How Philip Kirkorov’s daughter celebrated her 9th birthday

A couple of days ago, all publications anxiously wrote about the sad holiday of Alla-Victoria Kirkorova: the girl began her birthday with tears, and spent the rest of the day alone with her parents and brother. The party was supposed to correct the baby’s mood, but it seems that this year the girl was left without a miracle.

A holiday among adults and a huge Christmas tree in the courtyard of the house

On December 1, Philip Kirkorov threw a party in honor of the birthday of his daughter Alla-Victoria. The girl was born from a surrogate mother from the United States on November 26, 2011, but the holiday traditionally took place on the first day of winter.

We already wrote that Alla-Victoria dreamed of spending this day with her friends and classmates, but her school was closed for quarantine. So she managed to communicate with her peers only via video communication, and she held a feast among the adult colleagues of her father and their heirs, whom the baby did not know well. Only those who were vaccinated or had antibodies to coronavirus were invited to the party.

However, Philip Kirkorov made every effort to somehow meet the expectations of his daughter. For example, in the morning she was given evening makeup and curls, and upon arriving home, the whole family and a house decorated with spruce branches and garlands were waiting for her.

Gold iPhone and TikTok Party

The party was organized in the style of TikTok: the appropriate decorations were installed everywhere, and the guests were given bright makeup with glitters.

“On the first winter evening, we gathered in a small circle to celebrate the 9th birthday of my princess. Prepared a lot of magic and a TikTok-style party. Adults also wanted recommendations and trends … And plunged into the world of illusions and challenges, dances and songs. Everyone was having fun – young and old: Rutger Garhet famously performed somersaults, and grandfather Bedros Kirkorov sang the best songs, and he (for a second !!!) is already 88 years old. Eternal infinity! Endless ardor! We are creating a holiday for ourselves, “Kirkorov wrote in his microblog on Instagram under the video.

The third-grader was also not deprived of gifts: from a philanthropist Alina Redel she received a bracelet for one and a half million rubles, and from Olga Buzovoy and David Manukyan – gold iPhone. According to Philip Bedrosovich, his daughter has long dreamed of such a gadget.

At the end of the party, guests were served a five-tiered cake decorated with cartoon characters!

And those who could not come to the holiday congratulated the baby on Instagram. All the best to the girl wished Maxim Galkin, Ksenia Sobchak, Nikolay Baskov, Sievert, Lolita Milyavskaya, Kristina Orbakaite, singers Zara and Jasmin, DJ Ekaterina Guseva other.

The tortured look and sad eyes of the birthday girl: “I was waiting for a miracle, but I got Dior clothes”

Yana Rudkovskaya and her son Sasha were among the guests. The producer gave Alla-Victoria two weighty packages with the names of luxury brands, and the artist published a video from the holiday on her Instagram.

Only now, the subscribers were not happy for the “hero of the occasion”, but sympathized: under the sight of the cameras, she looked too exhausted, and never even smiled. Commentators could not help but notice:

  • “Somehow the birthday girl is no longer happy about anything and no one”;
  • “When all of childhood is about posing and the close attention of photographers, the public and working for them, there are no sincere emotions. It is sad to watch directly “;
  • “The child has no joy, she probably got sick of it all!”;
  • “I was waiting for a miracle, but I got Dior clothes”;
Philip Kirkorov, his son Martin and the Dwarf Gnome
  • “Some kind of indifferent Alla-Victoria. As if tired of life, holidays, show. There is no childish joy, spontaneity “;
  • “It can be seen that this is interesting for the dad, not the child. Of all the stars, he has the most frightened children! ”;
  • “I took it as a tribute to my dad and his girlfriend. And what does she want, they asked? “;
  • “There are no childish, sincere emotions of joy. All to the public, as if trained. How did it happen! And where is the children’s delight from gifts? Mine would squeak for joy ”;
  • “Alla, blink if you are being held hostage.”
  • “It is difficult for children to play happiness … With age they will learn, or run away from such a showy daddy.”
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