Best indoor flowers for the office – 10 useful flowers for the workplace

The health of office workers is influenced by many harmful factors that green friends can help to cope with. Therefore, the benefits of indoor plants in the office are obvious.

COLADY will tell you what flowers to plant in the office to create a good working atmosphere.

10 Best Plants for the Office - Workplace Flowers That Benefit
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The content of the article:

7 facts about the benefits of plants in the office

  • Oxygen saturation
    In the office, where dozens of people are sitting, there is a lot of carbon dioxide. This phenomenon is called “stuffiness”. Plants in the process of their life absorb carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and release oxygen. Therefore, in rooms where there are many plants, the air is fresh.
  • Air disinfection
    In crowded places, there is an increased concentration of bacteria and microbes in the air. Coniferous plants – juniper, rosemary have bactericidal properties. Chlorophytum, indoor citrus fruits and laurel also cope with this task.
  • Eye health benefits
    Working at a computer puts a lot of stress on vision. “Eyes rest on green,” says popular wisdom. Therefore, the proximity of plants to monitors is very useful.
  • Maintaining humidity
    Air conditioners and central heating dry out the air, and plants can humidify it. Caring for green friends involves frequent watering and spraying, which already improves the microclimate. In addition, plants excrete excess moisture through the leaves. Thus, the humidity of the entire room is optimized.
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  • Protection against harmful substances
    From the street through the windows, salts of heavy metals, toxins, and car exhaust penetrate. These substances neutralize asparagus, dieffenbachia, ivy and philodendron.
  • Antistress
    Many plants have a pleasant scent and are soothing. And stress at work is inevitable. Therefore, it is useful to have mint in a pot, oregano, basil or lemon balm on the windowsill. These same plants improve human brain activity, which makes them indispensable for a working person.
  • Filtration from tobacco
    Pelargonium, aspidistra or clivia can be placed in common smoking areas. But you need to place them in such a way that the pot does not become an ashtray. And, of course, from time to time take the plant out into fresh air so that it recovers its strength.

Criteria for choosing a plant for the office

10 Best Plants for the Office - Workplace Flowers That Benefit
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  • Do not forget that plants are living organisms, and office routine can kill them.
  • Don’t get naughty roses, orchids or gloxinia on the office table.
  • You shouldn’t even have cacti.… It is very difficult to provide the cold wintering necessary for them in working conditions. And their ability to absorb harmful radiation from computers is just a myth.
  • Office is Spartan conditions for the green brothers: not all plants will be able to survive the ten-day New Year holidays, uneven watering and vandalism by irresponsible staff, including pouring leftover tea into a pot.

10 best office plants – which flowers to choose for the office?

  • Sansevieria, or in a simple way – “mother-in-law’s language.” Not picky about living conditions, tolerates drought and drafts. Its dense, tough leaves are difficult to break, and if damaged, the plant will easily survive the loss.
    “Mother-in-law’s tongue” is not sensitive to temperature extremes, it can live a long time without a transplant. In addition, there are many types of sansevieria, both huge large ones standing on the floor, and small “tongues” for the windowsill. The color of this plant ranges from monochromatic dark green to variegated white-yellow-green.
  • Monstera has long been grown in offices, hospitals and schools.
    A very persistent, unpretentious plant. Feels good under artificial light.
  • Beautiful and unpretentious zamioculcas recently appeared on office windowsills.
    It is able to withstand low temperatures. Such a plant will not freeze even on a cold, not insulated windowsill.
  • Saintpaulia, or violets. These flowers are said to grow in a spoonful of earth. It happens that an office violet stands in the stony dry ground, and at the same time it also blooms. This confirms her unpretentiousness.
    Moreover, the violet is very beautiful. There are varieties with double, semi-double flowers, flowers in the form of huge stars reaching 8 cm in diameter, striped violets – chimeras, mini varieties differing in a small diameter of the rosette – only 7 cm. On one windowsill, you can collect a large collection of such crumbs.
  • Spatsiphyllum. He is a little capricious, but he cleans the air faster than anyone.
    The only condition he needs is regular but moderate watering.
  • Another unpretentious plant is bamboo. It is sold immersed in a vessel with water.
    It is only required to add water periodically. The bamboo looks just great, it fits perfectly into the oriental style of the room.
10 Best Plants for the Office - Workplace Flowers That Benefit
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  • Chlorophytum – a very hardy plant, moreover, it is an absolute record holder for air purification.
    Chlorophytum will withstand a month of complete drought, it will be able to live in one pot for a long time without transplanting, unless it releases a bunch of children outside. Such a plant can fully exist and please the eye for up to 10 years.
  • Dracaena, or yucca The Mexican deserts are considered the homeland of these plants, for this reason they tolerate temperature extremes and drought well.
    But they cannot live without full-fledged sunlight, therefore it is not worth keeping yucca and dracaena in the basement rooms.
  • Dieffenbachia loves intensive watering, sheds the lower leaves in case of drought.
    It is also demanding on good lighting, but it is not recommended to place it in direct sunlight. Beautiful and colorful Dieffenbachia will decorate any office.
  • Ficus benjamin, or rubbery ficus – classic office plants. Under unfavorable conditions, the leaves are shed, like trees in the fall.
    They love the sun, moderate humidity and do not tolerate waterlogging. Ficus effectively purifies the air and produces large amounts of oxygen. Therefore, doctors advise it for children’s rooms.

Where to place plants in the office?

  • Large plants, such as a palm tree or a large dieffenbachia, should be placed in the manager’s office or reception areas. There they will look more organic.
  • Small potted plants are more suitable for placement on a desktop, windowsill, as well as on a flower shelf.
  • All factors must be taken into account for the successful placement of the pot with the plant. For example, being near a battery, a constantly opening door, an air conditioner that will constantly blow on a flower and drafts. After all, it is important that the plant pleases you as long as possible.
  • Office phytodesign plays a significant role in determining the location. Flowers and evergreens should look organic in the interior. The oversaturation of the room with flowers turns the office into a greenhouse and creates a frivolous appearance of the organization.
  • The absence or lack of plants in the office creates unnecessary rigor. Such a room lacks the zest that is created by flower arrangements.
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Plants in the office are part of nature in our highly urbanized world.

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