The meaning of the name Galina, Galya – psychology and origin

Women’s names, like men’s, are fraught with a certain energy and semantic significance. Each of them has an origin and endows its carrier with a number of qualities. Today we will talk about the female name Galina.

Origin and meaning of the name

Galina name

Several 10 years ago, this gripe was very popular in Russia and the CIS countries, but today it is rare to find young girls named by him. But fashion is changing and it is likely that soon the old-fashioned female name Galina will become as popular as it used to be.

Important! On March 23, Galina celebrates her Angel Day.

It sounds beautiful and gives its bearer a wonderful character. It is of ancient Greek origin. Translated means “serene, calm” or “quiet”. This value received criticism for a reason.

A girl named so does not radiate the energy of a fighter, but this does not mean that she is weak in spirit. On the contrary, many trials will fall to her lot, but she will be able to overcome everything, since she is distinguished by an excellent will, courage and perseveranceFrom her comes the energy of strength, self-confidence and calmness. Often he feels like the coast of the world.

According to an old legend, girls began to be called so in honor of the ancient Greek mythical creature, whose name was Gelena. It looked like a mermaid. According to the legend, during a strong storm, Gelena sent calmness to the sea, after which the weather improved.

young woman

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Numerology name

We asked our numerologist, Lyudmila Bokalina, to present the name of Galina in numerical terms. We introduce you to the words of an expert.


Dear Galina, your number is 8.
This is a very good figure that bodes well for achieving success in almost any area of ​​life, especially in financial. You can easily achieve the status of a business woman, which does not depend on anyone in terms of money.
Also, eights have a lot of fans. People are drawn to your amazing energy, it just beckons them. This is not surprising. You, Galina, have great potential. To earn respect, sometimes you just need to declare yourself.

Lyudmila Bakalina – numerologist, expert author of COLADY magazine

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Gali’s character

Baby Galya is surprisingly calm and obedient. People around her consider her a very cheerful child, who is moderately agile and inquisitive. She is not at all destructive behavior, like many children.

The balanced character of the young bearer of this name does not prevent her from being cheerful. At school, she is a role model. Believes that it is necessary to study well in order to be successful. It rarely grieves parents, and those souls do not like it.


The bearer of this name, especially in her youth, prefers to hide her true desires and needs from the public. She is in no hurry to share secrets with everyone she meets.

Important! Galina trusts important secrets only to her closest friends.

She is not tired of communication, but she would rather listen to the interlocutor than tell him anything herself. She is a fighter for justice. Will not tolerate dishonesty. She will always stand her ground if she is sure of the correctness of her decision. Perseverance she does not take.

Such a woman, at absolutely any age, is always trying to make the world a better place. She is characterized by the desire to constantly grow and develop. For example, she can do charity work or feed stray animals. Galya is a very kind person, and if she behaves rudely, it is only for the purpose of self-defense. She will always help her household members, and not only with advice, but also with deeds. Very helpful and friendly person.

According to esotericists, the feminine principle very quickly awakens in such a girl. From the very first years of her life, she likes to stand near the mirror and try on her mother’s jewelry or paint her lips with lipstick. She is very feminine and affectionate by nature.

Galina, Galya - psychology, numerology and the meaning of the name

Unfortunately, the Universe often tests the bearer of this name, sending her multiple trials, especially in the first half of life. However, Galina always proves that she can cope with any adversity. She is ready to help not only herself, but also those around her, and disinterestedly. She is completely not inherent in such traits as cunning or slyness. She is honest with the world and with herself.

Work and career

In any activity, Galina tries to show creativity and creativity. She can connect her life with the service industry, which she will turn into a profitable business, art or management. Fortune is definitely on her side and that’s great.

Work and career

It will make a good leader, beauty master, event organizer, consultant, creative designer.

She achieves financial success only with strong motivation. Usually, the bearer of this name is stimulated by her children, whom she loves infinitely.

Marriage and family

Galya can hardly be called an amorous or windy woman. She knows how to love very much, but she is never sprayed in this feeling.

When choosing a man, he is guided by the “classic female set of parameters”:

  • Appearance.
  • Reputation in society
  • Sexuality.
  • The presence of prospects.


Unfortunately for Galina, her first marriage is rarely successful. The girl’s first chosen one will definitely turn her head, however, due to the inability to rely on intuition, she will not be able to immediately see his true face.

Respectable and energetically bright women, which is the bearer of the name in question, often attract male antipodes, that is, those who are opposite to them by nature. The people call them simply – “bad guys”. Trusting the wrong person, Galya can give birth to a child. After that, her world will change forever.

The second marriage turns out to be more successful for her. In it, she can give birth to a second and third child, but only if stable financial ground is felt under her feet.



Such a woman cannot boast of excellent health, in childhood, as in adolescence, she often suffers from colds, sore throat, laryngitis and other ailments caused by the ingestion of pathogenic viruses.

After giving birth, she may develop kidney problems. However, moderate consumption of salty foods will reduce the risk of their occurrence.

To always feel vitality, you must lead a healthy lifestyle, or rather:

  1. Work on your body and play sports.
  2. Refuse fried foods, give preference to food that is steamed or boiled in water.
  3. Walk more, not ride.
  4. Breathe fresh air regularly.
  5. There are more fortified foods.
  6. Protect yourself from stress as much as possible.

Follow this simple advice, Galina, and your life will change for the better!

Recognized yourself from our description? Leave your answers in the comments.

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