How to eat less to lose weight – 9 ways to learn to eat less

What women do not torture themselves in order to lose their hated extra centimeters – tea for weight loss, crazy diets, miracle pills, exhausting workouts, etc. As a rule, all this does not give results, and, finally losing heart, a woman resigns herself to her figure either , finally, comes to the understanding that it is time to revise the diet.


Can you learn to eat less, and what methods are there to reduce appetite?

  • Moving on to mini portions. What for? And because overeating is the main enemy of our female harmony. With abundant nutrition and low expenditure of energy, the body sends all incoming calories to adipose tissue, instantly turning on the process of “replenishing resources”. Therefore, we reduce our usual portions to a minimum and eat fractionally – often and a little bit (5 times a day – that’s the thing). Not twice a day from the belly.


  • We use small plates for food. In a large pelvis or on a very wide dish, you automatically want to put (and then eat) more than you should. Therefore, we remove all the basins with Olivier from our eyes, hide the wide plates in the closet, and eat in portions from small plates.


  • We eat only at home! Of course, on the way home from work, I want to run to a place where it smells so wonderful of fries, hamburgers or a bucket of smoked wings. But you can’t! Take a different route if you are unable to resist the temptation. If the legs are really giving way, grind the pre-stored apple or drink yogurt. But the meal itself is only within the walls of the house.


  • Stop any extraordinary (not scheduled) hunger attack with a glass of low-fat kefir, dried fruit or fresh fruit. Get yourself into this habit. So that in case of a sudden attack of hunger, you do not reach for the refrigerator to warm up a bowl of borscht or meat with pasta, but be content with little with a smile on your face. By the way, before you sit down at the table, a glass of kefir, a few prunes or yogurt will also do the trick. To reduce appetite and to “fit less”.


  • We drink more water. At least a liter per day (without gas), and preferably one and a half – to saturate the body with moisture, good work of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce hunger. By drinking a glass of water, you thereby briefly deceive the body that requires dinner, and dull the feeling of hunger before, directly, eating. In addition to water, you can use natural juices. In the fight against appetite, orange, grapefruit, banana juices will help.


  • We stifle hunger with fiber. Vegetables (everyone knows this) are rich in fiber, which, in turn, gives a feeling of fullness and is digested for a long time, increasing the breaks between meals. The choice is towards salads, oranges and grapefruits, seasoned with yogurt, baked apples and nuts instead of desserts.


  • Each meal is for the sake of ceremony, not for nourishment. There is nothing worse for a figure than unknowingly eating everything under TV, news from a laptop or a pleasant conversation. Distraction can make you lose control over the amount of food you eat. Start the tradition of a family ceremony-dinner, in full, without TV, with the use of beautiful and healthy dishes. Pay more attention to the design of the table and the quality of the dishes, rather than their quantity and the choice of a funny comedy to the table.


  • Food taboos. Meet your nutritional needs wisely. Do you want a chocolate bar? Buy a bar of dark chocolate (it’s healthy) and eat a bite. Want a fruity, nutritious dessert? Eat a peach, wash it down with a glass of kefir. Make a list of products that you absolutely can’t buy under any circumstances, and hang it on the refrigerator. When you go shopping and markets, strictly follow the rule – bypass the products from the list.


  • We chew food thoroughly. Think nonsense? Nothing like this. First, by thoroughly chewing food, you grind the product into porridge, so that the food is better digested and absorbed. Swallowing quickly and in large chunks, you overload your digestive tract and create unnecessary problems for yourself. Second, the slower you chew your food, the faster you will get full. Saturation comes within 20 minutes (on average). That is, a small portion of salad, which you eat slowly, slowly, paying attention to each piece, is equal in saturation to a large plate of pasta with cutlets, eaten in one fell swoop.


And, of course, don’t be nervous, fight stress. A person “on nerves” looks into the refrigerator even more often, trying to drink it down and seize his troubles. Better to brew herbal tea and eat a piece of dark chocolate (it improves your mood).

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