How to do exercise plank correctly for weight loss

How to do the bar for effective weight lossAn accurate understanding of how to correctly do the bar, along with knowledge of the nuances of this exercise, will not only consolidate the success in long-term fixation of the posture, but will also make it possible to significantly increase the time spent in it.

These factors will prove to be critical in rapid and effective weight loss.

The content of the article:

  1. The benefits of the plank
  2. Contraindications
  3. Types of plank exercises
  4. How to do the plank correctly
  5. Basic mistakes of beginners

The benefits of plank exercise – is it just for weight loss?

Those who are not closely familiar with the pose do not even suspect how multifaceted it is: this exercise can be used not only for weight loss, but also for self-improvement at different levels.

Health and Weight Loss Benefits of Plank Exercise

The main advantages of the Plank pose:

  • The static position, in which the stabilizers of the spinal column are used, allows you to change the posture in a short time. According to statistics, every third person on the planet has problems with the spine: from scoliosis and kyphosis to instability of the vertebral discs, resulting in hernias, sciatica, etc. By doing the bar correctly for just two to three minutes every day, you can avoid these problems.
  • There is no need to spend a lot of time on various exercises for weight loss, because, thanks to this position, you can work out almost all the main muscles: the entire corset, buttocks, muscles of the legs and back, as well as the shoulder girdle. Using modifications, you can shift the load from feet to hands – and vice versa. The muscles of the torso will be constantly working at the same time.
  • This exercise is a powerful tool when working with the mental level: not only physical endurance is trained, but also emotional endurance, the strength of patience and the ability to bring what has been started to the end is increased.
  • All people who performed this position daily for more than three months note that their resistance to stress has increased significantly. External stimuli and provocateurs have ceased to “pull the strings” of the mind.

The most significant plus remains losing weight in a short time, which is a mystery for ordinary people, because 1 minute in Planck burns only 10-12 calories. The effect is achieved precisely by drying the muscles in a static position, rather than increasing their volume in multiple sets and reps.

Plank exercise program for 30 days for girls

Precautions before performing the bar, contraindications

Some sports instructors argue that the pose should not be done if you are overweight, have spinal problems and unstable blood pressure. Actually, the only contraindication for the plank is pregnancy (starting from 7 weeks), in other cases, you can find an alternative from the many modifications of this exercise.

  1. If carpal tunnel syndrome is present – you can perform the Plank on the forearms, placing them parallel to each other. Forearm plank
  2. A person with a large weight (over 85 kg) can perform this exercise, additionally kneeling on the floor. When the weight goes away a little, the muscles get stronger, then you can go to the full version of the exercise.
  3. If, due to the execution of the bar, the pressure jumps, then the person simply does not breathe correctly at this moment: he pauses between inhalation and exhalation, unconsciously accelerates the breathing rhythm. At the same time, it often unnecessarily strains the neck or trapezius muscle, thereby blocking normal blood circulation.
  4. Intervertebral hernia and protrusion – there is no reason to ignore this exercise, because with high-quality body tuning there is no load on the spinal column, but only on the muscles. Moreover, if there are unpleasant sensations or pain in the lower back when performing this pose, this is another signal that the pose was performed incorrectly.

And a few more warnings:

  • The pose is not performed at high temperatures and acute inflammation of internal organs. You need to wait for your recovery, and only then start fulfilling the weight loss bar.
  • After giving birth, you can return to this position no earlier than 1.5 months, but if there was a cesarean section, no earlier than 4.
  • Children can do this exercise without fear, the posture has no age restrictions. Although adults should check that the child is doing everything right.

Plank Types – Choose Your Favorite Exercise!

If two or three minutes of staying in the classical Planck is not difficult, it is necessary to complicate it.

Popular options include:

  1. Fixation with straight armsPlank on straight arms
  2. Plank on three points of support: alternately, a straight leg is raised above the floor (30 seconds each). Plank on three points of supportAt this point, it is important to watch the lower back and not bend in any way.
  3. Side plank. The body is located sideways relative to the floor, the support can be both on the forearm and on a straight arm. Side barThe free arm can be extended upward, which helps to check the quality of the position: the line of the shoulders is strictly perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Option for advanced – on two pivots: fixing the standard position, raise one leg above the floor, and then stretch the opposite arm forward, preventing the elbow line from sagging below the shoulder joint. Plank on two points of supportAt this moment, it is necessary not to fall on your side, which is very difficult.
  5. Those who are bored of standing for a long time in static can use a dynamic version, which some instructors call “climber”Climber plankIn the classic plank, when you exhale, you need to pull the knee to your chest or shoulder, and when you inhale, return the leg to its original position.
  6. From the practice of yoga, you can take another modification of the exercise – Chaturanga Dandasanawhen from a standard position on straight arms the elbows are bent to an angle of 90 degrees. Exercise Plank Chaturanga DandasanaAt the same time, the body should not lose its correct position: the chest line and the pelvis are at the same distance above the floor. This position is fixed for 30 seconds, and then you can return to the original version.

How to learn how to make the bar as efficiently and for a long time as possible – a practical instruction

It is believed that this exercise came from yoga. Moreover, there is even a “standard” for determining the level of training – 3 minutes 10 seconds

Beginners usually hold the pose for 30 secondsgradually increasing the fixation time.

One of the important rules: never sacrifice the quality of body position in the direction of increasing the time.

To make the bar correctly, you need:

  • Get on your knees, placing the line of the elbows strictly under the shoulder joints.
  • Flatten the lower back by tucking the pelvis under you (directing the pubic bone towards the navel).
  • Be sure to squeeze the lower gluteus muscles and raise your head slightly above the shoulder line.
  • Straighten your knees and qualitatively pull the line of the legs into a string, tensing the front of the thighs.
  • Pull the heels actively back and down, imitating the desire to put them on the floor. It is advisable to keep the feet at the width of the pelvis – this makes it easier to maintain body balance.
  • Activate all the muscles in the core, preventing the spine from arching.
  • Straighten your shoulders and don’t let your back round.

Breath when performing the exercise, the Plank should be only through the nose, even – and, if possible, with a long exhalation. Thus, the mind will receive signals to stabilize the state. Which is very important after 1 minute of position fixation.

It is imperative to create positive mental attitude, if there is an interest in holding the pose for a long time, as well as helping yourself with a timer: many people find it much easier to withstand the difficulties of a position when they know exactly how much is left before the end.

Professionals advise not to start right away with a high goal: it is better to start with 30-40 seconds, and with every second workout add 5 seconds of fixation. Thus, you can reach the coveted figure of “three minutes” in a month: during this time the muscles will get stronger, the mind will stabilize, – it will not be so painful to do the bar for a long time, as in the first few days.

In order to achieve brilliant results in weight loss, the exercise must be performed everyday… But, if it is not possible to withstand even the basic 30 seconds (or the problem of excess weight is acute), then twice a day until the required time is reached.

It is important to remember that before starting a workout, you need to do 3-4 exercises to warm up musclesthen the body will work with greater efficiency and productivity. 7 versatile exercises to warm up quickly before any workout

5 beginner mistakes when doing the plank

Most beginners have almost identical mistakes:

  1. Arched lower back and raised buttocks up… This is a dangerous position for the spine that has nothing to do with working out the press. It is necessary to direct the coxus under you and, pulling the stomach slightly inward, squeeze the gluteal muscles.
  2. Hanging on pivot points… When fixing the posture, it is important to move the body away from the floor, using as many small muscles as possible, and not lean on your arms, hanging your head and chest down.
  3. Slightly bent knees indicate that the person is hanging with the lower part of the body without activating the legs. This is fraught with problems in the spine. The knees should be directed upward from the floor, and the heels, on the contrary, towards it. All leg muscles should be actively pulled and tense, avoiding passive states.
  4. Poor breathing and retention when trying to hold the position of the body longer. Breathing, on the contrary, needs to be expanded – and, if possible, slowed down, concentrating on sensations.
  5. Self-pity. This is one of the most important reasons why a person cannot lose weight. When a critical moment comes when fulfilling the Planck, you need to remember your goal, motivation, and not complain that it is difficult, difficult and unbearable.

Errors when doing the plank exercise

In order to know for sure whether the exercise is being performed correctly or not, you can do it in front of a mirror (positioning the body sideways relative to it) – and visually assess its quality.

When losing weight, not only motivation plays an important role, but also support, so it’s much easier to do even just a bar together (or with a whole group).

The spirit of competition can be a powerful springboard for achieving a goal.

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