How to lose weight during pregnancy – weight loss diet for pregnant women

One of the determining factors in the course of pregnancy without unnecessary difficulties is a balanced diet throughout the entire period of gestation. Losing excess weight is carried out due to a variety of foods, consumed a little bit, but at short intervals in time.

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How to lose weight during pregnancy - weight loss rules during pregnancy

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Is it possible for pregnant women to lose weight – expert recommendations

Small deviations from the prescribed weight standards are normal. A rapid weight gain can be the basis for the development of diabetes and hypertension. The expectant mother should think about the complications of the birth process due to excess weight and how to lose excess fat mass after it.

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How to lose weight during pregnancy - weight loss rules during pregnancy

  • You can get rid of unnecessary body fat in one effective way: give up fried foods, sweets (sweets, cakes), salt, smoked meats. At the same time, eat not 3 times, as is customary, but 5-6 times, but in mini-portions, and not lie on the couch, but exercise a little, corresponding to each trimester of pregnancy. According to American studies, the correct diet during pregnancy with little physical activity benefits both mom and baby.
  • Losing weight for pregnant women doesn’t have to be fanatical… For example, you can not adhere to unbalanced diets – for example, such as the Kremlin, orange, kefir, etc. The diet of a pregnant woman must necessarily contain proteins that are found in fish, lean meat, eggs, as well as in corn, legumes, nuts, and rice.
  • The rate of weight gain for the entire pregnancy, according to various sources, is in the range from 12 to 20 kg and depends on the woman’s initial weight before pregnancy.
  • If a woman decides to lose extra pounds during pregnancy, then diet and exercise should be discussed with your doctor.
  • Doctors advise at the beginning of pregnancy (first three months), eating food rich in protein, because protein is the building block of the human body.
  • In the second trimester, you need to give priority to foods rich in calcium: cottage cheese, sour cream, almonds, oatmeal, barley groats.
  • In recent months, gynecologists advise against leaning on meatsince meat dishes have a negative effect on the elasticity of the vaginal tissues.

How to lose weight during pregnancy - weight loss rules during pregnancy

How can a pregnant woman lose weight?

Doctors with extensive experience give advice to expectant mothers who do not want to go overboard with weight:

  • The main thing in a pregnant woman’s diet is the quality of the products used, their variety, not their number;
  • You should not radically change your usual diet. in a short period of time. Gradually introduce your body to a balanced diet;
  • You should not blindly believe and follow the advice of girlfriends, acquaintances etc. Listen to your inner self, your doctor and the voice of reason;
  • Strange food cravings – for example, I wanted chalk or sauerkraut – says that there are not enough substances in the body. It is necessary to restore the vitamin and mineral balance;
  • Eat foods that support normal bowel function: oatmeal, pearl barley, carrots, apples.

How to lose weight during pregnancy - weight loss rules during pregnancy

Diet and diet with excess weight in expectant mothers

The daily energy value of products present in the menu of a pregnant woman should be distributed as follows:

  • First breakfast – 30% of the daily food intake;
  • Lunch – 10%;
  • Dinner – 40%;
  • Afternoon snack – 10%;
  • Dinner – 10%.

Moreover, it is advisable to have breakfast after 1.5 – 2 hours after waking up and have supper in 2-3 hours before sleep.

The daily portion of food must necessarily include:

  • Proteins (100 – 120 gr), where 80 – 90 grams must be of animal origin (fish, cottage cheese, eggs, meat);
  • Fat (90 – 100g)% 2G where 15-20 grams of vegetable origin (sunflower, olive oil);
  • Carbohydrates (350-400gr) – both simple (instant) and complex. Simple ones are found in fruits, honey, vegetables. Complex ones are found in potatoes, legumes, and grains.
  • Water. The daily rate is 1-1.5 liters, not counting other liquid.

Taboo for pregnant women – these are alcohol, strong tea and coffee, fast food, sugary drinks containing unnatural components.

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The website provides reference information, which is not a medical recommendation. Please consult your doctor regarding a diet for excess weight during pregnancy!

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