How to identify a smart person by their clothes

The ancient expression “meet by dress” very subtly noted the importance of appearance. By the clothes of a person, you can understand what message he sends to this world, in what light he wants to present himself, how things are with his self-esteem, and sometimes find out the level of his intelligence! In clothes, you can see signs that give out an intelligent person, and, on the contrary, markers signaling certain shortcomings.

From perfectionists to freaks

When we talk about an intelligent person, we often imagine an elegantly dressed lady or a man in a suit “with a needle”. And there is some truth in this. Indeed, as a rule, an intelligent, educated and intelligent person tries to look good and dress tastefully, because it is important for him what non-verbal signal he sends to society, and he tries to comply with unspoken norms and rules.

In addition, such people are often distinguished by pedantry and perfectionism: even from school, it was important for them to get an A in the diary and come in a perfectly ironed, clean and beautiful form. In adult life, they think over each of their images to the smallest detail, trying to create flawless outfits, where there is not a single superfluous or unfortunate detail.

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From perfectionists to freaks
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However, one should not think that exceptionally elegantly dressed people are distinguished by high intelligence. After all, the thinking of each of us is unique, and if some strive for perfection, then others, on the contrary, consciously reject it.

For example, the stereotype of “urban lunatics” is actually a lie. Often, eccentrically dressed people (not only young, but also middle-aged and elderly) are self-sufficient, independent and intelligent. The ability to create a creative, bright, unique image and the absence of fear of other people’s opinions testify to the high intelligence and creative principles of such individuals.

It is enough to remember the great Salvador Dali, Elsa Schiaparelli or Vivienne westwood… Therefore, when you see a lady with pink hair and a rainbow suit with unicorns, do not rush to judge her.

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Along with lovers of extraordinaryness, there is a category of people with high intelligence, who absolutely do not care how they look and what they are wearing. Such a person can wear the same jeans and a T-shirt for years, being content with a couple of things in the wardrobe and not caring at all about trends, style and opinions of others, like Mark Zuckerberg, for example. For such a person, the inner, non-material world is primary, his thoughts can be occupied with creativity, self-knowledge or scientific work. Geniuses often dress inconspicuously and pay little attention to their wardrobe.

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They don’t do that!

Although the criteria for a wardrobe of a person with high intelligence are rather arbitrary and vague, the list of what an intelligent person will never do is quite clear. There are 5 main fashionable “sins” that an intellectual will never allow himself.

  1. “Trump” brands… Of course, there is nothing criminal in buying branded items, but you should definitely not flaunt bags with labels and dress from head to toe in luxury items. Such behavior not only contradicts the rules of good taste, but also testifies to a person’s desire to demonstrate his financial position in any way, to cause envy among others, to increase his self-esteem due to the material component. Intelligent people do not allow themselves to be like that.
  2. Clothes are out of size… Clothes that are not chosen in size, especially when it is very small and literally sticks to the figure, can signal two things: firstly, the presence of complexes about weight and shape, and secondly, about distorted ideas about female attractiveness. Both the inability to accept oneself and one’s figure, and the desire for aggressive sexuality and vulgarity speak of the moral immaturity of the individual. Such a woman clearly needs to work on both her taste and self-esteem.
  3. Blind trend following… Chasing trends is funny, tasteless and stupid. An intelligent person not only perfectly understands that not all trends suit him, but also has his own view of fashion. He can have his own unique style, which does not depend on general trends, or completely ignore fashion as such, focusing on the spiritual component.
  4. Copying other people’s images… Perhaps the worst sin both in the fashion world and for any creative person. If you see a complex, well-thought-out, extraordinary, stunning, but previously used by someone image, then you should know: the one who copied it only wants to seem like a fashion connoisseur or a creative person, but in fact is stealing other people’s ideas. And the point here is not even that it is not good to steal ideas, but that such a subject is obviously unable to come up with something on his own.
  5. Outdated images… It is one thing not to strive for pathos and trends, and it is quite another to get stuck in the past. A person who wears a haircut like in the 90s and wears blouses in the spirit of Britney Spears is probably living his youth or childhood and simply does not know how to change. Obviously, such an individual is unlikely to show such qualities as a desire for knowledge, flexibility and open-mindedness.

And what, in your opinion, betrays an intellectual in a person?

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