude to money (spenders).
  • Wit, sociability.
  • Pickiness and tediousness in the family.
  • Hot temper, laziness.
  • Condescension even towards enemies.
  • Moderation in sex.
  • Grumpiness for old age.
  • Superstition and gullibility.

Sharp nose

Character traits:

  • Intractability and persistence.
  • Sharpness, categoricalness, persistence.
  • Striving for leadership, condescension to other people’s weaknesses.

We determine the character of a person by the tip of the nose

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  • Bulb tip – love of life, striving for prosperity.
  • Eagle-like bent downward tip – cunning, discernment, rancor.
  • Upturned – credulity.
  • Snub-nosed, nostrils protruding – incontinence, moodiness, willpower.
  • Forked – self-doubt, indecision, dislike for noisy parties and large companies.
  • Chopped off – self-confidence, grasp, independence, ability to stand up for oneself and loved ones. Hypersexuality.
  • Dimple – sensitivity, responsiveness, diligence, emotionality in case of failures. A long search for a life partner, in accordance with the ideal.

Human character by the shape of the nostrils

  • Small nostrils – compliance, softness, compliance. Hospitality. Disgust.
  • Wide nostrils – imperiousness, high opinion of oneself. Conflict with relatives and colleagues. Ambitiousness, arrogance. Spitefulness, cruelty.

It is impossible to say for sure whether the shape of the nose really has an impact on a person’s life. And in particular, will the character change if the hump or “meatiness” is removed? There is an opinion that, changing the shape of the nose (or, for example, the name given at birth), we changing our destiny… And no one knows – for better or worse.

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