how to look stylish in warm winter clothes

To keep warm in winter, we often have to dress “cabbage style”. The designers decided to play with this situation, to bring it to the point of absurdity. For several seasons in a row, layering has been in fashion. On the catwalks, models appear in several jackets or coats, with giant headdresses and accessories. All this looks rather strange, but interesting.

Layering in winter 2019

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How to choose the right things?

For a layered outfit to be stylish, you need to show your maximum imagination. Try to choose wardrobe items that match with each other in color. You can combine monochrome or printed things, complement the image with unusual accessories.

The main secret of a successful bow is the variety of textures.… It’s too boring to combine things from the same fabric or leather. Try adding some fur, tulle, or lace. You can wear a sheer mesh sweater over a sports top, then complement the outfit with a bright jacket and parka.

Yellow parka

One of the original layered looks: parka, shirt and T-shirt. The jacket and other items can be purchased from Pull & Bear.

Remember that you should be wearing a maximum of 3-4 layers of different clothing. Only in this case the image will turn out to be original and complete. But it is not at all necessary to look for all the elements of the outfit in your wardrobe, because the designers have already done everything for us. In different collections there are things that imitate layering. Due to the intricate cut, it seems that a shirt is peeping out from under the sweater, and under it there is also a T-shirt.

Bulky clothing and accessories

Oversized has not gone out of style for several years in a row. The girls appreciated the comfortable things that do not squeeze anywhere and do not fit too tightly.

But this season, clothes are becoming not just voluminous, but truly gigantic. On the catwalks, you can see models in outfits that are several sizes larger.

Oversized clothing

Such things look quite defiant on their own. Therefore, it is better to give up bright colors and accessories. But you can complement the giant jacket with the same bag or scarf. All other elements of the bow should be discreet, without excess volume.

There is no need to combine layering and giant clothes in one look. If you do not highlight the silhouette, there is a risk of turning into a “ball”. Accentuate the waist with a belt, put on a short skirt – and the outfit will sparkle in a completely new way.

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