How to dress for women over 40 – common wardrobe mistakes

If you leave the house today and walk through the heart of the city, you will notice that most girls and women dress the same type and nondescript. Very often, ladies simply do not know what suits them, given their age and position in society, and therefore they choose dull and inconspicuous outfits.

Stylist Colady shared how to dress women in their 40s to look younger, but not vulgar.

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The most common mistakes in clothes for women after 40

Children are already adults, careers are on the rise, and maybe even little grandchildren are pulling their hands to you, calling you a grandmother, and you look around and realize that your age is slowly approaching 50.

Now we will analyze several common mistakes that middle-aged women make when choosing clothes:

  • Big bags
    Large bags will always be associated with string bags for potatoes, so if you do not want to add a decade to your date in your passport, then use elegant bags the size of a small book.
  • Long casual dresses and skirts in dark shades
    You’ve probably seen grandmothers in long, shapeless, ankle-deep dresses in dark green or blue. This, of course, must be abandoned.
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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  • Raincoats
    No, we are not talking about chic fitted raincoats and coats. We are now talking about that shapeless and nondescript outerwear that automatically turns you into a gray mouse. Such coats are very often seen on pensioners, but you do not want to become one ahead of time?
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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  • Shoes without heels
    It can be boots, ballet flats, or even worse – old sneakers. You should wear your shoes with royal pride, so we leave sneakers for summer cottages, and choose shoes and boots with heels for posture and a beautiful gait.
  • Lots of gold jewelry
    Do not forget that massive gold jewelry, as well as a large number of gold items on the way out, immediately add several years.
  • Shapeless clothing
    Forget about any clothes that hang on you like a hoodie. These can be shapeless blouses, skirts, or even jackets. You must forget about the existence of such wardrobe items.
  • Deliberate youth negligence in clothing
    There is another extreme of some women in their 40s, when they dress in youth clothing, believing that it makes them look younger. This is a very common mistake that only leads to dissonance between clothing and age, emphasizing and aggravating the latter.

How to dress for women over 40 to look younger

So, we figured out what not to wear. Probably every woman wants to look younger than her age and attract admiring glances from men at any age. So how can you get younger with clothes?

  • Choose clothes in light shades
    A dark palette will always add several years to you, so if your goal is to take a couple of years away from your true age, then use clothes in a beige, pale pink or milky shade. All these colors will make your skin look fresher and wipe the extra years off your face.
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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  • Play with colors and shades of clothing, highlighting the skin
    Get some trendy scarves and light colored collars to suit your color type (skin tone). These small accessories will make your face appear younger and thinner.
    If you can’t give up dark-toned clothes, then balance dark and light colors with shoes or accessories in light and warm shades.
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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  • Emphasize the dignity of the figure
    If you are the owner of a wasp waist, then not showing it is your main mistake. In this case, however, use the wrong means to emphasize the figure that a girl in her 20s uses. You are prohibited from mini, deep neckline and fishnet tights. Use a variety of belts, accessories, and tailoring to accentuate your waist or rounded hips. If you have a beautiful bust, then choose clothes that accentuate your breasts. It will emphasize, not bare – this must be borne in mind by a woman over 40.
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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  • Drawings and prints on the clothes of a woman after 40 years
    Choose for yourself plain clothes without patterns, as strongly colorful and large “printed” things will add at least 5 years to you. In the clothes of a woman over 40, things with monotonous small patterns are allowed – note that they should not be too bright, “acidic”.

Learning to choose clothes for a woman over 40 – what things should you pay attention to in the store?

It seems that only recently everyone was jealous of your chic outfits and hairstyle, but today you are already giving way to a place in public transport. What wardrobe items should hang in the closet of any self-respecting lady of elegant age? What will help a woman over 40 to look younger and at the same time – solid?

  • Pants for women over 40
    Choose straight trousers with arrows or slightly flared from the hip. The best option is trousers with shoes with heels. This will automatically make you slimmer and taller. And, accordingly, younger.
  • Jeans in a woman’s wardrobe after 40 years
    Try to choose classic blue or blue jeans that fit your figure perfectly and highlight your dignity. Never buy jeans with rhinestones and patches – it looks very cheap, and you will definitely not look younger in such jeans.
  • Shoes for women over 40
    Get rid of all shoes that look bulky and visually add 1-2 sizes to you. Avoid too wide a toe and no heel.
    The best option would be elegant shoes with small heels (6-7 cm), which will not only rejuvenate you, but also make your legs slimmer and longer.
  • Elegant skirts for women over 40
    The ideal skirt length is mid-knee (golden mean). Try to buy skirts not only of classic cut, but also feminine airy skirts – they will add youth to your gait and lightness to your figure.
  • Blouses for stylish women after 40 years
    Opt for plain blouses in delicate shades that are not cluttered with elements such as ruffles and frills. Blouses with an abundance of details will only age you, emphasizing your age.
  • Clothing accessories for women over 40 years
    Get yourself stylish, solid colored gloves. They can be leather or suede – it only depends on your taste. It is also worth purchasing a set of small but stylish jewelry that you will wear on a daily basis – this set will become your calling card.
The stylist told how to dress women over 40 to look younger, but not vulgar?
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What style of clothing do you prefer?

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