Pedicure in winter – important care points

With the arrival of winter, women’s legs are closed from the general view with winter shoes. Therefore, many women have a logical question: “Do you need a pedicure in winter, a waste of precious time on going to the salon?” Any dermatologist and pedicure master will definitely answer that, of course, you need it. It is not only about the beauty of the feet and the aesthetics of painted nails, but also about hygienic care with a whole range of mandatory measures to maintain the health of the foot as a whole. Let’s talk about this.

3 rules of winter pedicure

There are many recommendations for winter foot care. Of these, it is worth highlighting 3 important rules on how to keep nails and foot skin in great shape. They help you understand why you need to do a pedicure in winter.

Rule 1: You don’t have to make an intricate design

winter pedicure

In winter, you do not need to do an artistic pedicure using complex techniques, rhinestones, sparkles, you should not constantly use gel polish. Synthetic socks, tights, tight-fitting leg, shoes, restrict air access to the foot.

Overcoating with gel polish exacerbates the problem. The nails become vulnerable to the development of microorganisms and fungal diseases. Plus, additional pressure is created on the nail, which negatively affects the problem of the “ingrown nail”. To maintain the beauty of your feet, a fashionable pedicure in winter is completely optional. To make your nails look neat, you can use regular varnish.

However, many women will not agree with this and will be right.

They can use trendy winter 2020 pedicure design techniques:

  • nail art (pedicure with holes, color block, stamping design, ombre);
  • combined (a combination of several techniques, a pedicure with inscriptions and images of animals, with a matte-glossy finish);
  • classic (jacket).

A woman should not be faced with the question of whether to do a pedicure in winter. We are talking only about the expediency of expensive techniques and dense varnish coatings.

Rule 2: Gentle cuticle treatment

winter pedicure

Many masters believe that the best treatment for the cuticle is a hardware pedicure, in which the nail is well cleaned of the accumulated pterygium. But at home, a simple way is suitable: maceration with soaking the skin of the foot in a container with hot water.

The steamed cuticle can be easily removed from the nail and trimmed. There is also a point of view that in winter it is better to completely abandon scissors.

Why a pedicure in winter, if you can get rid of the cuticle with the help of special oils or other means, giving your nails a rest in the winter.

Rule 3: Trim your nails in a timely manner and moisturize your feet

In winter, the issue of timely cutting of toenails is especially acute. The regrown nail creates unnecessary pressure, which leads to onycholysis (detachment of the nail plate from the tissue of the finger) and the problem of “ingrown toenail”.

Cold weather causes dry skin of the feet and nails. Moisturize the skin of the feet daily using a special cream. Once a week, before going to bed, it is recommended to smear your feet and heels with vitamin E oil, treat the skin around your nails well, put on cotton socks and do not take them off during a night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter what technique and color of pedicure you choose in winter, this procedure will help to preserve it for a longer period.


So, answering the question, what is a winter manicure – a luxury or a necessity, is it worth using a pedicure design in winter or getting along with cosmetic care on your own at home? I will confidently answer that you should still entrust your feet to a professional master. He certainly will not wish his client harm and will advise on what pedicure to do, taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular female leg.

And do not forget that the New Year 2020 is not far off, and there is no way without nail art, rhinestones and sparkles …

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