How to ignore a man correctly if you want to break up with him

How to ignore a man you don't like the right waySometimes difficulties in communication between a man and a woman accumulate in such a snowball that rolls over the relationship – and leaves nothing behind. But, alas, not every man is able to understand and accept that a woman really does not want a relationship anymore.

How to ignore correctly the man who has become unpleasant to you, so that he does not perceive your “ignore” for trying to tease him – and, finally, leaves you alone?

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  1. Silence and ignorance are powerful tools for influencing
  2. How to ignore a man so that he lags behind you?

Silence and ignorance are powerful tools for influencing

Such a phenomenon as “ignore” is very common in the relationship of close (and not too) people.

Why is this tool used and when is it effective?

  • Resentment. Silence and demonstrative “ignore” of a partner is a common way to show your resentment. But it is extremely rarely effective. As a rule, a sincere conversation with a partner becomes more effective. Do you know how to learn to forgive insults – or not be offended at all?
  • Response to obsession. Demonstrated as a request to “slow down”.
  • Complete disregard at all levels of the relationship. This type of ignore literally means “go away, I don’t want to see you anymore.” Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in ignoring correctly – and, as a result, ignorance is perceived by a man as a sign of attention and an attempt to annoy him.
  • Ignore as a sign of attention. Hundreds of articles have been written and dozens of trainings for women have been conducted on how to ignore a man in order to attract him. In most cases, for a man (who is a hunter by nature), the method works flawlessly and much more efficiently than obsession or overt availability.

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I’m terribly tired of: how to ignore a man so that he lags behind you?

It happens that a woman needs to make serious efforts to demonstrate to a man her unwillingness to see him next to her at a distance of at least a kilometer. As a rule, we are talking about a relationship that has ended.

The partner simply does not understand the words spoken to him (or does not want to understand), and the woman has to use all the tools to convey her sincere dislike to him.

How to ignore correctly in order to rid yourself of his importunate advances? For a man to understand that there is nothing more to catch here, the road back is tightly closed and boarded up, and around there is a moat with crocodiles …

Complete ignorance of a man unpleasant to you - how is it right?

  • If you haven’t already told your partner that he is the fifth wheel in the cart of your life, it’s time to do it. Sincerely, openly and calmly explain to him that you no longer go to see him, and that this is not a game, and not an attempt to add pepper to your intimate relationships, but a very real and 100% break in relations.
  • Stop receiving calls from your partner, reply to his letters and messages.
  • Do not categorically stoop to any emotional reaction to your partner’s actions.… As a rule, a man offended by ignorance (whose honor has been touched by the status of an “abandoned man”) makes active attempts to return the woman. Or he does the same, but through insults and humiliation, bringing the woman to tears, quarrels, and so on. Do not give in: remain extremely polite and pointedly cool. Any emotion speaks of your concern.
  • If you live together and cannot leave right away, move to another room and insert the lock… You are now neighbors. “Hello” and “Goodbye” will be enough until you leave.
  • Even if he behaves like “the last bastard”, do not stoop to his level. Don’t tell everyone what an ugly guy he is. There is enough information that you broke up because it will be better that way.
  • If your partner oversteps the boundaries in his attempts to get you back, or openly insults and uses very low methods of achieving the goal – write a statement to the police and demonstrate to your partner that you are serious about your intentions (it is not necessary to refer the statement – usually it is enough to write it down and “accidentally” forget it on the table before leaving).
  • Do not be discouraged or lost when meeting with a partner to whom you announced a breakup.… You announced the breakup, and you don’t owe him anything else. To be shy, to feel out of place, to be tormented by awkwardness is not worth it. If you do not want to greet him, you do not need to do this. However, try not to intersect with him, so as not to create these awkward situations.
  • Limit access to your social media pages… He also absolutely does not need to see the news about your life.
  • Do not call or write to your partner categorically, do not contact him with any requests… Even if you urgently need help, and he is the only one who can help. Because he is not the only one!
  • Never fall for the “Let’s Be Friends” gimmick. Such friendship is possible only in one case – when the partners no longer have feelings for each other, and there are already new halves. If the partner still loves you, then such an offer means only one thing – he hopes that over time he will be able to return you.
  • Analyze – are you doing everything right? Are you still giving your partner hope to get back into their arms by doing something?
  • Do not try to ask your friends and mutual acquaintances about him. If you are determined to break up and want the man to disappear from your life, forget about him, and warn your friends that this is an undesirable topic of conversation.

Should a man be ignored, and how will he react?

It is not uncommon for a woman to simply fall in love with another, and she has to ignore the partner that has become unnecessary so that he “leaves the road and gives way” to a new person.

If this is your case, remember that the man who loved you is not to blame for your new love. Try to find the most “gentle” (but confident) way of parting.

Have you had similar situations in your life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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